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11 Best Girls' Room Wall Wallpapers 2023

As a parent, you must feel the difficulty of designing a room for a girl. In contrast to boys whose designs tend to be standard, room designs for girls usually contain many requests. Therefore, everything from choosing furniture, ornaments, to choosing the color of the bedroom walls must be discussed first. There are many ways to create an attractive room design, one of which is by using wallpaper. Compared to using plain room paint, using wallpaper can also be used as decoration for your child's room. Your little one can even choose a wallpaper with their favorite character.

Girls' Room Wall Wallpaper

With the variety of wall wallpapers currently available, you can check out some of the best wallpaper designs for girls' rooms below.

1. Pastel-colored floral motifs

Motif Bunga Berwarna PastelGirls generally like pastel colors like pink. Apart from giving a girly impression, choosing pastel colors also makes the eyes cool when looking at it. The large floral motif in the wallpaper also adds an aesthetic impression to your daughter's room. For maximum girly impression, you can also use furniture and decorations with matching colors inside. Read more: 15 bedroom wall paintings that are suitable for various styles

2. Vintage feel with zebra motif

Nuansa Vintage dengan Motif ZebraGirls' wallpaper doesn't always have to be pastel or pink. If your daughter doesn't like a feel that is too girly, using zebra patterned wall wallpaper could be an alternative. Even though it gives a very different impression from previous wall wallpaper, with good mix and match, the zebra motif can also provide a vintage feel. To emphasize this impression, you can use curtains with lace accents or decorative lights.

3. Bird Motif Wall

Dinding Motif BurungMake your child feel at home in his "nest" by using bird patterned wall wallpaper. Apart from being beautiful when looked at, using this motif can also make the walls of a child's bedroom seem spacious. Because, this wall wallpaper still has a number of empty spaces with plain colors which give a spacious impression on the walls of your child's room. Also add some supporting furniture to make your daughter even more comfortable. For example, thick fur carpets, classic wooden couches, and so on.

4. Combine pink with contrasting colors

Kombinasikan Merah Muda dengan Warna yang KontrasTo create a room with a girly feel, try combining calm pink with another contrasting color such as white. You can choose plain or patterned wallpaper. However, if you choose patterned wallpaper, avoid details that are too tight because it will make the room seem cramped. Another alternative is to reverse the wallpaper color selection with the furniture color. For example, choose a pink bed and then wallpaper in a darker color such as dark blue. Read more: 12 Small Girls' Bedroom Designs

5. Vintage Room with Neutral Colors

Kamar Vintage dengan Warna NetralWho says vintage nuances are only suitable for adults? You can also choose wallpaper for girls' rooms with a typical vintage theme pattern. The key lies in choosing colors and motif shapes. For girls' rooms, avoid motifs that are too complicated and choose pastel colors such as rose or lilac.

6. Minimalist colors

Warna-warni MinimalisCreating a minimalist impression doesn't have to be using neutral colors like black and white. By still looking cheerful and colorful, you can create a minimalist bedroom with lots of play space for girls. Choose plain colored wall wallpaper and then complement it with colorful furniture to create a cheerful impression in the room.

7. Interactive Room with Nature Themed Walls

Kamar Interaktif dengan Dinding Bertema AlamSo that you still feel pleasant when you are in your room, use modern furniture such as ergonomic furniture from PEXIO. So that it's not boring, choose a wall wallpaper motif that has natural nuances. You can choose imaginative motifs to bring a cheerful feel to children.

8. Maximize the motifs in the room

Maksimalkan Motif di dalam KamarCreate a beautiful and bright feel with a combination of lively motifs throughout the room. Starting from mattresses, pillows, to your daughter's bedroom furniture. To keep the room feeling spacious, use wall wallpaper in plain colors. Apart from providing a spacious impression, choosing this wallpaper will also highlight each motif in the room. Read more: 14 Simple Minimalist Girls' Bedroom Designs

9. Comfortable Room with Lots of Free Space

Kamar Nyaman dengan Banyak Ruang KosongAvoid wall wallpaper with lots of motifs if you want to create a calming room atmosphere. Choose a combination of calming colors such as cream or beige. To make the room more lively, you can also combine wallpaper with wood patterned floors.

10. Beautiful star motif

Motif Bintang nan CantikApart from flowers, the motif that is often chosen by girls is the star motif. So, to make it even more beautiful, each star on the wallpaper can be given a touch of glitter. This combination will make the room look sparkling but not excessive, making it suitable for children. Combine it with simple furniture to highlight the star motif on the wallpaper.

11. Butterfly Motif for Small Rooms

Motif Kupu-kupu Untuk Kamar Berukuran Kecil If your daughter's room is not too big, wallpaper with a butterfly motif could be an option. Apart from being aesthetic and comfortable to look at, choosing a butterfly motif can also create an open atmosphere so that your child's room will feel more spacious. Also add a small sofa in the corner of the room to maximize the available space. Of the several recommendations for wallpaper designs for girls' rooms above, which one is your choice? To make it suitable, don't forget to invite your little one to choose according to his own taste. Apart from that, you also have to match the wallpaper to the furniture in the child's room. Choose furniture that is not only beautiful, but can also provide the best comfort, such as ergonomic furniture from PEXIO. Apart from being comfortable, furniture from PEXIO has been carefully designed so that it can support daily activities. Get quality furniture from PEXIO here! 


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