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Size Small Workbenches are Ideal for Improving Work Quality

A small work desk can be a solution to limited workspace at home or in the office. With a small or compact table, the room will seem open and wider.

Currently, there are many choices of small workbenches sold on the market. The prices also vary, as do the models, which are generally packaged in a minimalist manner. Generally, workbench materials are divided into four categories: wood, HPL, plastic, and iron.

So that you don't get confused about choosing the right small work desk, you should first find out the criteria for an ideal work desk through the review below.

Criteria for an ideal small work desk

A work desk is a work device with a vital role and function that can support the user's performance. This furniture can be considered from the model design and size.

A number of furniture manufacturers are currently focusing more on modern and trendy designs and sizes that are adapted to the minimalist concept. However, if you want to create a comfortable workspace, you should first understand the standard office desk sizes that suit the posture of Indonesian people.

Especially for those of you who are looking for a small work desk, it is important to know the recommendations for ideal office desk sizes as follows. 

  • Standard small or minimalist work tables are around 75 x 75 cm, 100 x 60 cm, and 120 x 60 cm
  • The standard height of a small work table is 75 cm and not less than 72.5 cm. Adjust it so that it is neither less nor more than the standard workbench height requirements in general
  • The tabletop must be at least 2.5 cm thick with a flat table surface
  • If necessary, look for a small work desk that is also equipped with storage drawers

Keep in mind that furniture with the best quality will be more durable and durable-influence work productivity. So, workbench standards are limited not only to considering the model and price but also in terms of size.

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Tips for buying the right small work desk

If you already know the ideal criteria for an office desk, now is the time to find out tips for buying the right small work desk. The following include:

1. Adjust the size of the table to the size of the room

Before buying a small work desk, know the specifications of the workspace first. Measure the room precisely so you can determine the size of the table that fits the workspace.

Apart from that, also pay attention to the dimensions of the room and the color and design of the table you choose. Try to choose a work desk that matches the theme or interior concept of the room so that the room doesn't look cramped.

2. Adjust to work needs

In choosing a small work desk, the most important thing you have to do is adapt the table to your work needs. Choose a table that suits your type of work.

For example, if you are used to using a computer rather than a laptop, you should not choose a small one because you need more space to place the computer, keyboard, and mouse. However, if you only need a table for typing on a laptop, a small table is no problem.

3. Pay attention to quality

The work desk will definitely be used for a long time. Therefore, as much as possible, choose a small work table that is high quality and durable. So, besides office desk size, also pay attention to other aspects, such as:

  • Product Features
  • Its use must function properly
  • Physically, the table is not defective
  • Design that suits your needs

4. Adjust to budget

Besides observing quality, pay attention to the budget. Before buying a small workbench, do a survey first regarding the price of the workbench. Make sure the price of the table matches the budget that has been prepared so that the budget is well-spent.

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A selection of quality small work desks

Here, we provide a selection of the best small work desks for comfortable work. The table is made from quality materials. A number of work tables below are guaranteed durable and can increase work productivity.

1. Nelson Adjustable Desk

NELSON Adjustable Desk

This small work table has dimensions of 70 x 40 cm with a table height that can be adjusted up to 103 cm. Yes, this is an adjustable work desk whose height can be adjusted according to needs.

There is a table height adjustment lever that can be operated very easily. Apart from that, this table can also accommodate a maximum load of up to 20 kg. This table is suitable for those of you who only need a few things when working.

Regarding price, this small work desk is priced at the price of Rp1.710.000.

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2. Wesley Ergonomic Desk

Having a tabletop size of 120 x 60 cm, this is a work desk equipped with a height-adjustment feature, which offers improved work quality. There is a touchscreen control panel feature that can adjust the height and low of the table according to needs.

The tabletop material is made of MDF coated with HPL, while the table legs are made of full aluminum. You can get this table at a price of Rp3.500.000.

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3. Amby Ergonomic Desk (120 x 50 cm)

Amby Ergonomic Desk is equipped with a height control panel feature. This small ergonomic work desk measures 120 x 50 cm—the right size for a minimalist workspace. The touchscreen control panel allows you to adjust the height very easily.

This table also has a safety lock to keep the table sturdy and stable. As for the price, this table is priced at IDR 4,702,500.

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4. Warren Ergonomic Desk

Need a small work desk with wider dimensions? This table is the right choice. The reason is that there are two work tables up and down, which allow you to place more items.

The top table measures 118 x 30 cm, while the bottom table measures 118 x 40 cm. The height of the table can also be adjusted according to your needs. If you are interested in buying it, this table is priced at IDR 5,635,875.

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5. Kelly Ergonomic Desk

Another small work table with dimensions of 120 x 60 cm. The height of the table can be adjusted via the one-touch control panel to a maximum height of 121 cm. What differentiates this table from other tables is the availability of large-capacity drawers and charging ports for USB type A and USB type C.

This work table can also accommodate a maximum load of 100 kg. Regarding price, you can get this table for IDR 6,134,625. 

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That's an explanation of small work desks and recommendations. Choose a work desk that best suits your needs and comfort because the right work desk has an impact on better work quality.

So, from the choice of table above, is the table that becomes your target?  


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