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Cozy and Functional: Minimalist Room Design with a Comfortable Workspace

What kind of room and workspace design is suitable for a small house? The WFH or Work From Home trend has made many people want a workspace in their residences.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a spacious home, so they must use their bedroom as a workspace. The small size of the house is indeed a challenge in creating an ideal workspace.

There is no need to worry because we have a series of bedroom and workspace design inspirations you can reference. Come on, check out the various inspirations below!

How to organize a workspace in a small bedroom

Having a workspace at home doesn't require having a large residence. The workspace arrangement must be right because you can use your narrow bedroom as a workspace, so it seems smooth.

You can do several tricks to create a comfortable bedroom and workspace design.

1. Rearrange all the items in the room

The first thing you have to do is by decluttering or getting rid of unused items. Apart from that, rearrange the furniture in the room. You can place the mattress in the corner of the room and the cupboard next to it.

This way, you will have enough space to use as a workspace. To make it easier to organize, you should first design the room and workspace you imagine, then arrange it according to the picture you have made.

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2. Place the workspace in an area that gets lighting

The ideal workspace should have good lighting. If the area in front of the window is empty, you can place a work desk here. With the right lighting, the workspace will feel warm and comfortable.

3. Workspace decoration according to your personality

To maintain your mood while working, try to make the design of your room and workspace as attractive as possible. You can decorate your workspace with items that suit your personality.

For example, if you are a person who likes a minimalist concept, then use wooden furniture with neutral colors. However, if you prefer an artsy style, decorate your workspace with decorations such as wall art printing

4. Adjust the size of the furniture to the size of the room

Before buying a work desk and chair, measuring the area used as a workplace is important. Adjust the size of the furniture you want to buy to the size of your workspace.

Choose functional and practical furniture so the room doesn't seem cramped. Apart from that, make sure there is space for you to move around.

5. Add wall shelves around the work desk

An integrated room and workspace design certainly requires minimal area to place a work cupboard. However, you can overcome this by using a wall shelf around the work desk.

This wall shelf will be useful for storing work equipment or decoration.

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Interesting bedroom and workspace design ideas

Below, we provide attractive room and workspace designs for your residence.

1. Floor mat concept

Creating a comfortable room and workspace design is no longer just a dream. You can be creative with the "lesehan" concept. You don't need a large work table, just a small one, then covered with a soft carpet.

Don't be monotonous. You can add green elements by placing artificial plants around the work desk. Add aesthetic bedroom lights to make your workspace look more modern.

2. Mezzanine concept

The mezzanine concept is one method you can apply to utilize a room that needs to be bigger. With this concept, the sleeping area and workspace will be separated so you can focus more while working.

This room and workspace design will also give a more spacious and attractive impression. To beautify the room, decorate the workspace with ornamental plants, wall paintings, and patterned carpets.

3. Integrates with the mattress

Try this room and workspace design if you have more budget. So that all areas in the bedroom can be utilized as well as possible, you can ask for help from interior design services to combine a bed with a work desk.

This cot can later be used as an impromptu work chair. For this concept, it is especially important to choose the color of the wood to create a minimalist and modern concept.

4. Workspace in the cupboard

Who would have thought a wardrobe could transform into a work desk? Yes, you can do anything to create a comfortable and functional bedroom and workspace design. You only need to throw away the original cupboard frame and arrange a multi-level wall shelf to make it into a work desk.

So that you get good lighting, use a table lamp or hanging lamp. Remember, place some ornamental plants to give a natural impression of the workspace.

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5. Dormitory style concept

The dormitory-style concept is the next interesting room and workspace design to cheat on. You can use a bunk bedroom instead of a wide couch for those who live alone.

You can use the area under the mattress as a workspace. Just place a work desk that is the size of the width of your bed. Voila, you already have a workspace for a quieter WFH.

6. Take advantage of the floating desk in the corner of the room

You can work comfortably only with a floating desk in the corner of your room. A floating desk can solve small rooms without taking up much space.

The small shelf can be placed on a table and filled with interesting decorations to beautify the room.

7. Minimalist impression with storage box

Have a storage box at home? Just use it as a work desk! Replace the storage box lid with a flat and sturdy wooden cover. Make sure the wood has been sanded to get a smooth table surface. Line the storage box with a colored carpet-earth tone for a minimalist impression.

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8. Workspace with headboard divider

Another bedroom and workspace design you can try is using a headboard as a divider between the bed and the work desk. Many people need to think about this idea, even though this method is very useful for separating your views when you want to focus on resting without being distracted by piles of work.

9. Table and night light

Is your bedroom lamp table big enough? Then you can use it occasionally for work. This work desk idea can inspire those who want to create a room and workspace design in one area.

10. One wall is full of area

If you want to maximize the workspace in your room, try using one side of the wall as your work area. Put all work-related items there. This room and workspace design is considered suitable for larger room sizes.

That's a review of what room and workspace designs could be an inspiration. If you want to customize furniture to be adjusted to the size of your bedroom space, you can rely on Pexio. Our team will help create furniture and interior design for your dream room.

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