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5 Recommendations for Electric Work Desk to Increase Productivity

The use of electric workbenches is now increasingly popular. Many people prefer this work desk because it is more flexible and can provide comfort while working.

This table is equipped with a control panel that can adjust the height of the table according to needs. With this desk, users can choose their way of working, whether standing or sitting.

Indirectly, this affects a person's work productivity. Apart from that, electric work desks also have many health benefits, you know. What are the benefits?

Read more in the review below.

The benefits of using an electric workbench

Working while sitting all day is considered not good enough for health. Those who spend more time sitting can be at risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and premature death.

Apart from that, the calories burned are also lower if you sit for too long. Studies even link this to weight gain and obesity. This problem often haunts office workers.

For this reason, a work device such as an electric work table is needed to overcome this problem. This work desk not only has a modern design but also has features that prioritise the comfort of its users.

It is called electric because this table is equipped with an automatic touch screen height adjustment feature, which adjusts the height and height of the table. The average electric workbench also has features memory recall, which can remember the ideal table height so that users don't need to reset the table height.

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Below is a list of the benefits of an electric work desk for health.

1. Prevents back pain

Back pain is a common problem that employees often complain about. This complaint is generally caused by sitting too long, especially with an incorrect posture.

Using an electric work desk, some employees can adjust their working position so that they don't have to sit all the time but can also work while standing.

2. Reduces the risk of obesity

Working while sitting all day is often associated with obesity. This obesity happens because the number of calories burned when sitting is less, so the body has a buildup of calories.

Meanwhile, standing while working can burn 170 calories. Imagine using an electric work desk daily; how many calories would you burn during the week?

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3. Control blood sugar

Sitting after lunch can increase blood sugar levels, which can lead to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Therefore, it is best not to sit immediately after lunch.

Using an electric work desk will help control blood sugar. Because you are required to work while standing after lunchtime ends.

4. Minimizes the risk of heart disease

Researchers argue that people who stand more have a lower risk of death than those who spend more time sitting. Especially if you add a lazy lifestyle, then the risk of heart disease can increase by up to 147%.

To prevent this, one solution that you can rely on is to use an electric workbench.

5. Improves mood and energy

Using an electric work desk for four hours daily improves office employees' performance. According to studies, working while standing often and sitting can improve mood and increase energy.

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Recommended electric work desk

1. Wesley Ergonomic Desk

With just one touch, you can adjust the height of the table as desired. This electric work desk has a control panel that can operate efficiently. With a table that can be adjusted in height and height, the quality of work is expected to be better.

This table design is also modern and suitable for a minimalist room theme. The outside is coated with a wood-patterned HPL layer, making the workspace look aesthetic.

The price of this electric work table is IDR 3,500,000.

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2. Amby Adjustable Desk (120 x 60 cm)

With a table width of 120 x 60 cm, you can put more items on the table. The table legs are made of high-quality full aluminium. The height of the table itself can be adjusted up to 121 cm.

The sound it makes when operating is quiet, so it doesn't disturb other employees. Regarding price, this electric work desk is priced at IDR 4,702,500.

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3. Warren Ergonomic Desk

This electric work desk is highly recommended if you need more space. Unlike the two previous tables, this table has two separate tables (desktops) made of steps.

The width of the table above is 118 x 30 cm, while the width of the table below is 118 x 40 cm. This desk is suitable for workers who are used to using computers rather than laptops.

There is a touchscreen control panel which functions to adjust the height of the table. Apart from that, you can save the height of the table according to the height you expect. That way, the next time you use it, you just have to choose the size you previously determined.

This work desk is priced at IDR 5,635,875. Get more discount here!

4. Kelly Ergonomic Desk 

Kelly Ergonomic Desk is an electric workbench with very complete features. Start from the control panel screen touch to adjust the height of the table automatically, memory settings to save the ideal table size, safety lock, charging port for gadgets, and a drawer with ample storage space.

This table can also support a load of up to 100 kg, so you can put as many items as you want. The maximum height of this table is 121 cm, which is ideal for the average height of Indonesian people.

Are you interested in buying it? You can get it for IDR 6,134,625.

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5. Amby Ergonomic Desk (160 x 80 cm)

Amby Ergonomic Desk is a comprehensive table for better work quality. This table has a 160 x 80 cm width, allowing you to place more items to support your work.

This chair has a one-touch control panel under the tabletop that adjusts the height and low of the table. There is a safety lock that will keep the table sturdy and stable.

Regarding price, this electric work desk is priced at IDR 8,400,000. 

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That explains electric work desks, from their health benefits to recommendations for consideration. Working with the best desk is undoubtedly an intelligent choice, considering that working is an activity that requires comfort and concentration.

It is not impossible to increase productivity and maximise work results by fulfilling these two things. Indirectly, this will affect the company's targets.

Which electric work desk is your choice?


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