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10 Elegant Luxury Office Workspaces

The space for the work area must be made comfortable and able to accommodate all the furniture and other necessary tools. If many office spaces are currently made minimalist to maximize space, then you can try to make them more luxurious. Of course, a luxurious office work space can be realized with the budget you have available. Luxury doesn't always mean a large number of items, but it can also be about very classy quality. Just take a look at the various designs below!

10 Elegant Luxury Office Workspaces

Ruang Kerja Kantor Mewah A luxury office work space requires all electronic equipment as well as furniture that supports employee performance while working. Apart from that, don't forget about an attractive and aesthetic interior design so that all employees are motivated to work optimally. Here are some examples of workspace designs that you can follow.

1. Modern Work Space with Natural Wood

Ruang Kerja Modern dengan Kayu AlamiA modern work space will definitely be very comfortable to use for work. The interior design is very pleasing to the eye, making all employees focused and enthusiastic. The use of rectangular hanging lamps made in zig-zags adds a modern impression. The design is also made very attractive so that all employees will prefer working in the office rather than at home.

2. Workspace with various cheerful colors

Ruang Kerja dengan Berbagai Warna Ceria Imagine your workspace has different themes that have been created to suit each employee's preferences. Isn't that great? As in the example in the picture, using color combinations on the walls will give a new touch to the work space. It doesn't have to be pink because you can use any color to make it more cheerful. Creating a work space like this will definitely be very luxurious and elegant.

3. Workspace that has play equipment

Ruang Kerja yang Memiliki Peralatan BermainFurthermore, this work space was designed along with the placement of play equipment. No half-hearted, the game that is played is quite classy, namely table football. Every employee can take a break and find entertainment when they are stressed. Not all offices provide games for all employees. So this is a luxury and privilege that cannot be underestimated.

4. Workspace with Unique Grass Carpet

Ruang Kerja dengan Karpet Rumput yang Unik Luxury is not just about branded goods available in the office. Luxury can also be found in the unique interior design created to provide a new atmosphere to the office. Like the outdoor theme that is brought into this work space. The floor is carpeted with grass with a charming white wall color combination. Of course you won't get bored working in a room like this.

5. Work space with quality sofa


Ruang Kerja dengan Sofa BerkualitasThe work spaces of various well-known companies both in Indonesia and abroad provide extraordinary facilities for working employees. Usually there are not only tables and chairs but also a relaxing area for resting or discussing. The quality of the furniture is also very good, such as the placement of the sofa in this work space. The design is also very elegant using wood texture to create a comfortable feeling. The luxurious touch can be seen from the choice of lights and the installation of multi-level ceilings. You can choose a work space like this to use as a comfortable relaxing area. Also read: What is the Difference Between Sofas and Chairs? Let's find out here!

6. High-Tech Workspace

This design will definitely "scream" the luxury of installing various electronic devices inside the walls. For example, the speakers are located on the left and right poles to make them neater. An LCD TV screen is also built-in to display a modern design. Not to mention the use of classy black ergonomic chairs and tables. A design like this is very suitable for use in agencies and other companies operating in the information technology sector. However, it does not rule out the possibility that you want to use it for other fields of work.

7. Workspace with Stunning Interior

Ruang Kerja dengan Interior MemukauThe use of mirrors and large glass windows makes the atmosphere of the work space very stunning. You will be presented with a unique view as soon as you enter the room. Especially if the place you work is surrounded by shady trees and cool skyscrapers. Working with views like this will increase motivation and enthusiasm.

8. Workspace with Mini Golf Course

Ruang Kerja dengan Lapangan Golf Mini Apart from football game equipment, in fact there is also an office designed with the addition of a mini golf course. You will definitely feel that your work space is very luxurious. The reason is that the game of golf is played by well-off people who own lots of branded goods. To make your own golf course in the office also requires a large budget. But the result is definitely very unique and luxurious.

9. Aesthetic Workspace

Ruang Kerja Estetis It is very rare to find a work space with a very comfortable open space concept like this design. The distance between one table and another is quite far because it uses a long table. The use of ergonomic furniture combined with aesthetic designs on the walls really makes work activities more enthusiastic. In fact, neatly placing furniture can help increase employee productivity.

10. Workspace in a Large Container

Ruang Kerja dalam Kontainer Besar Finally, there is a very unique and creative work space design using large containers. Usually containers are used in the process of transporting goods by ship. However, this time it was made into closed rooms for meetings or used for other purposes. The container is painted white to give a clean and neat impression. Of course, the luxurious elegant touch will not be lost according to your wishes. It takes a lot of effort to choose the best luxury office workspace design that is suitable for application. Apart from choosing the design, you need to pay attention to many aspects that support company operations. Examples include choosing ergonomic furniture that increases productivity. It's useless to design a good room but the furniture is ugly and makes employees feel uncomfortable. For this reason, you need to ensure the quality of the use of ergonomic tables and chairs so that employee performance remains optimal as expected. PEXIO as one of the ergonomic furniture manufacturers provides a line of quality tables and chairs that are comfortable to work with. All materials used are guaranteed and the best in their class. There are already many companies and individuals who use ergonomic products from PEXIO. They feel a better difference when working with ergonomic chairs and desks. The LUXIO Office Mesh Chair is one of the best chairs that is widely used to support work activities. The chair body is specially made to support your back and arms so you can say goodbye to excessive pain after work. You can also experience the same thing by contacting the PEXIO team now to place an order. Experience comfort on a different level with PEXIO ergonomic products! Banner Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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