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10 Inspirations for Library Design at Home

Having a tiny residence is not an obstacle to creating a library design at home. You only need to clear a few meters of area to make it a comfortable reading room.

You must look for the right design inspiration to make your reading room look efficient. Below, we provide a selection of home library designs that can be used as references.

Tips for creating a library design at home

Before creating a library design at home, it is essential to know several tips below so that the vibe of the library you dream of can be felt more.

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1. Choose a quiet place

So that your reading activities are not disturbed, you should choose a room where only a few people pass by. Make sure the room can provide comfort for you.

2. Inventory book

After knowing which angle is suitable for creating a library design at home, now is the time to find out how many books you have. This inventory will make it easier to know how big the library needs to be to accommodate all your books.

3. Use a proper bookshelf

If you have quite a lot of books, then buy a large and tall shelf. You can also customize your dream bookshelf if you have more budget.

4. Determine the bookcase model

This point is crucial because it will determine the appearance of your library design. Make sure the bookshelf matches the theme of your residence. For example, if the theme of your house is industrial, you should use an open bookshelf made of wood with a touch of black.

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Home library design ideas

Of course, those who like reading dream of designing a library at home. Apart from being a reading room, this room can also be used as an area to enjoy free time with the family.

For this reason, this room must be arranged as comfortably as possible so that the reading room feels comfortable and warm. Here are several home library designs you can easily copy as a reference.

1. Library under the stairs

If you have a two-story residence and the stairwell area is still empty, then this library design in your house is suitable for you. Transform the dull area under the stairs into a functional bookshelf.

Not just a collection of books, you can also store several action figures or other displays on the shelf to beautify the area. Add a carpet or soft chairs around the bookshelf to make reading more fun and comfortable.

2. Attic library

Another area for home library design is the attic. Even though it is small, this area is comfortable enough to be decorated with bookshelves, carpets, and beanbags.

Maximize the sloping walls by placing a bookcase. You can custom bookcases so that this area is well-spent. That way, you can load all your book collections neatly.

To make the room feel more comfortable, add a coffee table and mini sofa that match the wall paint color. To overcome poor lighting in the attic, you can install windows, skylights, decorative lights, and a spotlight in the evening.

3. Library in the stairwell area

Apart from the area under the stairs, you can transform the stairs area itself into a library design at home. Make the steps into a functional bookshelf using wood or MDF coated with HPL.

Those of you who have already made permanent stairs can ask for help from interior design services to redesign the stair area as a comfortable mini library.

4. The library is also a room divider

Need a particular room for reading? It's not a problem because you can divide a bookcase between rooms. So that the library design in this house looks smooth, you can choose a cupboard type with a slimmer size or an open cupboard.

You just have to arrange your favorite books neatly. To make the cupboard look more varied, add some displays, such as artificial plants or small figures, to make it more aesthetic.

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5. Mini library in the living room

If residential space is limited, a home library design can be realized by utilizing the living room area. Ditch the tables and chairs for hosting guests with a large bookshelf, beanbags, and a warm floor rug.

This method allows you to store your entire book collection neatly but not lose the area for entertaining guests. Even though you have to receive guests in a cross-legged sitting position, it isn't a problem if you can decorate the area attractively.

6. Reading area in the room

Apart from being a place to rest, the bedroom can also be used as a multi-purpose room, such as a reading room. Take advantage of an empty wall with a hanging cupboard to store your book collection that is still piled on the floor.

Position the hanging cupboard like a ladder to make it look like a neat bookcase. This way, you can rest in your room comfortably while reading your favorite book.

7. Magic empty walls

Still, you have an empty wall and need clarification about what to do with it. Just use it to design your library at home. Wall shelves with a slim and sturdy design can be a solution for limited areas. Apart from saving space, this method will add to the aesthetic value of the living room with the rows of book collections you have.

8. Doors as bookcases

If you feel that the stair area is too mainstream to create a library design at home, try another area. Make a floating shelf or shadow bookshelf on the door and wall parallel to give the impression of camouflage to the room.

Apart from taking up little space, this method is also considered adequate for storing more books. Are you interested in trying it?

9. Make a sliding bookshelf

Another home library design inspiration is to create a sliding bookshelf in the room. This cupboard has many advantages, including saving space and keeping the room spacious. You can ask for help from interior design services to make a three-tiered sliding bookshelf to store more books.

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10. Multifunctional sofa as a bookcase

You can create a library design at home in many ways, one is by making a multifunctional sofa—a custom sofa with a partitioned empty area underneath to store your book collection.

Place this sofa near the window so you get good lighting when reading. Place some soft pillows to make reading more enjoyable.

That's information about home library design that can be used as a reference. Is there a design that you are aiming for?

Those of you who want to design a library at home with the help of interior designer services can rely on Pexio. Our team will help create custom furniture or room interior designs that suit your wishes.

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