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10 Elegant Monochrome Room Designs for You to Apply

The bedroom is a room that must provide comfort after you have had busy days outside. Designing your room in such a way that it becomes what you want will certainly increase your comfort. Fortunately, in this day and age, bedroom designs have begun to vary. One thing that is being widely discussed is monochrome room design.

10 Simple and Elegant Monochrome Room Designs

Desain Kamar Monokrom yang Simple dan EleganMonochrome bedroom designs are now a trend. Monochrome rooms have a simple design, but still give an elegant impression. Monochrome room designs come with characteristics as the name suggests, namely dominant colors of black, white or grey. This type of room design is enjoyed by many people today because it gives a simple and spacious impression. Therefore, a monochrome room could be your choice to make your bedroom more comfortable. Here are ten elegant monochrome room designs that can be applied in your home.

1. Monochrome Room with Texture

Kamar Monokrom dengan TeksturMany people want a monochrome room with minimal decoration and striking colors. However, if you want a little difference in a monochrome room, you can add texture to several parts of the decoration. This texture can be obtained from pillowcases or bolsters that have embroidery or tassels. This simple thing can make a significant difference. Monochrome colors that look gloomy can become elegant with the addition of texture. Also read: 10 Inspirations for Super Comfortable Small 2x2 Bedroom Designs

2. Minimalist monochrome room with patterns

Kamar Monokrom Minimalis dengan PolaMonochrome room design may seem simple, but with a few touches it can make it elegant. One way is to add various patterns to the room. This pattern can be obtained from the mural on your monochrome wall. If you think it's too much trouble to make a mural, you can use wallpaper that is easy and has a variety of patterns. This element will make a monochrome room more artistic.

3. Monochrome Room with Natural Lighting

Kamar Monokrom dengan Pencahayaan AlamiIf your room has lots of natural light sources, then a monochrome theme will be very suitable to be applied. With enough natural light, you can use white for furniture and other furnishings. Then, add black color to several corners of the room. You don't need too much, giving black is done to make a monochrome room more balanced. If the portions are right, then the corners of the room given a black color palette will stand out nicely.

4. Monochrome Room with Added Color

Kamar Monokrom dengan Tambahan Warna Monochrome room designs mostly use the basic colors white, black and gray. In fact, actually playing with a little extra color in a monochrome room will beautify your room. So, don't be afraid to add some bold colors. These striking colors can be applied to decorations such as pillowcases, blankets, carpets or chairs. If applied in the right portion, a monochrome room will look sweeter with the addition of color. The boring impression can be lost with the addition of this element. Also read: 12 Ways to Arrange Your Room to Make It Look Beautiful

5. Wood Element Monochrome Room

Kamar Monokrom Elemen KayuMonochrome colors don't always have to be filled with black, white and gray furniture. You can also use wooden elements to give an elegant feel to a monochrome room. Use wooden elements on floor areas or even walls. This combination will make your room more beautiful and homey.

6. Monochrome Room with a Rustic Feel

Kamar Monokrom Nuansa RusticRustic is an element that looks like old, rusty iron. Wood that shows its original pattern and color can also give a rustic impression. Therefore, try to add some furniture with strong iron elements so that it can give an elegant, rustic impression.

7. Dark Monochrome Room

Kamar Monokrom Bernuansa GelapMany people choose monochrome room designs because they give a cool impression. If you dare to be more extreme, you can apply dark shades in the room. Use fairly dark colors for walls, furniture and decorations. However, also pay attention to the composition, OK? If all the color elements are too dark, then the room will become less comfortable and feel crowded.

8. Minimalist Monochrome Room

Kamar Monokrom MinimalisFor those of you who like modern design, try applying a minimalist feel to the room. Place a little furniture and prioritize functionality. Use modern colors white and black so the room looks more spacious. Also read: 7 Tips for Choosing Minimalist Home Furniture

9. White Theme Monochrome Room

Kamar Monokrom Tema PutihMonochrome rooms don't always look dark and gloomy. You can use white as the dominant color palette. Try using white pillowcases, blankets and curtains in this monochrome room. Then, add a little black so it's not monotonous. The room will feel brighter and more spacious.

10. Soft Gray Monochrome Room

Kamar Monokrom Soft Grey Soft gray is a light gray color that is soft on the eyes. Soft gray can also be obtained from pastel gray. Gradualize all the soft gray colors in your room. The combination will give a comfortable and cool impression in the room so that sleep becomes calmer. A monochrome room design might feel boring if you only play with color on the walls. However, with the right choice of furniture, a monochrome room can be turned into a comfortable and elegant bedroom. One of the keys is to use ergonomic furniture to increase the comfort of your life. PEXIO is here to provide various ergonomic furniture to help beautify your room. Not only that, PEXIO also provides living room furniture and various other furniture with premium quality. Complete your monochrome room with the AMBY Ergonomic Desk and Wendy Multifunctional Chair from PEXIO. Contact PEXIO now for your interior needs at home! 


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