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13 Tips to Create Workspace at Home

It is not impossible to create a small workspace at home. Even though space is limited, there are always ways to create a comfortable and inspiring workspace.

In this article, we will discuss how to create a workspace at home that meets these criteria. The following is a complete and detailed guide to creating an ideal work environment at home.

Tips for creating a workspace at home

Creating your dream workspace at home can sometimes mean having a big house. But no, if no space can be used, you can make it by rearranging the furniture a little at home.

Especially for those of you who have limited space, here are some easy tips that you can apply when creating a workspace in a minimalist home.

1. Choose the right area

Are you still trying to decide about choosing a workspace at home? Houses with limited sizes often cause dilemmas but don't worry. You can take advantage of the corners of your house by adding a hanging table or folding table, which is flexible and multipurpose.

If you have many family members in your house, then avoid the room between the dining room and the family room. This area needs to be more strategic and can interfere with work concentration.

2. Measure the room

After knowing the area to be used as a workspace at home, now is the time for you to measure the room and start envisioning the concept on a piece of paper. However, pay attention to the position of doors, floors, electrical cables and lights.

Knowing the size of the room and the image of your dream workspace will make it easier for you to adjust your budget.

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3. Decide on a theme

A workspace that is arranged with a beautiful appearance can apparently lift your mood while working. Creative ideas also often emerge from rooms that are designed in such a way.

You can decorate your workspace at home with warm colours using wall paint, placing knick-knacks on or near your work desk, and adding other ornaments.

4. Take advantage of blank wall

Apart from the way on, you can also take advantage of empty walls. If the empty walls in your house are conducive enough to be used as a workspace, don't hesitate to put a table and chairs there. The decoration problem can follow; the most important thing is to create a workspace at home first.

5. Benefits of the area under the stairs

Is your house multi-storey? If yes, take advantage of the room under the stairs, which is used as a workspace at home. The size may be limited, especially in terms of height.

Even so, you can still take advantage of the space under the stairs by choosing furniture that fits the width and height of the house. Or, you can rely on the services of a custom furniture maker to adjust the size of the room.

Due to limited space, also make sure to put only a few things there. Use the items you need most, then store the rest in a storage box and place it under the table.

6. Arrange the layout wisely

The layout of your workspace at home is very important for your productivity. Make sure the distance between tables, chairs, and cupboards (if any) is arranged properly and strategically. Also, make sure there is enough free space around the table to give you space to move and breathe. Apart from that, electronic equipment such as computers, printers, and cables must be organised neatly.

7. Pay attention to lighting

Working in a room with good lighting can create a conducive atmosphere. You can also be more focused and concentrated. However, make sure you choose lighting. That's right, yes, because a workspace that is too bright can also make your eyes tired quickly.

If you use a computer for work, you should use white lights. Apart from that, you also need to observe access to sunlight. For this reason, choose a position in your workspace at home that does not face the sun directly.

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8. Technology and connectivity

A home workspace will work well when you have good access to technology and the internet. Make sure your Wifi router is in good range and the signal is strong.

You also need to have enough electrical sockets for all devices. Consider using an extension or power strip if necessary. Apart from that, backup settings should also be considered, such as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), to avoid data loss during a power outage.

9. Choose versatile furniture

Because you will use up spend a lot of time in the workspace, make sure you choose furniture that makes you comfortable. Choose a chair that can support your body well.

Likewise, when choosing a table, choose a table whose height suits your body posture. Avoid using excessive items so that the room doesn't give the impression of being crowded. Buy the best comfortable ergonomic chair here!

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10. Choose accessories that you already have at home

The plus point of creating a workspace at home is that you are free to use your home accessories. You can choose useful accessories to decorate your work desk.

Some items that you can use include pictures, possibly family photos placed on the table, your little one's work if you have one, or other action figures you have at home.

11. Use a desk organizer

To keep your workspace at home neat and clean, use a desk organiser or storage rack, such as stationery containers and file boxes. There is no need to buy a new one; you just have to take advantage of unused items at home, for example, old jars or wine racks. With neat storage, all work tools will be well organised.

12. Put speakers and aromatherapy

You can get a comfortable and inspiring work atmosphere with the help of playing music and aromatherapy. You can play music or playlists that you like to improve your concentration.

Apart from that, aromatherapy can also help create a comfortable and calm work atmosphere. Use aromatherapy candles with a scent that you like. Several aromas, such as lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus, are recommended aromas that can make the body more relaxed.

13. Create a distraction-free zone

You can create a comfortable workspace at home for WFH with a zone that is free from distractions. Before you start working, it is best to tell your family members or friends about your working hours and ask them to respect these times. A distraction-free zone will help you stay focused and productive.

That's how to create a small workspace at home so that WFH remains comfortable and calm. Creating the workspace you dream of may sound tiring and expensive. Therefore, it is important to make careful planning to suit your tastes and budget.

If you want to customise your furniture so that it can be adapted to your limited workspace, you can make it happen with Pexio. Our team will help create furniture and interior design for your dream room.

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