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Benefits of Lumbar Support in Ergonomic Work Chairs

Choosing an ergonomic work chair with a lumbar support feature or lumbar support for office workers is essential. Sitting for too long will make the spine, especially the lower part (lumbar), sore and even painful.

Lumbar support will become stiff and chronic over time without proper chair support. The habit of office workers who spend more time sitting in front of laptops can negatively affect lumbar health.

That's why an ergonomic work chair equipped with lumbar support is essential. So that you are more confident in replacing your current work chair, read the following explanation of the benefits of lumbar support in an ergonomic work chair.

What is lumbar?

Before understanding the benefits of an ergonomic work chair with lumbar support, first understand what the lumbar is and its function in the body. The lumbar is the lower backbone formed from five small bones, namely L1 – L5.

The lumbar supports the upper area and is connected to the pelvis. These bones are the attachment points for many muscles, ligaments, and digestive organs and provide stability for the back and spine.

Simply put, the lumbar is the bone that supports most of the body's weight. Most cases of back pain occur in the lumbar spine. So, it's not surprising that you may often complain of back pain while working.

Apart from back pain, problems often complained of include neck, shoulder, hand, wrist, and arm pain. If this problem is not resolved immediately, complaints and injuries can continue due to the lack of lumbar support while working.

This condition can also cause long-term health problems. The risk increases when workers have illnesses or other conditions, such as emotional stress.

For this reason, lumbar or lumbar support is needed to help keep the spine aligned and all the different lumbar components in proper balance.

One lumbar support that can be used is an ergonomic chair. This type of chair is usually equipped with a lumbar support feature to maintain lumbar health and a neutral and natural body posture.

Apart from that, other benefits of lumbar support are:

-       Limit movement if your lower back is tense

-       Helps rebalance the tense back to stop the pain

-       Reduce pressure on the spine and back muscles

-       Helps train you to get correct posture even when you're not using it

-       Facilitates proper alignment of the lumbar region

-       Improves circulation and breathing, which can improve general health

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The importance of lumbar support in an ergonomic work chair

Ergonomic work chairs with lumbar support are not just a design trend but have significant benefits for the spine's health, especially the lower part. Ergonomic work chairs with lumbar support are a type of chair specifically designed to support the human body's posture optimally.

This ergonomic design reduces pressure on the spine, neck, shoulders, and other body parts. The ergonomic chair features provide lumbar support, arm support, adjustable seat height, and comfortable and soft seat materials.

The use of ergonomic work chairs has an impact on increasing work comfort and productivity. As a result, employees can work well, and company targets can be achieved.

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Benefits of using an ergonomic work chair with lumbar support

Here are some benefits of using an ergonomic work chair with lumbar support.

1. Optimal posture support

Ergonomic chairs provide maximum support for a person's body posture. The lumbar support and other ergonomic features will help maintain ideal body posture even if you have to sit for hours in the same position.

This chair will also reduce pressure on the spine and muscles and prevent long-term health problems like back and neck pain.

2. Increase comfort

By creating harmony through an ergonomic work chair, discomfort and fatigue during prolonged sitting will no longer occur. The lumbar support feature will also help you to focus more while working. This chair contributes directly to increased productivity.

3. Maintains spinal health

Sitting for long periods can put significant pressure on the spine, causing back and other spinal problems. Using an ergonomic chair supported by lumbar support will help maintain the spine's natural curve.

An ergonomic chair back will also provide adequate lumbar support to prevent the body from bending, reducing the risk of lower back and back pain.

4. Increase focus

When you feel comfortable working, you can focus more on your work. Ergonomic chairs will promote better concentration. Good posture also helps improve blood circulation and oxygen flow and improves the brain's cognitive function.

5. Prevent injury and decline in health

An ergonomic chair supported by lumbar support can also help prevent injury and decline in health due to incorrect sitting positions. In this case, ergonomic chairs can help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and bursitis.

6. Long-term health investment

The lumbar support feature on an ergonomic chair will provide a long-term investment in health. How could it not be? An ergonomic office chair will prevent chronic pain, spine problems, and other musculoskeletal disorders.

It also encourages healthy sitting habits, positively impacting overall well-being and quality of life.

7. Stress reduction

An ergonomic chair can reduce stress. Correct sitting position and physical comfort will help reduce muscle tension and joint stress. As a result, employees feel more relaxed and can complete work with a calmer mind.

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How to choose an ergonomic chair with the proper lumbar support

So that you don't make the wrong choice, let's take a look at how to choose an ergonomic chair below:

1. Consider the chair material

The materials used must be able to support the comfort, appearance, and durability of the chair itself. Choose chair materials that can increase air circulation and suit the work environment.

2. Pay attention to the shape of the chair back

Choose a chair with a body back with springs to adjust your body posture and weight. This office chair will support and position your back as comfortably as possible.

Apart from that, make sure you choose a chair that can accommodate the shape of your spine and can follow the natural shape of the spine.

3. Pay attention to the position of the seat and seat cushion

Pay attention to the position of the seat and seat cushion. As far as possible, the pelvis is right on the sitting by the curves of your body's anatomy. Also, choose a chair with soft cushions to make sitting more comfortable.

That's the discussion about lumbar support in ergonomic work chairs. The information above is useful! Buy your ergonomic chair at the best price here!


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