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5 Characteristics of a Chair that is Comfortable for Sitting for a Long Time

The majority of people carry out their daily activities by sitting at a desk for a long time when they enter productive age. This condition means you need to look for a comfortable chair to sit for a long time.

Sitting for a long time at a desk will certainly make you feel tired and unfocused when doing something. Apart from that, chairs that do not meet standards will also cause various health problems such as joint pain, stiff muscles, changes in bone position, and many more. So, how do you choose a comfortable chair? Are there any characteristics of a comfortable chair to support activities while sitting at a desk for a long time? Through this article, PEXIO will provide you with important information regarding the characteristics of a chair that is comfortable for sitting for a long time. This way, you can choose the right and comfortable chair according to your needs.

What are the characteristics of a chair that is comfortable for sitting for a long time?

Apa Ciri-ciri Kursi yang Nyaman untuk Duduk Lama In choosing a comfortable chair, there are various characteristics that you need to understand, namely as follows:

1. Has a backrest that follows the shape of the spine

Memiliki Sandaran yang Mengikuti Bentuk Tulang Punggung The characteristics of a chair that is comfortable for sitting for a long time is a chair that has a backrest that matches the shape of the spine. The shape of the chair back in question usually has a curve that adapts to the shape of the spine. Apart from its shape, a comfortable chair is also equipped with springs on the backrest. So, you can lean back comfortably when your body starts to feel sore and tired. Also read: Tips for choosing a comfortable study chair for online school

2. Has Armrests

Memiliki Sandaran Lengan After getting tired of doing something at the table, whether it's writing, typing on a computer keyboard, etc., of course your hands need time to rest for a moment. A comfortable chair should be equipped with armrests so that you can rest your arms on them.

3. Has a seat height adjustment

Memiliki Pengaturan Ketinggian Kursi Each table must have a different height and of course it will be very difficult to find a chair with a height that suits the table. Therefore, you can choose a chair that has height adjustments. Usually, chairs used in office buildings are equipped with seat height adjustments. You can adjust the chair height to the table height through this adjustment system. You also need to know that the recommended chair height when sitting for a long time is when the legs and thighs can form a 90o angle. Make sure the soles of your feet can touch the floor in a comfortable position, not too low or too high so that your feet hang down. Also read: What is the Ideal Work Desk Height Should I Have?

4. Has padding on the backrest and seat

Memiliki Bantalan pada Sandaran dan Tempat Dudukan The cushions on the chairs can make you sit comfortably even for long periods of time. Choose a chair with soft cushions. Chair cushions that are too hard will make your waist and hips hurt and of course, this will make it uncomfortable for you to sit for a long time.

5. Has a headrest

Memiliki Sandaran Kepala The final characteristic of a chair that is comfortable to use for a long time is a chair with a headrest. A chair with a headrest will certainly be very comfortable, especially if you use it when working at home. When sitting for a long time, not only does the back area feel sore, but also the neck and head muscles need support to rest. You need to look for a chair with a headrest to support activities from behind the desk. Also read: 9 Recommendations for Comfortable and Beautiful Computer Chairs

Recommendations for comfortable chairs for long sitting

1. Hervey

Rekomendasi yang Nyaman untuk Duduk Lama Hervey The first recommendation for a comfortable chair for sitting for a long time is Hervey. Interestingly, this chair is equipped with head support and lumbar support so that your waist becomes more relaxed even if you sit for a long time. The backrest can be adjusted to suit your body shape, so your posture won't be awkward when doing activities. This chair is very interesting because it has an armrest to support your arms. Apart from that, there is a seat height adjuster, and wheels and a gas lift class to maintain its quality. There are two color choices, namely gray and black. So, which one do you choose?

2. Luxio

Rekomendasi Kursi yang Nyaman untuk Duduk Lama Luxio The next recommended chair is Luxio. This ergonomic work chair is a product variant where the entire backrest can be adjusted. The headrest and backrest are 2D type. Then the Armrest uses 3D technology. The Luxio footrest has a rectangular shape, allowing the feet to rest more comfortably. The chair legs use 5 Star Aluminum Base, which ensures that the chair is more sturdy to use. Also read: Office Chair Armrest Functions that You Must Understand

3. Marlo

Rekomendasi Kursi yang Nyaman untuk Duduk Lama Marlo The final chair recommendation is Marlo from PEXIO. When using this ergonomic chair, you will definitely feel at home because the chair material is soft. Just like the two chairs above, Marlo also has lumbar support, making the body more relaxed when working because it is covered in foam. To optimize neck comfort, the Marlo headrest is designed more advanced. So, the tension in the neck and shoulders disappears. The comfort of using this product also increases because the armrest can be adjusted to the height of your work desk.


So, that's the information we can provide regarding the 5 characteristics of a chair that is comfortable for sitting for a long time along with product recommendations. If you want to find a comfortable chair, please check PEXIO now because we provide various high quality ergonomic chairs. Contact us now to get more information. Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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