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These are the Prices for the Best Staff/Employee Chairs

Whether the price of a staff/employee chair is expensive or cheap is determined by the quality of the chair itself. However, before buying it, it is crucial to find comfortable work chairs to support the user's health first.

Working while sitting in front of a computer for approximately eight hours a day makes the back, neck, and waist areas quickly sore. For this reason, selecting staff/employee chairs must be given great attention because it can directly affect the user's productivity.

When choosing chairs for staff, comfort and safety factors must be prioritized, besides considering the price of staff/employee chairs. If comfort and safety are met, worker productivity increases and helps a company's progress.

So that you don't make the wrong choice, we provide a price list for staff/employee chairs with recommendations below.

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Important when choosing staff/employee chairs

Office employees spend a lot of time sitting. With this intensity of sitting, of course, you have to pay attention to choosing an office chair to avoid back pain and fatigue.

Responding to this need, several manufacturers have launched office chair furniture with attractive and ergonomic features. The price of the workspace of staff/employee chairs is relatively high but by quality.

Before buying an office chair for employees, first study the ideal criteria for an office chair below.

1. It is easy to adjust the height and low of the chair seat.

To sit more comfortably, you should choose a chair with a lever that can change the chair's height. The presence of a chair height adjustment lever will help you adjust the height of the chair to the work desk so that sitting is not too low or too high.

2. Flexible seat back.

Look for prices for staff/employee chairs that match the quality. The back of the chair is expected to accommodate body posture according to work needs.

In addition, the seat back should also be easy to move forward and backward. It is a plus when the chair has a lock so the backrest does not easily fall back.

3. The shape of the chair's back is curved.

The curved backrest can be a good focus on the back so that sitting becomes more comfortable. The lower back must be curved to keep the body upright while working.

4. Pay attention to the dimensions of the chair.

Staff/employee chairs must be spacious enough to accommodate the user's body. If necessary, look for a chair with an additional seating space adjustment feature so that large and tall people can remain comfortable sitting in the chair. Of course, these staff/employee chairs are costly but commensurate with the comfort provided.

5. Choose a chair with soft arms and cushions.

With arms, it helps reduce the burden on the neck and shoulders. Also, choose a chair with a cushion that is not too soft or hard.

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Price list for staff/employee chairs and recommendations

Here is a list of prices for staff/employee chairs and recommendations when choosing the ideal office chair.

1. Hervey Ergonomic Chair


Suitable employee chairs are placed throughout the workspace. The size is a little small, but the model is simple. The colors offered also include neutral colors, such as gray, black, white, and black.

This ergonomic chair is equipped with lumbar support to maintain ideal body posture and armrests that can be folded upwards. The flexible chair wheels give you the freedom to move inside.

The price of this staff/employee chair is IDR 2,100,000. Buy the Hervey Ergonomic Chair with a discount here!

2. Linden Ergonomic Chair

Next is the Linden Ergonomic chair with a leaf motif on the lumbar support. The leaf motif is inspired by the freshness of nature, which can bring comfort and tranquility. This is what manufacturers want their customers to feel so they can still feel comfortable using this ergonomic chair.

The backrest is flexible, and some armrests are precise to the height of the work table. The price of this staff/employee chair is IDR 2,294,250. Checkout this ergonomic chair at Shopee right now!

3. Jervis Ergonomic Chair

This ergonomic chair has a height-adjustable headrest, comfortable backrest, and armrests that can changed position. The dimensions of the chair seat are made longer, namely 56 cm, to give users more freedom.

If you are interested in buying it, the price for this staff/employee chair is IDR 3,090,000. Click to buy with extra discount!

4. Milson Ergonomic Chair

Having more sophisticated features than the previous chair, this ergonomic chair has a sliding seat feature that can be used to add additional seating space. For those of you who are big or tall, this is the right choice of work chair.

This chair is also equipped with a safety lock that can make you lean back comfortably without worrying about the chair falling. The price of this staff/employee chair is IDR 3,500,000. Click here to buy!

5. Rhodes Ergonomic Chair


Comes in attractive colors, and this ergonomic chair will make office employees work more productively. Don't believe it?

Apart from having a headrest, armrest, and backrest that can be adjusted according to the user's needs, this chair also has its own WorkMode feature, which makes the seat straighter so you can focus more on work.

The price for this staff/employee chair is priced at IDR 3,850,000. For more information, click here!

6. Sydney Ergonomic Chair

One of the best work chairs at a friendly price. The various ergonomic features offered by this chair answer the needs of office employees.

Buying this chair is the same as a long-term investment. Regarding price, the price of this staff/employee chair is IDR 3,850,000. Click here to buy with extra discount at Tokopedia!

7. Mike Ergonomic Chair

A sturdy, robust chair to place in the workspace. It is equipped with a comfortable headrest and can be adjusted in two directions: up and down and swing angle. The backrest is curved to support the spine very well.

Interestingly, the backrest of this chair can be adjusted to seven heights. Apart from that, the armrests of this chair are also precise—the additional seating space is a feature for those who want a wider seat.

The price of this chair is IDR 4,200,000. Click for more information!

8. Taylor Ergonomic Chair

The aluminum material on the chair makes it look luxurious. The luxury continues because this chair has various advanced features and uses other premium materials, making it even more luxurious.

Sitting in this chair will make you comfortable all day, even if you face a deadline. Are you interested in buying it? The price of this staff/employee chair is IDR 4,725,000. Click here to buy!

9. Regent Ergonomic Chair

Need an employee chair with a footrest? Then, this chair is the solution. The footrest is comfortable, so employees can rest while leaning on it between work periods. The footrest or footrest can also be folded when you don't want to use it.

To get it the price for this staff/employee chair is IDR 4,725,000. Buy Regent Ergonomic Chair at discount!

10. Oxford Ergonomic Chair

The last recommendation for an ergonomic employee chair is this brightly colored chair. Available in two color choices, namely gray, white, and pink white, this chair has lumbar support, which no longer needs to be adjusted in height because the lumbar support is made to follow the shape of the user's body.

Sounds sophisticated. Not only that, apart from being equipped with a footrest, this chair also has a seat tilt feature so that it can adjust to user comfort.

The price of this staff/employee chair is IDR 6,350,000. Click to buy at Tokopedia!

That is the discussion about the recommendations for the best prices for staff/employee chairs for management to consider when choosing chairs for their employees. Hopefully, this article is helpful and makes finding an ideal chair easier. Looking for the best prices for staff/employee chairs? Click here!


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