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Decorative Elements and Types of Images for Room Interiors

The room's beauty increases if various kinds of decorative pictures are installed as decoration. The problem is not all images can be categorised as decorative. There are elements of decorative images that you must understand to display at home.

What is meant by decorative images?

Pengertian gambar dekoratif

A decorative image is a work of fine art in the form of decorative or decorative patterns. The patterns vary, they can be humans, animals, plants or other objects. Decorative images are created by changing the image object to make it more beautiful. The resulting decorative images are used as decoration or ornament in room decoration.

Various Decorative Images

Decorative images in works of art are of two types, differentiated based on their shape. The shapes used in decorative drawings are geometric and stylised. Both types of decorative images have different depiction styles but are made to form beautiful patterns.

1. Geometric

Contoh gambar bentuk geometris

Geometric decorative images contain geometric shapes like circles, squares, triangles, etc. These geometric shapes are made like patterns and lines. The regularity of the shapes and sizes is maintained so that beautiful images are formed. You can see a simple example of mandala cloth as a home decoration.

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2. Stylization

Contoh gambar dekoratif stilasi

The decorative stylisation is more inclined towards depicting living creatures like humans, animals and plants. The painter only paints the surface of the living creature and then processes it into a more beautiful image.

This decorative image is drawn more simply but does not leave its original shape. In this way, the object or surface of the object is still visible or visible. Both kinds of decorative images, both stylised and geometric, are now used as ornamental art. Ornamental art is the art of decorating walls and other objects.

These ornaments were painted and carved from stone or moulded from clay. As a result, this ornamental decoration is not called pure fine art but applied fine art.

In addition to paintings, stone, and clay, decorative images were created on metal and pottery. Cloth, wallpaper, and other home ornaments contain decorative images useful for the room's beauty.

Decorative Picture Elements

Just like other works of art, decorative images have several elements. These elements make decorative images more beautiful and meaningful for the occupants. 

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Consider the elements below if you want to be creative in making decorative images.

1. Color

The first decorative image element is colour. The use of colour in decorative images should be remembered. Colour makes the image more real when viewed. Also, colour can evoke emotions when looking at decorative images.

For example, the colour blue creates a feeling of coolness, the colour red can ignite enthusiasm, yellow adds joy, and so on. Decorative images can be made without colour because the shape is beautiful.

However, the use of colour will make decorative images more beautiful.

2. Field

Planes or shapes must be present in decorative images, especially geometric types. This decorative image element must have a minimum length and width to create a beautiful image. Planes are flat and have any shape as long as they form a dimension.

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3. Line

A line is a connection between two points. Line drawings on drawing media (paper, stone, etc.) are important in decorative drawings. The lines that meet each other then form a plane or shape.

4. Point

Dots are the first element in a decorative image. Everything starts from a point, forms a line and finally becomes a plane. Once finished, a plane pattern is formed, the main key to the decorative work.

5. Structure

Structure is the most important thing in decorative image elements because it determines the harmony of the shape. The structure is a mixture of points, lines and planes arranged in such a way as to form a beautiful pattern. The size of each pattern also influences the alignment of the structure.

How to Draw Decorative Art

So, if you want to make decorative images, follow the steps below. Here's how to draw it:

1. Prepare tools and materials

The tools and materials that will be used are:

  • Scissors
  • Lem
  • Pencils and Pens
  • Hospital
  • Origami paper as an additional decoration
  • Canvas paper
  • White and colored HVS paper
  • Painting paint

2. Determine the concept

You can use your imagination to determine what decorative images you will draw. You can also look for references online or see examples of decorative images that PEXIO has presented at the end of this article. Determining the concept or theme is done to become a benchmark when the decorative drawing process is carried out.

3. Select Image Media

As explained in the first step, you must prepare tools and materials. The image media used can be paper or canvas. Choose a tool to colour your painting and adjust the drawing media to the previously determined concept.

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4. Starting the Drawing Process

After determining the concept and choosing the drawing media, start drawing based on the determined concept. Try to keep the motif balanced and the lines consistent. If you want to draw stylised decorative art, you can make it freely; the important thing is that the shape is neat and can be seen clearly.

5. Coloring Decorative Pictures

The last way to draw decorative images is to add colour to the pattern that has been created. Check again so that all parts of the image have been coloured perfectly and nothing is out of line. In addition, you can also beautify the image with decorations using origami paper. Once finished, you can install the frame and display it on the wall of your house.

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Examples of Decorative Images

To make it easier to understand decorative images, PEXIO presents several examples of decorative images that you can use as inspiration in making them.

1. Examples of Decorative Plant Images

Motif gambar dekoratif tanaman

2. Examples of decorative animal images


Motif gambar dekoratif binatang

3. Examples of decorative landscape images


Motif gambar dekoratif

4. Example of a decorative image of a triangle pattern


Seni dekoratif pola segitiga

5. Example of a decorative circle pattern image


Seni dekoratif pola lingkarang

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It's interesting to study the elements of decorative drawing, isn't it? You can decorate your home and workspace with various kinds of decorative images made in a medium.

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