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Get to Know the Function of Office Chairs

The function of an office chair is not just to decorate or complement a workspace but to play an essential role in creating an effective working atmosphere, both at home and in the office. A comfortable office chair can increase a person's work effectiveness and productivity.

Nowadays, office chair models vary greatly. On average, the design is minimalist and modern, with a size that is not too big to be placed in a small workspace.

So, in this article, we will learn more about the function of office chairs. Come on, see the full review below!


What is an office chair?

An office chair is a piece of furniture so that employees or people who sit on it feel comfortable when they have to sit for a long time. As we know, an employee works eight to nine hours daily.

Working while sitting makes the spine area quickly sore, especially the lumbar region, which supports the body's weight when sitting. This long working time is then a strong reason why the function of an office chair must provide as much comfort as possible.


Office chair function

Choosing an office table and chair must be adjusted to your needs. Using appropriate furniture will make the work area you occupy feel more comfortable, and we can feel the proper function of an office chair.

There are many models of work chairs to choose from. Each of them also has its advantages. However, in general, the function of an office chair is as follows:

1. To provide employee comfort while working

An office chair is a tool used to support the body when working at a desk. For this reason, office chairs must have a soft seat and comfortable backrest. That way, employees can stretch without leaving the desk when they feel sore.

The comfort felt by employees greatly influences work productivity. Because with comfortable chairs, employees can focus more and concentrate on completing work. Productivity can help office operational processes run well.

2. Meeting facility

Another function of office chairs is as a meeting facility. Chairs will be placed in the meeting room to accommodate the meeting needs of a team so that they can discuss or give direction to each other well and smoothly.

Office chairs used as meeting chairs must be adjusted to the size of the room. We only have a few chairs, so you have room to move around. Employees are so limited. Make sure to change the number of chairs to the room capacity.

3. As decoration to beautify the interior

Regarding interior beauty, the function of office chairs is as decoration. Choosing the right chair will visually make a room look more beautiful. Anything pleasing to the eye will influence the working atmosphere of employees.

Atmosphere This is what companies need because this can increase work morale. An attractive office interior design will also make guests feel happy and comfortable when visiting.

So, make sure the office chair you choose matches the room's interior to create a harmonious and warm working atmosphere.

4. Increase productivity

As previously explained, the sitting position when working must be made as comfortable as possible to improve your performance employes and work productivity. That is why the function of an office chair must be ergonomic.

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort and maintain the health of the user's spine. Apart from that, ergonomic chair models are flexible and able to follow the curves of the user's body, making the body more comfortable even after sitting for a long time.

5. A place to relax

In between work hours, employees want to relax for a moment. The place to relax is the reason what makes the function of an office chair very important. Placing chairs in several relaxing areas, such as the pantry or dining area, can be a comfortable place to relax without leaving the office.

Even if you only take a short break, an office chair can restore your mood and make you feel enthusiastic again.

6. To receive guests

An equally important function of an office chair is as a tool for receiving more than one guest. Yes, a company must provide unique office chairs for receiving guests and place them in the reception room to create a good image for the company itself.


Materials for office chairs

The comfort of an office chair depends on the material's quality. The better the material, the more comfortable it is to use. With quality materials, the function of an office chair can be fulfilled.

So, what materials are suitable for office chairs?

1. Vinyl

One of the office chair materials is vinyl. The vinyl is a factory-made material that does not get dirty quickly, is durable, and has a variety of colors. Chairs made of vinyl also do not readily absorb liquids.

2. Woven fabric

The following material that is used to make office chairs is woven fabric. The material is a relatively cheap and affordable material, so many manufacturers like it. The material is soft and has many color variations, but this office chair easily tears and gets dirty if scratched.

3. Knitted fabric

Compared to woven fabric, knitted fabric has a much softer texture, making it very suitable for use as office chair material. If this material is combined with the right cushioning, this chair will be a comfortable seat for the user.

Office chairs made from this material are now widespread. Many companies use knitted chairs because they provide comfort. The function of an office chair will be fulfilled by using the suitable materials.

4. Wood

The office chair material that is also widely used is wood. Wood will give a natural impression and is more durable than other materials. However, this office chair is not recommended for use for hours daily because it can make your hips feel sore.

5. Leather (genuine and synthetic)

Leather material is often used to make chairs for directors or high-ranking officials. The relatively expensive price gives this chair an element of luxury. Compared to the price, this chair has extraordinary durability; it can even last a lifetime if cared for properly.

That's a discussion about the function of office chairs, which can broaden your insight. To get the benefits of an office chair, you should choose an office chair equipped with ergonomic features.

This model of chair has quality commensurate with the price. The design is attractive and can add to the aesthetics of a room. Find your best office chairs here!!


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