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10 Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Office Chairs in 2022

Do you often feel like the back of your neck, shoulders, back and waist are in pain and achy when you sit all day at work? This is a sign that the chair you are using is unable to support the user's comfortable sitting position. It is clear that if left unchecked, this problem will have fatal consequences for your body's health. It's time for you to switch to using a comfortable office chair. Confused about what kind of office chair is right for you? Don't worry, this article will help you find an ergonomic office chair that suits your needs.

The Importance of Having a Comfortable Office Chair

Pentingnya Memiliki Kursi Kantor Nyaman Before we continue discussing the list of recommendations for comfortable office chairs, it's a good idea for you to know first about the importance of a suitable office chair. Working in an office is closely associated with activities that are considered boring. Why? Because, every day you will spend a lot of time sitting and doing a multitude of tasks. Without you realizing it, this office device is actually very important to pay attention to in terms of ergonomics. On the one hand, a comfortable office chair will have an impact on your work productivity and your body's health. Therefore, it is time for you to switch to using this ergonomic office chair.

PEXIO Style Comfortable Chair

Kursi Nyaman Ala PEXIOPEXIO is a company that provides furniture and interiors with ergonomic and best quality products. Regarding the materials used by PEXIO in each product, of course it uses materials of superior quality to create comfort for its users. Below are some recommendations for the best comfortable office chairs for you presented by PEXIO.

1 . Hervey

HerveyThe first recommendation for a comfortable office chair that PEXIO can offer is the Hervey office chair. This type of chair will certainly make you feel at home and not feel sick when you have to sit for a long time thanks to the various complementary features. Some of the cool features of the Hervey office chair itself consist of lumbar support along with a backrest that you can swing back up to 45 degrees, adjustable seat height, and armrests. Apart from that, Hervey chairs are also available in several attractive colors.

2 . Oslo
Kursi Kerja Nyaman Oslo

Thinking about being able to lean your back and straighten your legs while sitting to work? This Oslo office chair from PEXIO can make it happen. All the features in this office chair aim to maximize your comfort. Starting from armrests and backs that can be adjusted according to the height of your work desk, to lumbar support which helps relieve tension in the lower back. What's even more sophisticated is that when you are in a reclined position, this chair will maintain that position. Also read: Footrest: Definition and Essential Functions for Health

3 . Mike

Kursi Kerja Nyaman Mike

Do your head and back often feel sore after working all day? This is the right time to replace your old office chair with the best product from PEXIO. This Mike type office chair features a backrest that can be swung up to 45 degrees, lumbar support and arm rests that you can adjust to your wishes.

4 . Newman

Kursi Kerja Nyaman Newman

The appearance of this office chair is quite different from the other office chairs mentioned previously. The body of this Newman office chair is covered in wood which makes its appearance even more attractive. It's not just about its attractive appearance, but this office chair is also equipped with a multitude of features to support comfort when you work. Such as a backrest that can be swung up to 45 degrees and a class 4 gaslift, as well as a seat made of quality leather.

5 . Regent


Another choice of office chair that will pamper you with the feature of straightening your legs while working is the Regent type office chair. This chair also has several similar superior features, such as automatic lumbar support, armrests or hand rests and backrests that support your work comfortably, as well as strong wheel legs made from quality materials. Imagine how comfortable it will be when working using this best chair from PEXIO. Choosing this chair as an office chair indicates that you are ready to say goodbye to all kinds of disturbances in your body posture. Also read: 4 Functions of Office Chair Armrests that You Must Understand

6. Jervis


The comfort that this type of office chair will provide cannot be denied. Because, Jervis office chairs are equipped with 3-dimensional armrests to provide maximum freedom in getting your best position while working. The ergonomic design of this chair will certainly attract a lot of your attention. This chair was deliberately designed by taking into account various features such as a backrest of up to 125 degrees, 2-dimensional headrest and lumbar support so that you do not experience body position pain when you have to sit for a long time.

7 . Marlo


Do you like feeling like your productivity level is decreasing due to an uncomfortable office chair? This will not apply if you use the following Marlo chair from PEXIO. Because, this ergonomic work chair is equipped with various features to support your sitting comfort while working. Starting with a backrest feature that you can swing up to 45 degrees, then there is a backrest for the head and arms that will maintain your body posture when sitting. Don't forget the seat base of this chair which is in the form of a net with additional lumbar support pads to keep your waist healthy.

8 . Bradley


The 3D headrest feature of this Bradley office chair will guarantee the relaxation of your back neck and head while working. Furthermore, this chair is also equipped with armrests that are precise to your wishes and needs. It doesn't stop at that feature, but there is still a lumbar support feature that is soft and can be adjusted in terms of pressure. What about the build quality of this Bradley chair? Of course, it cannot be underestimated, equipped with the best aluminum legs, this chair can support your body very firmly, resulting in the right sitting position. Also read: Office Ergonomics: A Complete Guide to Be More Productive

9 . Brighton


This office chair from PEXIO also excels in maintaining comfort value for its users. Because the Brighton chair has many cool features that can support your body posture, sitting position and work productivity. Starting with 4-dimensional armrests, 2-dimensional headrests, backrests with alloy layers, flexible lumbar support to a height that you can adjust to your needs.

10 . Stanley


This ergonomic work chair is guaranteed to provide you with the comfort you need while working. This product from PEXIO has 4-dimensional armrests, as well as a backrest that is covered in alloy and can be swung up to 45 degrees. Apart from that, the seat base can also be shifted and is equipped with head and foot rests. That's the recommendation for a comfortable office chair from PEXIO with lots of cool features. How? Which office chair attracts your attention? Whatever your choice of ergonomic chair, if the product is from PEXIO, there can be no doubt about its quality. PEXIO comes with all kinds of ergonomic furniture for your comfort solutions for various needs. To get further information regarding this product, you can contact PEXIO now! Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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