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We are a committed brand specializing in ergonomic workspace that emphasize in well-being, comfort, and style. Our ergonomic chairs are crafted to boost productivity and provide utmost comfort during extended work hours. Each product in our collection is thoughtfully curated by our team of ergonomic experts. We also offer services to design and construct your office or workspace.

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Our company believe every customer deserves ultimate pleasure in reaching their full potential through their day to day working lifestyle. With designed ergonomic features, our products can help user to experience working with enjoyment. Additionally, our interior services also design spaces to cater the needs of better environment for work, learn and heal. 

In future days, PEXIO aims to continuously provide comfort and benefit through its innovative products to achieve its objective in building better working place for society and the world.

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Our interior design and build  services refer to the process of designing and constructing the interiors of a building or space. It involves the use of ergonomic design principles, space planning, materials selection, and construction techniques to create functional, aesthetic, and comfortable living or working environments.

The scope of interior design and build can vary widely, from small home renovations to large-scale commercial projects. It may include the design and construction of built-in features such as cabinetry and shelving, as well as the selection and placement of furniture, lighting, and decor. Overall, interior design and build is a collaborative process that involves close communication between the client, designer, and construction team to create beautiful, functional, and personalized spaces

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We believe, for every customer there's an ergonomic furniture that can give you ultimate comfortable working experience. And so, we personalize each of PEXIO product to fit your needs, with premium quality standard, exceptional customer service, and state of the art innovations.

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Kursi kerja PEXIO berkualitas dan nyaman. Modelnya terkini dan bagus-bagus. Overall service-nya recommended banget.

Dicky - General Manager
PT Andaru Steel

Kami sudah pakai kursi kerja Mike PEXIO sejak Juni 2021, dan terbukti nyaman buat produktivitas kerja. Bikin punggung gak mudah lelah, warnanya juga gak mudah kusam.

Purwani - Purchasing

Kursi PEXIO Mike ini dapat support keseluruhan tulang dan sendi, terutama bagian tulang belakang seperti punggung dan sekitarnya. Fitur ergonomisnya juga mengurangi kontraksi berlebihan pada otot saat kita bekerja.

dr. Ibrahim Agung, Sp.KFR - Dokter Spesialis
Kedokteran Fisik dan Rehabilitasi

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Office Furniture & Interior Design Service

Pexio is a company that specializes in selling office furniture and interior design. With the wide range of high-quality products offer, Pexio become one of the main destinations for users who want to organize their office space with optimal style and function. Pexio products not only prioritize aesthetic design, but also pay attention to aspects of ergonomics and user comfort. With comprehensive interior design services, Pexio also helps customers to plan and create efficient and productive work spaces according to their needs. As a leader in the industry, Pexio understands the importance of quality office furniture in increasing productivity and quality of work, and we are ready to help our customers achieve this goal.


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