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Transform Your Home Office: 15 Inspirations for a Comfortable Workspace

Are you looking for inspiration for your workspace design at home? After the coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020 to 2022, the working from home or WFH trend began to be adopted by several companies. As a result, many office workers now need a special room to work at home.

It cannot be denied that working in a room created specifically for work will make you more concentrated and productive. So, to make you feel more comfortable working, you also need to pay attention to the design of your workspace at home.

A workspace doesn't need to be a big room. If you choose the right furniture, even a small workspace will still feel comfortable. As inspiration, below we provide design ideas for workspace at home.

Workspace design ideas at home

Having a workspace at home can help you separate moments between work and rest with your family. The following are ideas for designing a comfortable workspace at home to serve as inspiration.

1. Minimalist workspace

Creating a workspace at home with a minimalist concept can be realized by choosing essential furniture in neutral colors, such as white, black, and wooden motifs. So that the desired minimalist concept can be channeled perfectly, make sure you put only a few items around your work desk.

2. Work table for a large area

If you have enough room, you can be creative with various designs. For example, you can place a corner table in front of the window.

Placing a corner table for a homework space allows you to place a lot on the table. Apart from that, a corner table will be very good if placed next to a wall shelf without blocking each other.

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3. Workspace in the bedroom

Want to make your bedroom a workspace at home? Come on, decorate your room into a comfortable workspace!

First of all, change the position of your bed to a corner area of ​​the wall if the position of the bed takes up too much space. By changing this position, the bedroom space will look wider and neater.

Next, choose a type of table that is slim so that the bedroom still looks spacious and not messy. Apart from that, also pay attention to the choice of wall paint. Match the wall paint with the selected furniture to give a warm and comfortable impression.

4. Simple workspace

Having a comfortable work desk and bench can also increase productivity when working at home. You can use white table equipment to make your workspace at home look more aesthetic. Also, add artificial plants next to the table to add a green color to your work area.

Then, you can also take advantage of empty walls by placing paintings on cork boards or perforated boards to attach lots of photos and inspiring quotes.

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5. Colorful workspace

For those of you who like the concept of a colorful workspace at home, you can combine contrasting colors in one area. Many people believe that eye-catching, colorful colors can raise enthusiasm when working.

You can explore the colors first on the internet to avoid color mistakes. Contrasting colors can be an attraction in a house.

6. Masculine concept workspace

Want to avoid colorful colors? You can try a masculine concept. To get a workspace at home with a masculine style, you only need to combine dark colors, such as black and gray.

You can also add furniture with wooden elements or iron and steel materials to make it look industrial-style. Mini ornamental plants should also be added to give a natural impression.

7. Workspace combined with family room

If the space in your house is limited and you don't have another room to use as a workspace at home, you can use the family room. Take advantage of the remaining land in the family area by placing a work desk aligned with the TV shelf.

Make sure the furniture used has a design similar to the family room's design so that it still looks good.

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8. Elegant workspace

Creating a workspace at home with an elegant concept is relatively easy. All you need is a dark-colored work desk and chair. Apart from that, you must place a table lamp or other decoration with gold accents to give a luxurious and modern impression.

9. Space-saving workspace

Create a space-saving workspace at home using multifunctional furniture such as a work desk with a shelf at the bottom. Choose an elongated design so it doesn't block the road. Remember to use bright colors on the walls and furniture for a wider impression.

10. Workspace for married couples

Do you and your partner both work from home? If so, you can arrange the tables facing each other or in a row along the wall of your workroom at home. So that this room looks spacious and can accommodate two people at once, it is best to use a wall shelf as a storage area.

11. The workspace is close to the pool

Working too long will make your eyes tired quickly. However, you can overcome this by creating a workspace design in your house close to the pool. Or, if you only have a green yard, you can use the space in the area that faces directly onto the yard.

Facing your work desk towards the garden area will help you to be more focused and calm while working. If your eyes are tired, you can immediately look at the green area for 20 seconds to restore concentration.

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12. Workspace with wooden wall background

Wood-based furniture and walls always create a warm and natural workspace design. You can match the color or wood motif on the furniture to the wooden walls of your house. With matching colors and motifs, the room will look more aesthetic.

13. Natural, nuanced workspace design with the wallpaper

If your house lacks green areas but you still want to emphasize a natural impression, try instead using ornamental plants; you can use wallpaper. Choose wallpaper with natural nuances as a background for your workspace design at home and use artificial plants to place in the room's corners.

14. Scandinavian style workspace

Many people often choose the Scandinavian theme to create a workspace design that is modern but still natural. You can make this happen by choosing work equipment made of wood and iron. Apart from that, you can also put carpets and blankets to strengthen the Scandinavian impression.

15. Vintage style workspace

The vintage style is the last workspace design at home that can be used as inspiration. This theme will be very beautiful if applied with the right furniture. The characteristic of this design is that the floor and walls deliberately use ancient-style checkered ceramics.

You can also use neon colors for metal chairs to give an 80s impression. Place a large plant pot next to your work desk to add a beautiful element to your workspace.

Those are recommendations for homework space designs that can be used as inspiration. If you need interior designer services, you can rely on Pexio. Our team will help create custom furniture and interior designs that suit your taste.

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