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10 Luxurious and Comfortable Private Work Spaces, Make You Focus on Work

Having a luxurious private work space at home is certainly a pleasure in itself. Even though you have to work from home, the atmosphere still supports you to focus and carry out your activities as usual. Are you looking to create such a private workspace? Of course you can as long as you have space and a prepared budget. Also think carefully about the design so that it is not only luxurious or magnificent but also comfortable for carrying out work activities. Pay attention to aspects of productivity and efficiency so that working from home can remain as optimal as in the office. In this article, PEXIO has collected various workspace designs that you can use as inspiration. Then let's see in full below!

10 Luxurious and Comfortable Private Workspaces to Support Productivity

Ruang Kerja Pribadi Mewah dan Nyaman Untuk Mendukung Produktivitas A private work space that is separate from the bedroom or dining room will indeed make work activities more productive. Without interference from your partner or children at home, your work can definitely be finished on time. Having your own work space is also comfortable because you can design and arrange each position of the furniture as you wish. So that you don't get confused, here are various designs for luxurious private work spaces that can be used as inspiration.

1. Aesthetic room design

Desain Ruangan yang EstetisCurrently, most office spaces are made more modern and prioritize aesthetic value. The design created is also not too rigid, such as having a large brown table or monotonous furniture placement. If you also prefer a modern work space that is pleasing to the eye then you can choose this design. It doesn't seem glamorous but it's still luxurious because it has all the things you need.

2. Simple Industrialist Space Design

Desain Ruang Sederhana Industrialis If you like a simple work space, you can try a design without a lot of furniture. Like this industrialist design which only has basic furniture, namely tables and chairs. The walls are also not painted in bright colors to convey a focused atmosphere during work. However, it is no less luxurious because the existing work equipment is worth tens of millions of rupiah.

3. Design a work space and photo studio

Desain Ruang Kerja Sekaligus Studio Foto Who says having a private work space has to be just normal? Just fill the room with bookshelves or storage, a table, chairs, and electronic devices and you're done. If you really need a photo studio to support your work, why not try making one? You definitely have to have basic furniture for work needs, but you can add long white curtains to walls that don't need to be painted to produce a natural texture from cement. Then you can freely take product photos. Also read: What is the ideal height of a work desk? This is the complete explanation!

4. Modern and magnificent work space design

Desain Ruang Kerja yang Modern dan Megah In making designs, there is no good or bad judgment that can be the main standard. So creating a private work space like this design is also fine. Its appearance is modern and majestic, giving a luxurious impression.

5. Design a complete work space according to your needs

Desain Ruang Kerja yang Lengkap Sesuai KebutuhanHaving a complete work space will definitely make activities more efficient. You no longer need to leave the room just to take simple objects. You can make it filled with all the items needed to make the job easier.

6. Comfortable and complete recording room design

Desain Ruang Recording yang Nyaman dan Lengkap Do you work as a content creator and have to record video or sound all the time? Of course you can create a private work space with all the recording equipment. You can also add a sofa and soft carpet for a relaxing area after work. Also read: 10 YouTuber Gaming Equipment for Beginners to Become Successful YouTubers

7. Design a work space with lots of storage space

Desain Ruang Kerja dengan Ruang Penyimpanan yang BanyakEveryone's definition of luxury is different. So the work space doesn't always have to be equipped with diamond or gold accessories. There are those who think that having all the equipment and tools needed is already a luxury. If you also think so, then this workspace can be used as the right reference.

8. Professional Workspace Design

Desain Ruang Kerja Profesional A professional workspace design will indeed feel very luxurious. Examples include the design of government work spaces. The room is spacious and has accessories such as national flags. But the furniture inside does not reduce work efficiency. There are still computers, tables, chairs, as well as cupboards for storing books or important documents. Also read: 8 Recommendations for the Best Comfortable Computer Chairs (Latest 2022)

9. Workspace with Quality Coffee Machine

Ruang Kerja dengan Mesin Kopi Berkualitas If you always make coffee in the morning and afternoon to activate work mode, then put a quality machine in your work space. Having a high-tech coffee machine in your work space is certainly a luxury that not everyone can afford. So you don't have to bother going downstairs to get coffee. Apart from that, your motivation will also increase with the aroma of coffee spreading throughout the room. Also read: 13 Minimalist Workspace Inspirations that You Can Choose

10. Tidy Workspace with White Theme

Ruang Kerja Rapi Bertema Putih Color plays an important role in creating a comfortable atmosphere in the work space. That's why color selection should not be haphazard. The overall white color like the picture above can provide a feeling of enthusiasm when working. Combined with a brown table, it really makes the atmosphere more lively. Work activities will be more focused and productive. So what kind of luxury private workspace design do you choose? Of course, you can be creative with all the existing furniture, theme choices and colors to create a luxurious dream workspace. However, don't just focus on the design but forget about the quality of the furniture you choose. No matter how good the design of your work space is, it is still useless without ergonomic furniture that supports the body. You need to have a special desk and chair for working so that you can be more focused and productive. This also concerns your body's health because if it is not supported by a special design, your back and waist can feel sore. PEXIO provides various rows of ergonomic chairs and tables that are ready to accompany your work activities. Examples include the Spencer Ergonomic Chair and the Amby Ergonomic Desk which have been specially designed to make your body comfortable while working all day. Don't hesitate to contact the PEXIO team now if you need a consultation! 


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