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10 Small Meeting Room Designs for Comfortable Discussions

Companies need to consider creating an attractive small meeting room design. Meetings are activities that every employee must attend.

This critical activity is the reason why the role of the meeting room is crucial. With maximised meeting rooms as best as possible, work or discussions will become smoother and more enjoyable.

For inspiration for small meeting room designs for your office, check out the following. Come on!

Small meeting room design inspiration

Every company must have a room for meetings, both small and large. The importance of meeting rooms certainly means that companies have to think wisely about what kind of design will be applied to meeting rooms in the office.

The attractive design of a small meeting room is believed to increase the productivity and creativity of workers, which will contribute to providing ideas that will take the company to the top.

That is why companies need to prioritise this. Here are some references for small and straightforward meeting room designs that can make work more comfortable.

1. Homey meeting room design

Many startup companies apply the design concept of small meeting rooms that are homey and relaxed. This atmosphere can generate creative ideas without any pressure or feelings of tension during meetings because the atmosphere in the room makes you feel like you are at home.

Generally, homey small meeting room design ideas have lots of wooden elements, for example, on the ceiling and walls, giving a vintage impression. Besides that, room Meetings with this concept also use a lot of carpet, making the working atmosphere warmer and less stiff.

Natural touches such as ornamental plants should be used in the room's corners to make the meeting room look more beautiful. You can also add accessories such as bookshelves and others.

2. Room-style meeting room family

The design of a small meeting room made like a family room can also inspire your office. A relaxed family room style approach will create a warm and calming atmosphere.

You only need to use a low table and a soft and comfortable long sofa to apply this design. Also, several one-seater sofas or minimalist-style chairs should be added to make the room look aesthetic.

Apart from that, use the wall as a practical writing media feature to keep your work running smoothly.

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3. Minimalist meeting room

This small meeting room design is a must for those who like the minimalist concept! The combination of white walls with contrasting wooden tables and chairs will make anyone discussing this room feel calmer.

The dominance of white in the room will also make an otherwise small meeting room more spacious. The minimalist concept meeting room suits various decorations, such as unique wall clocks, flower vases, and ornamental plants like Monstera.

A minimalist meeting room is the right choice for all departments to collaborate and think of creative ideas. This minimalist theme also feels very classic and modern.

4. Attractive accent wall

Those who want to design a small meeting room with a creative approach that is not too rigid can try this inspiration. Using a mural or wall art on one wall will make this room look inspiring compared to other meeting rooms.

This meeting room will still give a formal impression because you only use one wall for wall art. So, on the one hand, there is still a professional impression. On the other hand, you will get a modern, millennial-style impression, which can increase employee productivity.

5. Contemporary style meeting room

You can design a small meeting room in a contemporary style to emphasise an elegant impression. You only need a round table with a hole in the middle and minimalist-style chairs with contrasting colours.

This round table style is synonymous with brainstorming sessions that involve everyone so that each meeting participant can contribute ideas. Apart from that, to give a robust and elegant impression, you can use LED lights in the middle of the room and indirect lights around the room.

Remember, use long curtains to make the meeting room more dramatic. That way, this room will look professional, effective and artistic.

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6. Industrial-style meeting room

The industrial concept is a concept that gives the impression of being unfinished but still looks modern and aesthetic. Many companies apply this theme to the design of their small office meeting rooms.

Industrial meeting room designs can be realised using iron, concrete, and other materials in the wall and ceiling areas. Apart from that, use a black hanging lamp with warm lighting.

7. Classic meeting room

Classic-style small meeting room designs are often found in large companies that have been around for a long time. This design prioritises professionalism and formality typical of an office atmosphere.

Compared to other design ideas, this design is stiffer, but the classic meeting room concept is still quite popular because it will make the room look more elegant.

Usually, classic meeting rooms have a round or rectangular table with several chairs. So that it doesn't become monotonous, you can add a touch of wood to the choice of furniture.

8. Contemporary meeting room

Are there many young people in your office? So try to apply contemporary small meeting room design. Generally, contemporary-style meeting rooms contain elements that are characteristic of young people.

Instead of meetings using high chairs, in this room, meetings are held in a cross-legged sitting position or while sitting relaxing on a beanbag. Apart from that, the choice of wall colours tends to be more colourful with fun decorations such as PlayStations, pillows and soft carpets.

The wall areas also tend to be decorated with quotes from famous figures. A meeting room as attractive as this will make the resulting atmosphere more positive, flexible and less rigid.

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9. Cafe-style meeting room

Choosing a small cafe-style meeting room design can also be your alternative. This cafe-style concept will make employees feel more relaxed when attending meetings. Usually, this concept uses long tables and high chairs to give a solid but relaxed impression.

10. Meeting room with multifunctional furniture

Our solution is to use more compact and multifunctional furniture for offices with limited space for meetings. Apart from saving space, this furniture will also give an aesthetic impression.

Use glass walls to give a more spacious impression. You can also use blind panels or window film technology that can change to transparent for adjustment.

Those are some designs for a small meeting room that can be considered. So, which meeting room design do you like the most?

If you need interior design services to create a small meeting room that suits your office needs, you can rely on Pexio. Our team will help you make your dream custom furniture and room design that suits your wishes.

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