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15 Room Wall Paintings Suitable for Various Styles

Inspirasi Lukisan Dinding Kamar Estetik untuk Anda

Recently, painting bedroom walls has started to become a trend to change the atmosphere of the room to make it more aesthetic and beautiful. Are you interested in painting on the bedroom walls? Through this article, PEXIO will provide various inspirations for paintings that you can draw as bedroom wall decorations. You will see various inspirations ranging from paintings in the form of images, abstracts, and even silhouette concepts.

15 Inspirations for Aesthetic Room Wall Paintings for You

Below, we have prepared 15 painting inspirations for your bedroom walls, namely:

1. Quotes of the Day

Lukisan Quotes of The Day The first bedroom wall painting inspiration that is very easy to make is a painting with the theme quotes of the day. The meaning of quotes of the day are words of wisdom taken from films, books, songs and many more. You can choose pearls of wisdom that have special meaning for your life and paint them on the walls of your room. Write these words in large size. Make writing that looks beautiful and neat.

2. Color Gradation

Lukisan Gradasi Warna The next inspiration for bedroom wall painting is color gradations. The color gradation theme is a mixture of 2 or more colors and creates color levels that of course look beautiful. To make this wall painting is very easy. Just choose your favorite colors and apply them to the bedroom walls by forming horizontal or vertical lines.

3. Cartoon Images

Gambar Kartun For those of you who want to decorate the walls of your children's room with paintings, try applying cartoon bedroom wall paintings. There are many ideas that you can do, such as painting their favorite cartoon characters or you can also paint pictures from cartoon film clips that they like.

4. Silhouette of the Place

Siluet Tempat Is there a place that reminds you of an unforgettable memory? You can paint the silhouette of the place on the wall of the room to remind memories of that place. There is an advantage if you choose this wall painting inspiration. This is because silhouette paintings of places are very easy to make because you only need 1 color, namely black. 

5. Patterned Painting

Lukisan Berpola Repetition of images or patterns can also be an inspiration for wall paintings in rooms that are easy to make. You only need to paint the same picture in small sizes many times until it fills the area of the wall you want to paint.

6. Abstract

Lukisan Kamar Dinding Abstrak Abstract painting options can also be made on bedroom walls and make your room have a high artistic element. This abstract bedroom wall image is certainly very easy to make because you only need to be creative freely and play with mixing colors.

7. Calligraphy Wall Painting

Lukisan Dinding Kaligrafi Decorating a bedroom by painting the walls with a calligraphy theme is somewhat similar to the inspiration for silhouette paintings. You only need to prepare 1 paint color. It is recommended to use dark colors such as black. If you don't have special skills for calligraphy painting, you can search for and follow the latest calligraphy pictures circulating on the Internet. To make it easier, one way you can do this is to open, then enter the image search and type the keyword "calligraphy painting ideas". Next, you can make smooth strokes using a pencil and paint the wall with the paint that you prepared previously. Of course, calligraphy wall decorations will radiate an even more Islamic feel in your room.

8. Mismatch Painting

seni mismatch untuk dekorasi kamar Who says different bedroom walls on both sides are unattractive? With mismatched paintings, you don't need to worry because these differences actually give a very interesting impression to your room. Just look at the picture of the room painting above, it's interesting, isn't it?

9. Honeycomb

Lukisan Dinding Kamar Honeycomb The next wall painting idea is a picture design inspired by beehives. As the name suggests, honeycomb paintings appear as hexagons that you can place randomly on a plain white wall. This will create a funky, comfortable and pleasant impression. Use colors with bright shades for the child's bedroom and softer colors such as baby blue for the living room or dining room.

10. Gray Diagonal

The easiest wall paint ideas and designs that you can apply are with a diagonal theme. You can make a blank wall into an accent wall that looks sleeker and more attractive. Painting plain gray walls with diagonal lines of different thicknesses and colors can create a trendy and cheerful atmosphere. This gray diagonal theme is perfect for your modern minimalist home.

11. Paint Drips

The drips theme creates cool images for your bedroom walls. You may be thinking about how paint drips can produce such charming walls. In essence, you don't need to worry about these drips, because the results that look messy actually provide a beautiful and charming wall feature. For smaller rooms, you can apply one coat of paint to the top of the wall, right next to the ceiling, and drip randomly.

12. Mountains

Lukisan Dinding Pegunungan The next list of painting ideas is quite unique because it has a mountain theme. Relaxed, cool, and charming, this is what will be depicted in the painting. People who are suitable for using this theme are of course nature lovers. You may have set foot on various mountains in Indonesia. Therefore, you can paint your favorite mountains using several colors, such as blue and green paint.

13. Rainbow

Lukisan Dinding Motif Pelangi Rainbow is one event that is loved by everyone. Therefore, adding rainbow wallpaper or paintings on the walls of your home can improve your mood and cheerful atmosphere.

14. Origami Accents

Lukisan Dinding Akses Origami Minimalist, colorful, fun. Bright and eye-catching origami wall painting inspiration is just what you need for a festive room! Its sleek lines and perfect minimalist design are perfect for your modern minimalist home.

15. Geometry Lines

Lukisan Kamar Dinding Garis Geometri The last inspiration for wall paintings in rooms that you can try is paintings with the concept of geometric lines. To make a geometric wall painting, you need plaster or tape to create lines. Read more: Functions and Benefits of Decorative Images for Interior Design

Steps to Make a Room Wall Painting

The example that will be used this time is the geometric line theme. The steps for making bedroom wall paintings are:

1. Sticking Plaster

The first step you need to take to make a bedroom wall painting is to stick the plaster randomly, forming long lines, squares, triangles, or even trapezoids.

2. Apply Wall Paint

The next step is that you only need to apply paint to the entire wall area.

3. Removing the Band-Aid

Once the mural begins to dry, you can carefully remove all of the plaster. The geometric line painting was completed. Very easy, right?

So, which bedroom wall painting inspiration attracts your attention to be applied at home? If you need help creating a wall painting, please contact us today. PEXIO has interior design services that can design the interior of your home according to your requests and needs. Therefore, consult your home interior needs now with PEXIO.


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