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13 Office Accessories to Increase Productivity and Efficiency

What office accessories does an employee need to have? In order to support productivity, an office worker needs to have a number of items that can increase functionality and comfort in the work environment.

These items do not include major equipment such as tables or chairs, but are elements additional which is meant to support daily activities in the office.

Using the right office accessories will create a more enjoyable, inspiring and of course productive work atmosphere. So, what are some examples of office accessories that employees need? Check out the review below, come on!

Examples of office accessories that are important for employees to have

Creating a work space that is as comfortable as possible will have an impact on an employee's mental health and performance in the office. For this reason, office accessories are needed that can make this happen.

With appropriate accessories, employees will get positive benefits. Here are some work equipment or office accessories that all office workers need to consider.

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1. Keyboard and mouse wireless

Office accessories such as keyboards and mice sometimes make the work desk full and messy because of the cables attached here and there. To avoid a messy impression, you can use a keyboard and mouse wireless which is more practical and easy to use.

2. Docking station

A docking station is an office accessory that an employee also needs to have. This accessory allows you to easily connect your laptop to an external monitor, keyboard and non-wireless mouse.

This tool will create an ergonomic desk setup and expand the work area. Apart from that, the docking station can also be used to connect other devices such as printers and speakers.

3. Stand Laptop

If you work using a laptop, then you need a laptop stand. Stand laptop is an office accessory that helps improve the display position of your laptop. The laptop stand will adjust the height and viewing angle of the laptop screen so that it becomes more comfortable when used.

Another benefit that you can get is preventing complaints such as neck and back pain due to uncomfortable positions when working. Apart from that, a laptop stand can also help increase air ventilation around the laptop and keep the laptop cool.

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4. Adjustable lumbar back support

To provide complete comfort while working, you really must use this office accessory. Adjustable lumbar back support is a back support designed circularly to adjust the natural curvature of the human spine.

Using this accessory will help reduce pressure on the spine when sitting for hours in front of the computer. The supported back will automatically adjust the direction of pressure according to the supporting posture so that you won't get tired even if you have to sit for a long time.

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Of course, this is an office accessory that can be considered an investment. Because with adjustable lumbar back support, you can work more focused and comfortable. Complaints such as waist or back pain will also occurminimized through the use of this tool.

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5. Desk organizer

The next office accessory that is also important for you to have is a desk organizer. A desk organizer will make your work desk look neat so you can use it more freely.

A desk organizer can be in the form of a stationery container, paper clip container, or even a file box for storing work files. This tool is certainly very useful, especially for those of you who struggle with documents every day.

6. Cell phone holder

A cell phone holder or phone stand is also included accessories office which is useful if you often check your cellphone while working. This cellphone holder will help your cellphone stand up straight so you don't have to lift your cellphone often just to look at the screen.

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7. Footrest

Another office accessory to consider is a footrest or footrest. This footrest from Pexio has a half-cylindrical shape filled with elastic foam. The ergonomic design is very comfortable for Tired legs from working while sitting all day.

The material is soft, breathable, and light. This footrest cover can also be removed for washed so that it maintains its use so that it remains durable and long-lasting. This footwear from Pexio can be used for all ages.

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8. Footrest with massage feature

Still from Pexio, other footrest models are equipped with a massage feature. Interestingly, the footrest can also be adjusted in height so that you can adjust the height of the chair for maximum comfort.

The massage feature on this footrest will help increase blood circulation in the soles of the feet. Apart from that, your feet won't get sore easily because adjustable footrests support them.

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9. External storage

Office accessories such as external hard drives or SSDs are really needed to store and secure your important work data. With use external storage, you can free up storage space on your laptop or computer. As a result, the computer or laptop will not work slow when operated.

Apart from that, it also becomes easier for you to share data with colleagues or access data from various devices.

10. External webcam

If you work in an office using a computer that is not equipped with a quality webcam, then this is important consider using an external webcam. This office accessory is very useful when you have video calls.

With an external webcam, you will get clearer, clearer and sharper video quality so that communication with colleagues or clients becomes more effective. You will also look better professional.

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11. Corkboard

Corkboard is an office accessory that will help present important information, announcements, or thoughts. The Kork board can also be a manual reminder because you can write down various information, which is then attached to this board.

Seeing it every time will certainly make you remember the things you will do while working. Kork boards can also be used as accessories to attach photos or images that can inspire you.

12. Headset or headphones

Do you often hold online meetings? If yes, pay attention to this office accessory. Headset or headphones will makes it easier for you when you have to hold an online meeting.

You can choose a headset or headphones that are equipped with a noise-canceling feature that can reduce the sound around you. This feature can help you to focus more during meetings because there are minimal distracting sounds.

13. Lighting

When your office If you have poor lighting, there's no harm in buying your table lamp. Lighting A good one will create a comfortable work environment and support focus when working.

These are some office accessories that can complement your desk or work space. It is believed that a number of these tools can help increase productivity while working because they can provide maximum comfort.

So, make sure you have a number of the items above, OK? Hopefully the information above is useful! Click here to get more info!


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