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Best Office Chair Specifications to Provide Comfort While Working

What specifications of an office chair should you look for to make working more comfortable? Like buying a vehicle, buying a chair for work also requires a lot of consideration, especially regarding specifications and additional features.

By paying attention to these two things, purchasing a chair will not be in vain. Moreover, the price of a work chair is costly, so it is mandatory to dig up information about the chair you want to buy.

To make your search easier, you should first identify the specifications of the ideal office chair and the recommended additional features.

Specifications for the ideal office chair

Kursi kerja ergonomis terbaik

If you are looking for a comfortable working chair, choose one with the most complete office chair specifications. Both in terms of material and size. If you choose the wrong chair, work productivity will decrease and cause work results to be less than optimal.

Not to mention the health of the back and waist, which will also be affected, sitting in an uncomfortable office chair can cause back pain and other health problems. The effects will be even more dangerous if not treated immediately.

For this reason, looking for the best office chair specifications is the key to work productivity. Come on, find out about the specifications of the ideal office chair below!

1. Net or mesh material

The first specification for an ideal office chair is a chair made of mesh material. This material has advantages that other office chair materials do not have. The small holes in this material help improve air circulation.

Apart from that, the mesh material on the back of the chair can also keep your back cool and comfortable. The mesh material is also more durable, and the steel still looks good even when used for a long time.

Chairs made from mesh are easy to maintain and do not get dirty quickly. What's more interesting is that the mesh material can follow the curve of the back well, providing optimal comfort.

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2. The chair seat is made of quality foam

The following specification for an office chair is soft and high-quality seat material. Soft seats are usually made from high-density foam. This material has a density or specific gravity of foam above 65 kg/m³.

The thickness of this type of foam is considered the best and is denser than other types of foam. The foam is soft and light, providing the best support for the back and lumbar when sitting for a long time.

High-density foam is also more durable. It has a longer lifespan than lower foam types. Long-term use will keep the shape of the foam and its density the same.

3. Armrests made of nylon

Nylon armrests are an office chair specification that you should take notice of. A work chair is ideal if it has armrests made of nylon.

Nylon is the material most often used in work chair products because its strength is better than plastic. This material is also light and corrosion-resistant, so it is more durable and long-lasting.

4. Adjustable hydraulics

Another office chair specification is hydraulic. Chairs with hydraulics can help users adjust the sitting position and height of the chair. A chair that is too short or high makes the sitting position tense.

Choose hydraulics that are made from the same material as the seat upholstery. Usually, most chair layers are made of nylon. This durable material does not rust or crust quickly, so the hydraulics will not be easily damaged.

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5. The seat is quite wide

Look for office chair specifications that have a seat that is wide enough. Ensure the seat has approximately 3 cm of space to make sitting more comfortable. Avoid choosing a too narrow chair because it can harm your lumbar and back health.

6. High backrest

The backrest of an office chair must also be higher than the user's back. The goal is that the back of the chair can support the user's entire body more optimally. Make sure the back of the chair is soft and can be adjusted so that the body can move freely.

7. Chair weight is light

Avoid office chair specifications that are too heavy. Because a chair that is too heavy can hinder mobility when using it. It's best to choose a chair with lightweight specifications to make it easier to move in various directions: forward-backward, right-left.

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The importance of choosing the ideal office chair specifications

Manfaat menggunakan kursi ergonomis

With the perfect office chair specifications, you will get a comfortable and ergonomic work chair. The benefits of using this chair are long-term, so choosing a chair with the recommended specifications is highly recommended.

Here are some of the benefits you will get if you choose a work chair with the best office chair specifications.

1. Provides comfort

A work chair with ideal office chair specifications can provide comfort and proper support for the body, especially the back, neck, and arms. Of course, this will affect your body posture, which remains maintained and neutral.

Sitting comfortably will reduce strain on muscles and joints. If all of these things are in harmony, you will avoid discomfort and fatigue when sitting for a long time.

2. Spine-health

As we know, sitting for long periods while working can put significant pressure on the spine. So it's unsurprising that many office workers often complain of back and spinal problems.

Meanwhile, using a work chair with the recommended office chair specifications will help maintain the spine's natural curve and prevent slouching. Indirectly, you have reduced the risk of low back and back pain.

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3. Increase productivity

When you feel comfortable sitting, you can focus more on your work. Chairs with the proper office chair specifications will increase concentration and productivity because distractions caused by discomfort while working can be minimized.

Good sitting posture will also improve blood circulation, oxygen flow, and cognitive function.

4. Prevent injury

A chair with good office chair specifications will prevent the user from the risk of injury because this chair model will provide the proper support so that the body remains in a neutral position. Lousy office chairs can contain injuries like strains, sprains, and others. This chair will also prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and bursitis.

5. Health investment

A chair with the best office chair specifications is a health investment because the benefits you will get are long-term. Comfort at work will positively impact overall well-being and quality of life.

That's a discussion about the specifications of the best office chairs and the benefits if you choose a chair with the correct specifications. So, what should you look for for a work chair? Find your best office chairs here!


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