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8 Recommended Sitting Position in Front of The Computer

Is your sitting position in front of the computer correct? You should find the proper sitting position for a worker who works every day while sitting in front of a laptop or computer.

Sitting is not dangerous, but if you do it for a long time, you can experience various health problems, such as back and neck pain. This condition worsens if you sit in the wrong position for a long time.

So, what is the recommended sitting position in front of a computer? Come on, find out the answer below!

How to get the correct sitting position in front of a computer 

If you often complain of aches, especially in your waist, or your eyes get tired quickly after work, these are the effects of working too long in front of the computer. Such a demanding job certainly means you must be careful about your health.

Don't force yourself to be productive, but end up sacrificing your health. Adopting the correct sitting position in front of the computer is the solution. The recommended position involves several things, such as the table and chair height, the ideal distance between the eyes and the computer screen, and the correct body posture.

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Here are several ways to get the correct sitting position in front of a computer.

1. Adjust the height of tables and chairs

Wesley Ergonomic desk

The correct sitting position in front of the computer is to adjust the table and chair height. When sitting, your arms should form an L or 90 degrees from the floor, and your elbows should be right next to or not far from your body.

This position will prevent you from injuring your arms and wrists when typing because this position will allow both parts of the body to remain straight and parallel to the floor.

To get this position, you need to adjust the chair or work table height. Find your adjustable work desk here!

2. Set up the keyboard and mouse

If you want the correct sitting position before the computer, place the keyboard before You. Avoid pushing the keyboard forward to place the document in front of you. This position will force you to reach far ahead for the keyboard.

Of course, this position will only injure the waist and spine. It's better to use a place to put documents on the left or right to make it easier for you.

Apart from that, to use a mouse, the mouse must be placed right next to the keyboard – not too far from your reach. This mouse will prevent your arms from feeling sore.

3. Know the ideal eye distance to the computer screen

The sitting position in front of the computer is appropriate if the distance between your eyes and the monitor screen is 40 – 76 cm or around the length of your arm. Determining this distance aims to avoid eye problems caused by staring at the screen too closely for a long time, such as red eyes, itchy eyes, or dry eyes.

You can also tilt the computer screen, which is around 10 – 20 degrees backward, and at the same time, adjust the monitor lighting so that it is not too dark or bright so that your eyes remain comfortable while looking at the computer screen.

The eyes must also blink periodically, which smoothens the eyes and prevents irritation. On the computer screen, you can also use a computer radiation protection filter so that your eyes don't get tired quickly while working at the computer.

To avoid neck pain, try to align the top of the computer screen with your eyes. This position aims to keep your neck straight so you don't have to look down or up.

4. Adjust your upper body position

To get the correct sitting position in front of the computer, make sure you adjust the position of your back, shoulders, and buttocks while working. To avoid injury, sit with your back and shoulders and your buttocks touching the back of the chair.

Apart from that, choose a chair that can support your back well. You can use a pillow or rolled towel to keep your lower back when sitting.

5. Pay attention to the position of the lower body

The correct sitting position in front of a computer is when your knees are parallel. To get this position, make sure the soles of your feet touch the floor. If it doesn't reach, use a footrest or footrest so your feet don't hang.

Try not to cross your legs and ankles when working because this can cause back pain. The ideal sitting position is when it is not too close, or there is a distance between the back of the knees and the chair.

6. Use ergonomic work equipment

Mike Ergonomic Chair

Using ergonomic work equipment is a shortcut to getting the correct sitting position in front of the computer. Ergonomic work devices such as work chairs will allow you to work while sitting more comfortably.

An ergonomic work chair not only keeps your body posture ideal but can also prevent you from back pain or other problems that office employees usually complain about.

However, when choosing an ergonomic work chair, make sure you pay attention to the following things:

-       Consider the quality of the material

-       Has a design that supports the natural curve of the back

-       Adjustable seat height and armrests

-       Choose a net or mesh model because it can improve body air circulation

-       The width of the chair must be adjusted to your body weight

-       Choose a chair with a headrest

-       The chair can be rotated easily

Find the best ergonomic chairs and work desks by clicking here!

7. Lighting 

Getting the correct sitting position in front of the computer must be supported by sufficient lighting. Make sure your office environment has good lighting. Open a window or add lights if you feel it's not bright enough. Indirectly, this can affect your sitting position and productivity when working.

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8. Get some rest

After getting the correct sitting position in front of the computer, give yourself time to rest for a moment. Staring at the monitor and sitting in the same position for a long time can give rise to various health problems in the body.

Therefore, it is recommended that you rest for 1 – 2 minutes every 30 minutes or 5 – 10 minutes every hour. Momentrest, you can close your eyes, stretch, walk to the pantry to get a drink or make coffee, go to the toilet, or just walk around the office area.

That's a review of how to get the correct sitting position in front of a computer. Working while sitting in front of a computer for a long time can undoubtedly tire the spine. If done continuously without being balanced with a healthy lifestyle, this will negatively impact health.

Therefore, adjust your sitting position as comfortably as possible to avoid various health problems. You have to work hard, but don't sacrifice your health! 

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