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6 Recommendations for a Comfortable and Modern Adjustable Work Desk

Need an adjustable work desk for working at home? Don't worry; we have recommendations for you.

Creating a super comfortable work atmosphere is essential for more productive work. One way that can be done is to use an adjustable work desk.

Not without reason, this ergonomic work desk is claimed to be able to maintain mood when working to make you more optimal in carrying out all tasks. Therefore, you must have an adjustable work desk to accompany you all day.

What is an adjustable work desk?

An adjustable work desk is a type of work desk that allows you to work while standing comfortably. Currently, there is a choice of workbench products that can be adjusted in height.

This desk will allow you to work alternately between sitting and standing. Adjustable work desk also helps reduce health risks due to sitting all day. It's a good idea to divide your time between working while sitting or standing.

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Reasons why you should use an adjustable work desk

Adjustable work desk (Pixabay)

Some of the reasons below will make you realize how important an ergonomic work desk is. It increases productivity, and an adjustable work desk is also good for your health.

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There are at least five reasons to choose an adjustable work desk at home.

1. Healthier

Interestingly, the adjustable work table can be adjusted to the height as desired. This table can be used in a sitting or standing position. If you prefer standing, this table will make it easier to move and stretch your legs and maintain your posture.

If you prefer to work while sitting, then working will be more comfortable with the addition of an ergonomic chair. Whatever the position, an adjustable work desk is the answer to your current needs.

2. More Productive

Working while sitting all day sometimes makes you bored. Meanwhile, working in alternating sitting and standing positions will keep you awake. That way, you can focus more while working.

3. Not easily stressed

Undeniably, using an adjustable work desk can also minimize stress. The reason is that the adjustable height of the table will give you more freedom to adjust the position so you can determine the level of comfort alone.

4. More varied

Adjustable work desks free us to choose the way we want to work. You can work while standing, sitting in a work chair, sitting on a stool, an exercise ball, or even a treadmill. Guaranteed you will never get bored!

5. Current model

The adjustable work desk is a stylish model, giving a contemporary touch to the workspace. Whether in the workroom or bedroom, a flexible work desk will make the room look modern.

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6 Recommended adjustable work desk

For those looking for an adjustable work desk, we provide recommendations here.

1. Nelson Adjustable Desk

NELSON Adjustable Desk

Nelson Adjustable Desk is a modern work desk with attractive neutral color choices—an adjustable desk height feature that adjusts the table's height. Just pull the lever to adjust the height easily.

This table can be adjusted to a height of up to 103 cm with table dimensions of 70 cm x 40 cm. Made from HPL coating, this table has a maximum weight capacity of up to 25 kg.

Are you interested in buying this table? The price for this table is IDR 1,710,000.

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2. Wesley Ergonomic Desk

This table is perfect for those of you who prefer concepts of in the Japanese style. Covered with HPL material with a wood motif, this table has a height adjustment feature for better work quality.

With just one touch, you can easily adjust the height of the table via the one-handed control panel. This table has a stylish design that will make your room look modern.

Regarding price, this adjustable work desk is priced at IDR 3,500,000. 

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3. Amby Adjustable Desk (120 x 60 cm)

The table leg is made of full aluminum, making it look sturdy. This adjustable work table is supported by a control panel that can adjust the table height up to 121 cm. With just the touch of one finger, you can get the table height you need.

The noise level is <50dB, so it will not trigger any noise when the table height is adjusted. This table can accommodate loads up to a maximum capacity of 80 kg.

To get it, the price for this work desk is quite friendly, namely IDR 4,702,500. 

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4. Warren Ergonomic Desk

Next is an adjustable work desk with two terraced tables (desktops) made separately from top to bottom. This table is suitable for those of you who are used to using lots of gadgets while working.

This table is also highly recommended for those who are used to using computers rather than laptops. The top of the desktop is for placing the computer, and the bottom is for setting the keyboard and mouse.

The upper desktop is 118 cm x 30 cm wide, while the lower desktop is 118 cm x 40 cm wide. It has a touchscreen control panel, which adjusts the table's height.

Are you interested in buying it? This adjustable work desk is priced at IDR 5,635,875. Get more discount here!

5. Kelly Ergonomic Desk

This table is the solution for an adjustable work desk with complete features. This work desk has a control panel with four memory pre-sets, a security lock, and three charging ports (2 USB type A and 1 USB type C).

The finger touch control panel on this table can adjust the height of the table to a maximum height of 121 cm. Apart from that, there is a drawer with quite an ample storage space. This table can also support a whole load of 100 kg.

With this table, you can create an ideal work environment that suits your needs. Get this table for only IDR 6,134,625. Buy now and get your best price here!

6. Amby Ergonomic Desk (160 x 80 cm)

For those of you who want a more comprehensive table, it is recommended that you choose this adjustable work table. The width of this table itself reaches 160 cm x 80 cm with a maximum height that can be adjusted up to 121 cm.

The one-touch control panel will make it easy for you to adjust the height easily. There is also a table safety lock that will keep the table sturdy.

Interestingly, this table's up and down operation can also be adjusted through a cellphone screen by downloading the supporting application available on IOS and Android smartphones. As for the price, this table is priced at IDR 8,400,000. 

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That explains why you should choose an adjustable work desk and recommendations. Using an ergonomic work desk will support productivity during work.

You can buy various workbench models above through Pexio. Coming with a simple and flexible design, work equipment from Pexio can be used for work needs in the office or at home.

Which adjustable work desk is your choice?


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