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10 Must-Have Furniture for Modern Minimalist Homes

Beautifying the interior of a modern minimalist home can be done by choosing the right furniture. The reason is furniture is not just a complement but a vital element that provides aesthetics.

That is the reason why furniture must be chosen carefully: to provide comfort for residents and guests who visit the house. However, you need to remember that the best furniture must accommodate the occupants' tastes.

What is suitable furniture for a modern minimalist home interior? Come on, look at the list of furniture below! 

Furniture that must be in a modern minimalist home

Decorating the interior of a modern minimalist home is indeed tricky and easy. You have to really understand the true meaning of minimalism in order to get furniture that suits the current style of your home.

Modern minimalist houses generally display simple housing that is comfortable. The furniture chosen is also more miniature, and residents usually only put a few decorations in it so that the house has a clean and neat appearance.

Furniture for minimalist homes is more appropriate. It has a contemporary appearance but is designed simply and functionally. As inspiration, here is some furniture that can be used as a reference for arranging a modern minimalist home interior.

1. Sofa bed

Sofa wajib ada di rumah minimalis modern. (Pixabay)

Beautify the interior of a modern minimalist home by presenting a soft and comfortable sofa bed. Choose a sofa bed that is small but still functional. The sofa bed itself functions as a bed and a seat.

When buying it, make sure you know the way or method of changing it. For those with limited space, choose a sofa without armrests.

Apart from that, also pay attention to the softness of the seat cushion. You can look for a sofa bed with soft to medium softness for a more comfortable sitting position.

2. Coffee table

The interior of a modern minimalist home will also be even more beautiful with a coffee table. A coffee table that also functions as a guest table is one piece of furniture that you must have.

If you want a table that is durable and long-lasting, we recommend buying a table made of quality wood, such as teak or agarwood, with duco paint finishing. Even though the price is higher than that of a table with iron legs, wood is far more sturdy and easy to maintain.

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3. Mirror

To make your modern minimalist home look more spacious, consider buying a large mirror. This mirror is an ideal solution to give a spacious impression to the room.

When you want your room to look brighter and brighter, try installing a mirror opposite the outside window. The sunlight that shines in your room will be reflected by the mirror, making the room look more colorful.

4. Extra bench

If you are the type of person who often has guests, you should also provide an extra bench. For houses that are limited in size and have a small living room, you can buy a stool chair or ottoman chair. Furniture This one will make the interior of your modern minimalist home more unique because of its aesthetic design.

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5. Carpet

Do you feel like your living room or family room still feels empty and unattractive even though it is filled with a coffee table and sofa bed? Try adding a rug. Carpets not only function as footwear but can also be a decorative element that can make the interior of a modern minimalist home more attractive.

When choosing a carpet, make sure you choose a rug that suits the concept of the room. Apart from that, select a carpet that is proportional in size to the room and adjust the type of carpet to the needs of the residence.

6. Buffet or decorative shelves

Beautifying the interior of a modern minimalist home can also be done by presenting a sideboard or decorative shelves. This shelf can be a large storage area, both for reading books and for displays or action figures.

Mix several items to store on decorative shelves to make them look more attractive. Apart from being a storage area, the sideboard can also be used as a divider between the living room and the family room.

7. Minimalist work desk

Having a minimalist work desk at home is certainly something you should take advantage of, especially for those of you who are WFO and have to use a laptop or computer to work. A minimalist work desk will support work productivity while at home.

Consider purchasing a minimalist work desk that is equipped with ergonomic features. The reason is the height of an ergonomic work desk can be adjusted so that you can work more comfortably.

So, when you get sore from sitting for a long time, you can change your position to a standing position. Changing positions frequently enough will prevent you from back pain or lower back pain.

You can get a modern ergonomic work desk at PEXIO. Discover various types of ergonomic desks with competitive prices only at PEXIO

8. Ergonomic work chair

To complement your work desk at home, you also need to buy an ergonomic work chair. Designed to adapt to the anatomy of the human body, an ergonomic work chair will keep the spine ideal even if you have to sit for hours.

Choose an ergonomic work chair that is equipped with adjustable armrests, headrests and footrests. By providing ergonomic tables and chairs, the house will feel complete.

Check recommendations for ergonomic work chairs that match the modern minimalist home interior concept here.

9. Dining table set

As one of the pieces of furniture that must be present in a modern minimalist home, the dining table is often associated with a symbol of family harmony. However, regardless of this assumption, the choice of dining table must be considered carefully.

You can choose a dining table set that is minimalist in size and adjust the number of chairs according to the number of family members. For a more durable product, a wooden dining table set is highly recommended.

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10. Cabinet kitchen

Another piece of furniture that must be present to beautify the interior of a modern minimalist home is the kitchen cabinet. The kitchen will be tidier with a cabinet or kitchen set at home. Choose a kitchen cabinet model that has lots of dividers to categorize cooking utensils according to type.

To give a minimalist impression, use a white cabinet. Meanwhile, to create the appearance of a luxurious kitchen, you can choose black cabinets.

That's the explanation furniture, which is a must-have in a modern minimalist home. To create a modern minimalist home interior, you can contact the Pexio team. Our team will help beautify your residence according to your tastes and dreams.

Apart from that, Pexio also accepts custom services and furniture that can support your activities while at home. For more information, contact our team.


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