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Director's Chair Price List: Gives an Elegant and Dignified Impression

The average director's chair is priced very high. This price happens because the director's chair, usually called a chair executive, has a larger size, and the materials are made from premium materials.

Apart from that, the director's chair also has an elegant design and looks luxurious, giving an image of authority to its use. Unsurprisingly, the price of a director's chair is more expensive than that of a staff or guest chair.

Come on, peek at the price list for director's chairs below!

Types of director chairs

Director chairs generally consist of four types, including:

1. Swivel office chair

You must have seen this chair often. Swivel chairs are usually well-equipped with standard features useful for tilting the position of the hands and supporting the back. This chair is needed if you are an active director, so you don't need to get up and down from the chair.

2. Ergonomic office chair

Next is an ergonomic type chair. This director's chair is usually more expensive than the standard type. This chair pays attention to the comfort and health of its users.

Ergonomic chairs provide seating that can support your work. This chair is designed to follow the body's shape to reduce fatigue when sitting for hours. As we know, the problems office workers have while working are not far from shoulder problems, stiff necks, low back pain, or sore backs.

For this reason, chairs are here to solve this problem. With this chair, it is hoped to increase work productivity to positively impact the company's progress.

3. Reclining function office chair

This type of director's chair is very suitable for those who are busy working and have difficulty finding time to rest. The reclining function chair has a feature so users can take a short break during active working hours.

This type has a locking function so that users are more relaxed and comfortable when they want to rest back, like lying on a sofa bed. With a comfortable footrest, you can straighten the reclining function up to 170 degrees.

Users can steal 15 to 20 minutes of sleep to feel refreshed and ready to work again.

4. Exclusive office chair

This chair will give an elegant and authoritative impression because, generally, this type of chair is made of faux leather, so it looks luxurious. The backrest is wide and high. Compared to other office chairs, this model is the most expensive.

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Tips for choosing a director's chair

Before finding out the price of a director's chair, pay attention to how to choose a director's chair below.

1. Choose based on chair material

It is essential to prioritise material when choosing a director's chair. The material selected must be able to show the authority of a director. Apart from that, the material must also be easy to clean and durable.

2. Pay attention to the height of the chair

Next, adjust the price of the director's chair to the features of the chair. Make sure you choose a chair whose height can be adjusted according to your needs. Usually, the director's chair height is around 40 – 50 cm from the floor.

3. The seat cushion should be comfortable

When choosing a director's chair, also pay attention to the seat. Choose a director's chair with soft and comfortable foam material on the seat. That way, the lumbar or lower spine will not feel sore quickly.

4. Chair back that can support body posture

Apart from the seat cushion, the seat back is another consideration that should be addressed. Because comfort when using a chair depends on the back of the chair, chair backs for the board of directors must have features that can provide a more upright sitting position.

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Director's chair price list

After knowing the tips for choosing a director's chair, here is a price list for director's chairs equipped with the most complete ergonomic features.

1. Mike Ergonomic Chair

Mike Ergonomic Chair 

Mike Ergonomic Chair is made to an exceptional level of quality standards. It is very suitable for use by a dashing director and full of authority. The comfortable complete mesh material will provide a different work experience, stress-free and more relaxed. Don't believe it?

The adjustable head support feature can adjust the headrest in two directions simultaneously (up and down and swing angle). Apart from that, the adjustable back support on the backrest supports the user's spine and can be adjusted in two directions, namely up and down and back and forth.

There is also a backrest feature that can be adjusted to seven heights. There is no need to worry about sore arms because a precise armrest can be adjusted to suit table height and user comfort.

The price of this director's chair is IDR 4,200,000. Get your discount here!

2. Taylor Ergonomic Chair

Taylor Ergonomic Chair

Prove that age is no longer an obstacle to working productively with this ergonomic chair because the chair is designed with a simple but elegant model. This director's chair has a back support feature that can keep your body posture upright and ideal.

Say goodbye to back pain because this chair is designed with a backrest that can be adjusted according to your needs. The armrests are also comfortable and can be adjusted in three directions (up and down, back and forth, and right and left).

This chair is the solution if you need a more expansive seating space. A sliding seat feature can be used to arrange additional seating space. Apart from that, this chair is also equipped with mechanical compatibility to lock it when reclining.

The price of this director's chair is IDR 4,7250,000. Click here to buy!

3. Oxford Ergonomic Chair

Oxford Ergonomic Chair

Next, there is a director's chair, which is equipped with a footrest or footrest. The presence of this footrest certainly adds to the user's comfort. What makes this chair even more ideal for the board of directors is the footrest and other ergonomic features.

Starting from a flexible headrest, an automated lumbar system feature where the lumbar follows the shape of the body so that the chair no longer needs to be adjusted, armrests that can be adjusted in four directions, to a chair tilt adjustment feature so that the user can freely move to the right or left.

The material is made of premium mesh and high-quality padded foam on the seat. From the advantages offered, of course, this is the best working partner for the board of directors.

The price of this director's chair is IDR 6,350,000. Get more discount here!

4. Stanley Ergonomic Chair 

Stanly Ergonomic Chair

This director's chair is made of full aluminium on the legs, giving an elegant and luxurious impression that fits the director's image. This chair is also equipped with sophisticated ergonomic features to increase work productivity.

The backrest can be adjusted automatically to follow the body's shape and can be adjusted in height. The headrest and arms can also be adjusted up and down, and a footrest is made of the best aluminium to increase user comfort.

Interestingly, this chair has mechanics that make it easy for you to operate with just one finger. This chair can also be locked when reclining. How about it? Are you interested in buying it? Click here to buy with a discount!

The price of this director's chair is IDR 8,400,000. Click here to buy this chair!

5. Maxim Ergonomic Chair 

Maxim Ergonomic Chair

Maxim Ergonomic Chair is the final director's chair recommendation. Sophisticated ergonomic controls are the most crucial thing in this chair. Chairs designed with premium materials will make the workspace look elegant.

The backrest automatically follows the body's shape but still allows it to be adjusted up and down or back and forth. The armrest is precise and can be adjusted up and down, back and forth, and right and left.

This chair is also equipped with a paddle shift mechanism, making you feel even more comfortable and allowing you to lock when in a reclining position. All of these features can be accessed from the control armrest users. Sophisticated, isn't it?

Regarding the price, the price of this director's chair is IDR 8,950,000. Click here for more discount!


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