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Functions of Office Chair Armrests that You Must Understand

5 Functions of Office Chair Armrests that You Must Understand To increase work comfort and productivity in the office, you need a comfortable office chair. In fact, you can spend hours sitting in this chair. Office chair armrests could be your choice, because they can support your entire body well. Starting from the back, neck, spine, to the hands.

Armrests are included in the type of ergonomic chairs, namely chairs that are specifically designed to meet the sitting needs of the user. For example, the height of the chair can be adjusted to suit your armrests and comfort. To know more about armrest chairs, see the description below.

What is a Chair Armrest?

Armrest Kursi Kantor atau Sandaran Tangan Kursi KantorArmrest is a chair equipped with armrests that function to rest your hands while working. This chair is often used as an office chair, because it can increase work productivity and relieve the burden on the muscles in the neck, shoulders and arms due to sitting for too long. According to a study, the armrest chair design can help reduce stress caused by tense muscles. You can adjust the height of the armrests on this chair according to your body posture and comfort.

Office Chair Armrest Material

Bahan Armrest Kursi Kantor Office chair armrests are usually made using two types of materials, namely PolyUrethane or abbreviated as PU and PolyPropylene or abbreviated as PP. PU is a unique armrest material and is elastic like rubber, but has a higher level of hardness. Meanwhile, PP is a flexible plastic material, so it is easy to shape and does not break easily. Chairs made from PP material tend to be light. So, the chair can be easily moved anywhere. PP plastic does not contain the element bisphenol A or commonly known as BPA. A dangerous substance that is usually found in food product packaging. Therefore, all forms of furniture made from PP plastic are safe to use, especially by small children. Also read: 11 Types of Office Chairs and Their Functions

Chair Armrest Design (2D, 3D, 4D, 5D)

Desain Armrest Kursi Kantor Armrest chairs are designed with armrest features that can be adjusted to suit user comfort. The term D stands for Dimension. The meaning of dimensions is the position or direction of the armrest which can be adjusted according to needs. If an armrest chair is called 2D, it means that the armrest can only be adjusted in two positions. Likewise with 3D and 4D, the armrest can accommodate three to four different directions. Then what about 5D? In the 5D design, the armrest can rotate and rotate in any direction. This armrest, which was developed from 2D to 5D, refers to movement in the direction of up and down, tilting right and left, forward and backward, sliding right and left, and rotating. For the up and down direction, you can press the lock button on the outer side while pulling the handle up or down. In the left and right tilt directions, you can turn the direction of the armrest by pressing the lock button at the end of the handle while turning it. Meanwhile, the forward and reverse direction can be adjusted by pressing the lock button at the end of the handle while moving it forward or backward. For right-left sliding direction, the handle holder can be shifted in or out by pressing the button on the inside while sliding it.

Office Chair Armrest Function

Armrest Kursi Kantor Fungsi Like other ergonomic chairs, the armrest of an office chair functions as a seat that provides additional comfort, because your hands can rest from feeling sore. Not only that, there are various other functions of the armrest or armrest on the office chair below.

1. Reduces Arm Muscle Tension

Armrest Kursi Kantor Ketegangan Otot If you sit for a long time, it usually causes tension in some of your hand muscles. Muscle tension will increase if your sitting position is wrong and uncomfortable. This can be overcome by using an office chair equipped with armrests or armrests. While working, you can rest your hands on the armrest feature.

2. Supports body mass

Armrest Kursi Kantor Menopang Massa Tubuh Basically, hands and arms have a mass of up to 12% of our total body mass. That's why you need an armrest on the chair to use. So, by using an armrest there is no longer any excessive load resulting in cramps in your hands and arms.

3. Increase work productivity

Armrest Kursi Kantor Produktivitas Office chairs equipped with armrests usually have various other features that can increase work productivity. These features consist of a headrest, backrest and footrest. These various backrest features then provide comfort for every use. As a result, employees in the office can increase productivity well. Also read: 10 reasons why ergonomic chairs are very important in the office

4. Minimize health problems

Armrest Kursi Kantor Gangguan Kesahatan Various features on armrest chairs are known to minimize overall health problems. Because, this chair consists of various features that can help improve your posture when sitting for a long time. If your sitting posture is correct, other health problems such as spinal disorders can be anticipated as early as possible.

5. Reduces stress

Amrest Kursi Kantor Mengurangi Stress One cause of stress that many people may not realize is tense nerves due to sitting for too long. In this case, your nerves are disturbed, which will worsen breathing and cause stress. If you sit upright with your chest open, breathing will be easier. To get a comfortable sitting position and minimize various health problems, use an ergonomic chair as your reliable friend when working. Well, those are the various functions of office chair armrests that you need to know. This chair provides many benefits for your body's health, especially improving body posture and minimizing symptoms of stress due to muscle tension in the area from the arms to the shoulders and back. Therefore, it is a good idea for the office where you work to provide this chair to increase work comfort and productivity.

Recommendations for the Best Office Chairs with Armrests

1. Marlo

Rekomendasi Armrest Kursi Kantor Marlo If you are looking for a chair that is soft and makes you feel at home then the Marlo chair is the answer. This first recommendation for the best work chair also has a lumbar support section that is covered in foam, making the body more relaxed when working. The Marlo headrest is designed more advanced for your neck comfort while working. With a more prominent headrest design, tension in the neck and shoulders can be eliminated. Not only that, comfort increases because the armrest can be adjusted according to the height of your work desk. 

2. Wendy

Rekomendasi Armrest Kursi Kerja Wendy The next recommendation for the best office chair is Wendy. The design looks simple but multifunctional. This chair is equipped with a table that can be folded as needed. Apart from being easy to store, this chair also has an armrest feature which makes it more comfortable for your hands to lean on. With a prominent backrest shape, your spine posture is better maintained.

3. CLARK Ergonomic Chair

Kursi Ergonomis CLARK The final office chair recommendation is CLARK. Apart from being comfortable to use, in terms of design, this chair looks more dashing with its 4D armrest, 2D headrest and back pressure control on the backrest.  Jadi, Which seat do you choose? Get various ergonomic chairs or also known as ergonomic chairs for office chair solutions that provide maximum comfort. Contact the PEXIO team now to get more information. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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