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Hydraulic Office Chair Prices and the Benefits for Your Health

Whether a hydraulic office chair is expensive or cheap depends on the features offered. Generally, hydraulic office chairs are equipped with ergonomic features, making their prices competitive.

The hydraulic chair itself is a chair that can adjust its height according to the user's needs. A control lever at the bottom of the chair seat adjusts the seat's height or tilt.

Using a hydraulic chair for work is undoubtedly the right choice because this office chair offers comfort. Are you interested in using it? Below, we provide recommended prices for hydraulic office chairs for your consideration.

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Benefits of using a hydraulic office chair

Before discussing the price of a hydraulic office chair, identify the benefits you will get if you use this chair to work in the office or at home. Hydraulic chairs provide many benefits for users, both in terms of health and function.

Here are some advantages of using a hydraulic office chair for work.

1. Provides comfort

If you sit in a chair that is lower than the table or vice versa, you will feel uncomfortable while working because the ideal sitting position is when you can adjust the height of the chair to the height of the table.

Well, a hydraulic office chair is the solution. With the adjustment lever, you can adjust the chair's height according to your wishes so that you will feel more comfortable when working.

2. Maintain body posture

Sitting with incorrect posture can cause the body to slouch, lean forward, or tilt. If not corrected, this habit will cause serious problems. The good news is that adjusting the chair's height can be avoided.

Adjusting the chair's height will reduce pressure and tension on the back while working in the office. This happens because the hydraulic office chair adjustment devices can maintain a safe and comfortable body posture.

3. Increase work productivity

Comfort while working influences an employee's work productivity. An uncomfortable work atmosphere can cause many complaints, such as lower back pain, back pain, and stress.

Meanwhile, hydraulic office chairs can provide comfort to their users. The sense of comfort obtained will certainly avoid problems that employees usually complain about. In this way, employees can focus more on their work and positively impact the company's achievements.

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Hydraulic office chair price list

Hydraulic chairs come in a variety of models. They are packaged with that design, stylish and modern so that they can add color to your workspace. Apart from that, hydraulic office chairs also have ergonomic features that can support work productivity.

The following is a price list for hydraulic office chairs that you can consider.

1. Hervey Ergonomic Chair

Hervey Ergonomic Chair

Complete your workspace with this hydraulic chair. This chair has a recline system of up to 45 degrees and adjustable height. There is a lumbar support feature and armrests for added comfort while working.

The color choices, namely white, black, and black and white, are also interesting. Regarding price, this hydraulic office chair is priced at IDR 2,100,000.

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2. Linden Ergonomic Chair

Linden Ergonomic Chair

Chair hydraulic, which can increase your focus and concentration while working. It is equipped with ergonomic features such as comprehensive and soft seat cushions, sturdy and comfortable back pressure control, and armrests that can be changed in position.

This chair is undoubtedly the productive solution you have been looking for. Are you interested in buying it? The price of this hydraulic office chair is IDR 2,294,250.

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3. Jervis Ergonomic Chair

Jervis Ergonomic Chair

This hydraulic work chair has the most fabulous size. This chair is relatively light, making it easier to move in the office. With this chair, you can sit comfortably because the seat is made of high-density foam.

The seat size is also more significant than that of other models. This chair also has an armrest adjustment feature that offers maximum comfort. The price of Jervis hydraulic office chair is priced at IDR 3,090,000.

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4. Milson Ergonomic Chair

This hydraulic chair will prevent you from experiencing back pain. The backrest adjustment feature on this chair functions to maintain ideal body posture. This chair also has a flexible armrest because it can be changed in four directions.

An adjustable sliding seat feature is available if you need additional seating space. This chair is also equipped with a comfortable headrest. The price of this hydraulic office chair is IDR 3,500,000. Click here to buy!

5. Rhodes Ergonomic Chair

Have an ergonomic work chair with the most complete features that will make you comfortable sitting in front of the computer. Equipped with a back support feature that functions precisely to maintain a neutral body posture and flexible 3D armrests.

A WorkMode feature will also position the stand more upright so you can focus more while working. The color choices are attractive, including black, gray, green, and gray-blue.

The price of this hydraulic office chair is IDR 3,850,000. For more information, click here!

6. Sydney Ergonomic Chair 

The chair has a head support feature that can be adjusted in three directions: up and down, back and forth, and swing. The backrest is perfectly designed to support the user's spine.

Sydney Ergonomic Chair also has armrests that precisely match the height of the table and a space-enhancing feature on the chair's seat. The price of this hydraulic office chair is IDR 3,850,000.

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7. Mike Ergonomic Chair 

Mike Ergonomic Chairs are made to a high level of quality standards. This hydraulic office chair is equipped with complete ergonomic features. First, starting from a comfortable headrest, a backrest can be adjusted to seven heights, precise armrests, and features that increase seating space.

The soft mesh material will make you comfortable while sitting. This material can also increase air circulation to have an excellent effect. The price of this hydraulic office chair is IDR 4,200,000. Click for more information!

8. Taylor Ergonomic Chair

This hydraulic chair is designed for those who often complain of back pain. The backrest feature optimally supports the spine and can be adjusted in two directions.

If you want to lean back and rest, this chair will keep your posture ideal because a mechanic can lock when the chair is positioned reclined. As for the price, this hydraulic office chair is priced at IDR 4,725,000. 

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9. Regent Ergonomic Chair

Explore unlimited flexibility with this hydraulic chair. The chair frame is inspired by the Eiffel Tower, making it look sturdy and robust aesthetically. The backrest can also be tilted to the right and left so you can sit more freely.

The soft mesh material makes this chair very comfortable when sitting on it. Apart from that, this chair is also smooth and scratch-resistant. Want to buy it? The price of this hydraulic office chair is IDR 4,750,000. 

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10. Oxford Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic hydraulic chair is designed with an adjustable automated lumbar system or lumbar that follows the body's shape so that the backrest no longer needs to be adjusted. The armrests are precise and have a seat tilt adjustment feature.

There is a choice of chairs with or without footrests. The price of this hydraulic office chair is IDR 6,350,000. Click to buy at Tokopedia!

That's the discussion regarding the price list for hydraulic office chairs and their health and work productivity benefits. On average, hydraulic office chairs are equipped with ergonomic features, so make sure you buy a work chair that is tailored to your needs.

Hopefully, the information above is useful!  Find your best office chairs here!!


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