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Price List for Comfortable and Quality Ergonomic Office Chairs

Office chair prices vary depending on the model, features, and material. If you want to buy an office chair, consider comfort as the main thing. Because seating that is not ergonomic can cause risks in the future, of course, you want to avoid experiencing this, right?

For this reason, it is essential to buy a quality office chair. Moreover, many office chair brands now offer affordable prices and the best quality.

Come on, take a peek at the following office chair price list!


How to choose an office chair

Before looking at the office chair price list, consider several things below to get the most suitable work chair.

1. Choose the type according to your needs

If you need an office chair that makes you face the front of your laptop, you should choose a chair that leans forward. This type of chair will make your body posture stable.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer to do things more relaxed, choose an office chair that leans back and has a headrest. This chair will make you less tired even if you have to sit in front of your laptop for a long time.

2. Balance the chair with the size of the table

Usually, the prices for office chairs that prioritize comfort are higher, so you need to adjust them to the size of the table where you work. Make sure the office chair you choose can be adjusted in height and is equipped with wheels so that it can be moved and balanced with the table in the workspace easily.

3. Chair with armrests

Chairs with armrests are considered more comfortable for long hours of use. Therefore, consider the comfort of your arms when considering the price of an office chair. With armrests, the load on the clothes becomes lighter.

4. Check other additional functions

Another point you need to consider when choosing an office chair apart from the price is additional features, such as reclining. This function is handy for adjusting the position of the chair according to your body posture so that you can sit more comfortably.

5. Ease of cleaning

Don't just focus on the price of the office chair and the model; you also have to consider the practicality when the chair needs to be cleaned. It's better to look for an office chair whose seat is made from a material that is easy to clean with a dry cloth.

Office chairs made from fabric are more difficult to clean if stained, and mesh materials are challenging to clean if they splash with water.


Ergonomic office chair price list

Currently, many quality office chair brands are priced at friendly prices. Some are suitable for large office spaces or working at home (chairs for WFH).

If you are looking for the best ergonomic office chair, we provide a price list for office chairs to choose from here.


1. Hervey Ergonomic Chair

Hervey Ergonomic Chair

The first row is the Hervey Ergonomic Chair, suitable for working at home or in the office. The price of this office chair is IDR 2,100,000. Available in three color choices, namely black, gray, and black and white, this chair is suitable for those of you who are used to sitting in front of a laptop for hours.

This chair can keep your lower spine area stable because it has a 1D feature that can be adjusted according to your needs. For those who are above 170 cm tall, this office chair is undoubtedly the best choice.

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2. Linden Ergonomic Chair 

Linden Ergonomic Chair

Next, there is the Linden Ergonomic Chair, which is packaged with a simple design. Inspired by nature, this chair is designed with leaf-shaped lumbar support, which supports your lumbar spine.

Available in two color choices, namely black and grey, the price of this office chair is IDR 2,294,250. This chair is suitable for office space or as a chair for WFH.

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3. Milson Ergonomic Chair 

The Milson Ergonomic Chair prioritizes not only design but also user comfort. Designed and manufactured with care to ensure alignment of your lower spine.

The shape is slim and modern, so it looks aesthetic when placed in the workspace. There are three color options that you can choose from, namely black, gray, and beige. Interested in this chair? You can get this modern office chair for IDR 3,500,000.

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4. Rhodes Ergonomic Chair (without footrest)

This office chair has features that can support every user's body posture. Apart from that, the additional features can also activate body circulation, thereby encouraging you to work more focused.

There is also a WorkMode position, which will make you sit up straight. The design is modern and edgy, suitable for those who want to make the room look aesthetic. The Rhodes chair comes in black, gray, and blue-grey.

The price of this office chair is IDR 3,850,000. There is an additional footrest that you can buy specifically for this office chair product.

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5. Rhodes Ergonomic Chair (with footrest)

This office chair is the same as the previous type, but this type has a footrest feature that can be adjusted to suit your needs. In terms of material and function, it is still the same. The Rhodes office chair is designed for leather-sensitive people because it is made from superior materials.

Regarding this office chair, the Rhodes chair with footrest is priced at IDR 4,050,000.

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6. Mike Ergonomic Chair 

The next comfortable office chair is the Mike Ergonomic Chair. This chair is made from high-quality nylon material. The chair is very comfortable and will make you feel like you are not sitting in a work chair.

Equipped with lower spine adjustment features, armrest adjustment, and headrest, which can also be adjusted according to needs. The price of this office chair is IDR 4,160,000.

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7. Taylor Ergonomic Chair 

The Taylor Ergonomic Chair has features such as back support, which maintains an ideal body posture, and a flexible 3D armrest feature. This chair is suitable for those of you who often complain of back pain when sitting in front of a laptop for hours. The price of this office chair is IDR 4,725,000. 

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8. Regent Ergonomic Chair

Next is the Regent Ergonomic Chair, whose chair frame is inspired by the Paris Eiffel Tower, making it look sturdy and robust. Interestingly, this office chair has a feature that allows your back to move freely to the right or left side without worrying about back pain.

The material of this chair is a woven fabric, which is soft and scratch-resistant. Anyone who occupies it will feel lost. The mesh on the chair seat also keeps air circulation smooth and provides a cool sensation when you sit for hours.

The Regent chair is available in two colors, namely black and grey. The price of this office chair is IDR 4,750,000.

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9. Oxford Ergonomic Chair

A comfortable chair is everything for office workers who spend half the day sitting in front of a laptop. Packed with features back support, which will maintain the ideal body position.

4D armrest, which will make your arms feel comfortable all day. Of course, this type of dream work chair will free you from back pain. Available in two color choices, namely black and grey, the price of this office chair is IDR 6,350,000.

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10. Stanley Ergonomic Chair 

Lastly, there is the Stanley Ergonomic Chair. The price of this office chair is IDR 8,400,000, with the main advantage being the seat back is made of flexible material full mesh, which can be adjusted to suit body posture. Apart from that, it has a materials full aluminum frame. The sturdy appearance of this chair makes it look solid and durable.

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That's the price list for office chairs that could be your choice. Have you found the right product? Using a comfortable office chair can increase work efficiency and relax you.

Choose an office chair that suits your needs and fits your pocket. Please use this article as a reference and find your favorite product on Pexio.



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