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7 Minimalist Home Outdoor Wall Ornament Ideas

Want to beautify the outside of your house but confused about how to do it? You can use various minimalist exterior wall ornaments which will be discussed in this article. Making the front of the house beautiful is not only done for guests who come to visit. Furthermore, decorating the outside of the house will also increase the positive aura for all members of the house every time they come home after a day of activities. Wouldn't it be nice to come home to see a beautiful house? Your heart will definitely feel happy and warm again after a long day. So what ornaments can be used? Just read in full below.

7 Outdoor Wall Ornaments You Can Try

Ornamen Dinding Luar Rumah yang Bisa Anda Coba Ornaments or decorations for the outside of the house may not be what you usually see indoors. Of course it's not suitable to put a wall shelf outdoors, right? The use of ornaments outside the house is rarely seen and used by the public. Generally, people only paint the front of their house with their favorite colors. Actually just painting is not a problem. Your house looks neat and beautiful with the right color combination. However, adding some additional ornaments will certainly make the house even more beautiful. There are at least 7 ornaments that can be used to decorate the outer walls of your house. Here are some ornaments and their placement that you can apply.

1. Plants

Ornamen Dinding Tanaman Plant Wall Ornaments Plants can be the best decoration that you can use. Plants are very easy to install and don't cost a lot. The types of plants that can be used are varied. You can use various outdoor ornamental plants such as Bird of Paradise, Caladium, Petunia, Portulaca, Sedum Morganianum, Begonia flowers, and many more. Apart from ornamental plants, you can also use vines to beautify the outside walls of your house. There are Black Eyed Susan Vine, Ivory Betel, English Ivy, Morning Glory Plant, Begonia Rex, Bougainvillea, and so on. The various types of plants that have been mentioned also have various beautiful colors. So the walls of your house don't just look green. Various hanging flower plants and vines are ready to show their beauty. Read more: 10 Odor Absorbing Plants that are Easy to Care for at Home

2. Natural Stone

Ornamen Batu Alam The unique texture of natural stone can be a very elegant decoration. If you use natural stone then adding decorations or other ornaments is not necessary. You can just choose the motif, color and texture of natural stone according to your wishes. You can choose white with black patterns or brown natural stone with white patterns. You can adjust it to the color of your house wall paint. If the color tone of the outer walls of your house is neutral then any natural stone can be used. If the color tone of the outer walls tends to be dark, then adding bright colored natural stone can be a unique accent or focal point.

3. Gypsum

Ornamen Gipsum In fact, gypsum materials are not only used indoors. If you see more use of drywall indoors then it's time to look at it outdoors. Using gypsum as decoration on the outer walls of your house is very appropriate. You can request any design or motif to be made in plaster. The gypsum designs and motifs on the outside walls of the house will definitely give a different touch than before. Read more: 5 Elements of Decorative Images for Home Wall Displays

4. Unique ceramic motifs

Motif Keramik yang Unik Ceramics are also often chosen as beautiful exterior wall ornaments of the house. Ceramic materials are often chosen because the color does not fade easily even in extreme weather like in Indonesia. The heat of the sun or rain will not make the ceramic color fade. How to clean it is very easy. You can douse it with high water pressure or just wipe it with a damp cloth.

5. Wooden Decoration

Hiasan Kayu Wood is widely used by people as exterior wall ornaments for minimalist homes. Its use is fairly common but it doesn't make your home any less special. Adding wooden accents to the walls of the house certainly brings an attractive beauty. Especially if the wood is carved in such a way. Your home will definitely become more attractive and unique. Read more: Living room wall paint decoration options that can be used as inspiration

6. Iron Plate

Plat BesiApart from wood, iron plates are also people's choice when decorating the outside walls of the house. There are so many motif carvings that can be made for the outside walls of the house. The use of iron plates usually looks integrated with the architecture of the front of the house, aka the facade. The use of iron plates is not only for decoration or aesthetics. Using iron plates on the facade of the house can prevent the sun's heat from entering the house. So hot air will not enter the house directly. Apart from that, air circulation is also maintained with a cavity that becomes a "way" into the room of your house.

7. Combination of Ceramics and Bricks

Kombinasi Keramik dan Batu Bata You can't just choose one ingredient. If they can be combined into more beautiful decorations, why not do it? In this case, you can combine ceramics and wood to create an aesthetic outdoor wall decoration. As a start, you can plan what kind of design you want to make with ceramics and wood. After finding the right design, the ceramic and wood installation can begin. Read more: 7 Modern and Unique Minimalist Living Room Wall Decorations. Those are some minimalist exterior wall ornaments that you can try. Choosing ornaments for the outside of your home is important. But don't forget to decorate the inside of your house. You can start choosing a home interior theme according to your wishes. You can choose one theme for the entire interior or make it different. Then fill in the best quality furniture so that the house becomes a comfortable place to live. For example, you can put on living furniture, namely the ALICE Sofa Bed from PEXIO. The ALICE Sofa Bed is multifunctional furniture that can be used as a seat, bed, and even additional storage. Made from the best materials, PEXIO has a priority to provide comfort for all its customers. Have questions regarding living furniture? Don't hesitate to contact the PEXIO team because we are ready to help you. Let's improve your quality of life with PEXIO right now!


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