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Footrest: Definition and Essential Functions for Health

A footrest is a place to place your feet which is usually associated with ergonomic chair accessories. A footrest is not a basic feature that many people look for. In fact, it is very likely that the majority of people only consider it as an additional addition. However, you need to know that the role of footrests is bigger than that. On this occasion, you will be invited to get to know the footrest and its function. Read the information carefully below.

Get to know what a footrest is?

Apa itu Footrest A footrest is a footrest that is usually offered when you buy an ergonomic chair. Its existence is often considered not very important. In fact, footrests have a very important role. Footrests are definitely made for a reason and not just as an accessory. Do you still feel back or waist pain even though you use an ergonomic chair? The most likely cause is that your feet are not touching the floor properly. Feet that do not touch the floor will have a bad impact on body health. This is when the footrest is useful for balancing your body posture. So it is very important to have a footrest when your feet are hanging, i.e. not touching the floor. Read more: 10 Ergonomic Principles at Work and Their Functions

Footrest Function

Fungsi Footrest Adalah The previous information has explained a little about the role or function carried out by footrests, namely to help balance your body posture. However, there is not only one function. There are still several other functions that you need to know. Read the following information.

1. Improve blood circulation

Melancarkan Sirkulasi Peredaran Darah Footrests can help improve your body's blood circulation. Maybe you ask, "What does blood circulation have to do with footwork?" Having a footrest helps your feet relax more. Your feet don't have to withstand as much pressure as they are suspended above the floor. Believe it or not, relaxed feet have a positive influence on the condition of your body. When your legs are relaxed, your upper body will also be more relaxed. You don't get tired quickly even if you have to work all day. It's important to remember that poor circulation can lead to health complications. Of course you don't want to experience complications, right? That's why the presence of a footrest is very important. Read more: What is an ergonomic sitting position that makes you comfortable when working?

2. Maintain Good Posture

Menjaga Postur Tubuh yang Baik When your feet are in the right place, your posture will improve. When your legs hang down, you bend more. If you leave this situation for a long time, your posture will get worse. Ultimately, poor posture will result in permanent physical disability. Having an ergonomic chair is certainly good. Actually very good. But that's not enough. You must ensure that all parts of your body - both upper and lower - are in a comfortable position.

3. Reduces pain in the lower back


Mengurangi Sakit di Bagian Punggung Bawah When you maintain good posture, the pain in your lower back will slowly disappear. Using a footrest can even reduce the tingling or stiffness you usually feel. According to WHO, back pain is the most frequently complained of disease. Every year many people seek treatment to treat back pain problems. Even though it is not a deadly disease like cancer, you still have to be alert. You may not feel the consequences now, but it will be very bad in the future. It's okay to spend more money to get a place to rest your feet. In fact, this action is very feasible because health is the main asset that must be maintained. You can't buy health, right? Read more: 5 Symptoms of Lower Back Pain that You Should Know

4. Increase comfort while working

Footrest Menambah Kenyamanan Saat Bekerja As mentioned before, when your legs relax, your upper body will feel the same way. A relaxed body will make you comfortable when doing activities. Sitting for long periods is no longer a problem. In fact, you won't feel sore or excessively sick. Apart from that, productivity also increases because you can focus without the distraction of pain, soreness or pain. Say goodbye to the old habit of lifting your legs or sitting sideways.

5. Increases Energy Levels

Meningkatkan Energi Lastly, footrest functions to increase your energy levels. A person's energy level is not only determined by a good lifestyle such as eating and sleeping regularly or exercising diligently. A healthy lifestyle that has been maintained will ultimately be in vain because the lower body still feels the pressure. In the end, all consequences have the same root cause, namely your feet being in an uncomfortable position. Therefore, the use of footrests is important in everyday life.

Maintain Health with an Ergonomic Chair from PEXIO

That is important information about footrests. Now you understand more and more why a footrest is a very crucial place to rest your feet for body health. If you feel excessive pain because you have to sit for a long time then buying a footrest is the right solution. PEXIO itself has several choices of ergonomic chairs or ergonomic chairs that have footrests. For example, LUXIO, OSLO, REGENT and STANLEY chairs. These four chairs are not only superior because they have extra footrest. These chairs are also equipped with Lumbar Support which can be adjusted to suit your back. In essence, using an ergonomic chair from PEXIO will help maintain good body posture. All materials used by PEXIO are the best in their class. So the money you spend on buying a PEXIO ergonomic chair will not be in vain. However, if you are still unsure for one reason or another, just contact the PEXIO team for a consultation. You will be explained important information about PEXIO products as well as appropriate recommendations according to your needs. So what are you waiting for? Let's take care of your body's health with a quality ergonomic chair from PEXIO! Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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