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8 Applications of Ergonomics in the Workplace and Their Benefits

A good company will definitely pay attention to the welfare of its employees. One manifestation of this attention is the application of ergonomics in the workplace. An ergonomic work area is very important to maintain employee physical health while working. An ergonomic work environment certainly has many benefits for employees. Employees will feel more productive and able to produce improved work quality. As a result, the company's performance increases so that they are able to achieve success in their industry. These advantages make you want to apply ergonomic principles in the office, right? PEXIO will explain examples of the application of ergonomics and its benefits in the work area in this article. Read the article until the end!

8 Examples of Application of Ergonomics in the Workplace

What is ergonomics? Ergonomics comes from Greek and consists of two words, namely ergon, meaning work, and nomos, meaning science or law. Based on this etymology, ergonomics means the science of designing products and using them for human use. In the world of interiors, ergonomics talks about designing furniture to make it more comfortable for users to use. The goals of making ergonomic furniture vary, from increasing productivity and efficiency to reducing discomfort when used. The office or work area is one of the areas where ergonomic furniture is most widely used. What is an example of applying ergonomics principles in the workplace? Check out the list below.

1. Lighting

Penerapan Ergonomi di Tempat Kerja pada Pencahayaan Ruangan Lamps as a source of artificial lighting are an example of applying ergonomics in the work area. The principle of ergonomics can be seen in the positioning of the lights so that all parts of the room look bright. Apart from that, the lights are also adjusted so that they are not too bright or dark when working. The application of ergonomics to lighting is useful for preventing various symptoms or illnesses such as nausea, headaches and pain in the eye area. Also read: 5 Standards for Room Lighting in the Workplace

2. Transporting Heavy Goods

Penerapan Ergonomi di Tempat Kerja Pengangkutan Barang Berat The application of ergonomics usually occurs in a factory environment. For example, using a small bench when picking up items at the highest location or a trolley for carrying heavy items. Ergonomics must be applied when transporting goods to prevent injuries to the legs, knees and back.

3. Keyboard and Mouse Position

Posisi Keyboard dan Mouse Even though they are small, these two computer prints greatly influence your sitting posture while working. The principles of ergonomics can be seen in the position of the keyboard and mouse on the table. For left-handed people, this position is very important, especially if they still use a wired mouse. Apart from that, you must also pay attention to the design of the keyboard and mouse so that the hands and fingers are not stressed while working. Also read: Correct Sitting Position to Maintain Bone Health

4. Computer Monitor Position

Posisi Monitor Komputer yang Aman dan Nyaman The position of the computer monitor also affects comfort while working. According to ergonomic principles, the distance between the monitor and the face should be 50 cm. In addition, the position of the monitor must be at eye level. The aim of placing this monitor is to avoid injury to the eye and neck area.

5. Reminder Software

Meningkatkan Produktivitas Kerja dengan Beristirahat yang Cukup The next application of ergonomics in the workplace is by using software. The software in question is reminder software or add ons in your web browser. This is very important, especially if you work in front of a computer all day. Just enter the keyword "rest break reminder" in Google and install the add ons. This software will remind you to take a break as in the picture above. As recommended by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF), you are advised to rest 5-10 minutes after working for an hour. Thus, these principles will increase productivity and the quality of the work you do.

6. Ergonomic desk

Penerapan Ergonomi dengan Meja Komputer Ergonomis The application of ergonomics can also be done through furniture. The bottom of the table should be empty and not filled with items so you don't bump your knees. The edge of the table should not be too sharp so that your elbow doesn't hurt when it hits the side. The height of the table has an impact on body posture when sitting, thereby affecting spinal health. You can replace your regular desk with an AMBY ergonomic office desk so that the height can be adjusted. Also read: 10 Unique and Comfortable Computer Desk Designs

7. Chair on Wheels

Penerapan Ergonomi di Tempat Kerja dengan Kursi Beroda (1) Wheels are an important component in an ergonomic chair. You can move the chair anywhere without having to get up from a sitting position while working. For example, talking to colleagues, taking out the trash, picking up things, and so on.

8. Ergonomic Chair

Penerapan Ergonomi di Tempat Kerja dengan Kursi Ergonomis Ergonomic chairs have at least four backrests, namely backrest, armrest, footrest and headrest. There is also an additional feature that is no less important, namely lumbar support. Ergonomic chairs are definitely equipped with wheels to facilitate user mobility. All of these features are useful for maintaining sitting posture. An appropriate sitting posture can maintain the health of the spine which is located from the neck area to the lower waist. The spine will be compressed and cause pain or even low back pain if the chair is not equipped with a backrest and lumbar support. Ergonomic chair designs are also designed differently than traditional office chairs. You can see an example of the design on the JERVIS chair from PEXIO. The backrest of a traditional chair is too upright, but the JERVIS chair has a backrest that matches the shape of the human spine.

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Why is the Implementation of Ergonomics in the Workplace Important?

Mengapa Penerapan Ergonomi Penting Karena Mengoptimalkan Kesejahteraan Karyawan There are many benefits that companies can achieve if they apply ergonomic principles. These benefits are an important reason for organizational companies to use ergonomic furniture in work areas or offices. What are the benefits you get from ergonomic furniture?

1. Cost Effectiveness due to Safe Working Environment

Ergonomic furniture creates a safe work environment and supports the health of the spine and other body parts. Disruption and risk of injury to employees can be reduced by implementing this furniture. Companies can also reduce compensation for employees who become ill due to accidents or injuries in the work area.

2. Increase work productivity

Ergonomic chairs and tables are able to maintain employee body posture while sitting as well as the distance between the face and the monitor screen. Employees will also be more focused if they work in this position so that their productivity increases. Also read: What is the ideal height of a work desk? This is the complete explanation!

3. Quality of Work

Employees will not feel tired and will be able to provide their best performance with the presence of ergonomic furniture. The condition of the human body, in this case good sitting posture, will increase employee comfort so that they are more focused and enthusiastic. In the end, they are able to provide the best quality of work. After reading this article, you have realized the importance of implementing ergonomics in the workplace, right? The implementation steps do not need to be grandiose. You only need to replace your regular chair in the office with ergonomic furniture from PEXIO. There are many choices of models and designs that you can choose to suit your office interior. Contact PEXIO immediately to get this ergonomic furniture to support your employees' work productivity. Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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