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The Ultimate Modern Minimalist Study Desk

Many people choose modern minimalist study tables because they save space and are affordable. In addition, the simple design will make it more functional.

Currently, there are many minimalist study table products with modern designs. Even so, choosing the right study table must be considered, mainly if this table is allocated for children.

For this reason, we will explain how to choose the best study table and recommend a modern minimalist study table suitable for you and your little one. Come on, read the article to the end!

How to choose a modern minimalist study desk

Modern minimalist study tables generally come in different sizes, materials and functions. The designs, shapes and colours are diverse, especially for children's study table products.

So, what considerations must you consider before buying a modern minimalist study table? Check out the following information.

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1. Make sure the study table is not too wide

Study tables have an essential role in creating learning comfort. Therefore, it is recommended that the study table be narrow enough so that children have enough space to do their work comfortably.

A too wide table allows users to place more items, potentially making it difficult for children to focus. Ideally, a minimalist study table should measure no more than 60 cm.

2. Adjust the table height to suit the user

The next thing you need to pay attention to when buying a modern minimalist study table is the height of the table. As a guide, the height of familiar children's study tables on the market ranges from 40 – 60 cm, while for adults it is 72 – 76 cm.

The following are the ideal table and chair sizes for children and adults. 

  •       A height of 100–115 cm is recommended, with a table height of 46 cm and a chair height of 26 cm
  •       A height of 115–130 cm is recommended, with a table height of 52 cm and a chair height of 30 cm
  •       A height of 130–145 cm is recommended, with a table height of 58 cm and a chair height of 34 cm
  •       A height of 145–160 cm is recommended, with a table height of 64 cm and a chair height of 38 cm
  •       A height of 160–175 cm is recommended, with a table height of 70 cm and a chair height of 42 cm
  •       A height of 175 cm or more is recommended, with a table height of 76 cm and a chair height of 45 cm

3. Choose a table with durable materials

What you should notice is the material. Choose a modern minimalist study table made of wood or iron. Both of these materials are considered durable and long-lasting.

For tables made of wood, maintenance for this table is much easier. You can simply sand it carefully if it is scratched or has minor damage. The table can be filled with wood repair material or upholstery if the damage is severe.

In addition, wooden tables can create a warm and natural learning atmosphere. There is no need to doubt the strength of a wooden table, especially if the minimalist study table is made from high-quality wood.

Meanwhile, modern minimalist study tables made from iron are considered lighter and highly portable. This study table is highly recommended for those living in boarding houses.

Iron tables are lighter but still sturdy and stable. Maintenance is easy; just clean it using a damp cloth. If you want to move its position because you want to change the room's layout, this table is light enough to be moved by yourself.

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4. To be more practical, choose a table that does not need to be assembled

Instead of choosing a table that must be assembled first, you should choose a modern minimalist study table ready to use. With a product that can be used immediately, you don't need to take the time and look for tools to assemble it.

The assembled table is also guaranteed because it was constructed by professionals and by the manufacturer's SOP. Apart from that, you can also avoid damage during the assembly process.

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Recommendations for a modern minimalist study table

Next, we recommend the best modern minimalist study table products adapted to the above considerations.

1. Modern minimalist study table for children

This desk is a modern minimalist study table recommended for children. With 70 x 40 cm and a height of 103 cm, this study table can be adjusted to the height as desired.

The adjustable table height makes it easier for children to study at this table. Moreover, this table is flexible enough to be used in various rooms, such as bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms.

Even though its size is minimalist, the capacity of this table is quite large. You can put lots of items with a maximum load of 20 kg. For those interested, you can get this table for IDR 1,710,000. Click here to buy!

2. Stylish modern minimalist study table japandi

Next is a modern minimalist study table with an aesthetic wooden motif. This table is suitable for placing in a stylish Japanese Scandinavian room (japandi). The wooden motif and the white colour on the table legs will create a warm impression in the room.

The dimensions of this table are 120 x 60 cm, certainly the right size for a small room. This table can also be adjusted in height with just one touch so children and adults can use it.

Regarding price, this ergonomic table is priced at IDR 3,500,000. Get more discount here!

3. Sleek and simple study setup

This modern minimalist study table suits you if you want a simple model. This table has a unique design, timeless without many features, finished in black, white and mahogany.

The table top material is made from MDF, while the table legs are made from full aluminium, making it look sturdy. The dimensions are 120 x 60 cm, and the height of the table can be adjusted with one hand.

Its size is not too long/wide, making it suitable as a study table. You can also put some things on the table. Are you interested in this table? You can get it for IDR 4,702,500. Click here to buy!

4. Multifunctional modern minimalist study table

The following modern minimalist study table has two separate tables, top and bottom, each table measuring 118 x 30 cm (top) and 118 x 40 cm (bottom). This table is an ergonomic study table that can be adjusted in height with just one touch.

With two separate tables, you can place the computer screen and keyboard without worrying that the table will seem cramped. The size is sufficient, leaving plenty of space for other items, such as reading books and writing utensils.

The price of this minimalist study table is IDR 5,635,875. Get your best price here!

5. Modern minimalist study table with storage drawers

This modern minimalist study table can be considered for those who need storage drawers. The reason is that this table has a large capacity storage drawer.

Apart from that, three USB ports can make it easier to charge gadgets without pulling the socket terminal. The height of the table can also be adjusted as desired.

Of course, this is a practical and ergonomic study table that all students need—Are you interested in buying it? This table is priced at IDR 6,134,625. Click to buy!

These are recommendations for modern minimalist study tables that can be considered. You can choose the suitable model and size that suits your needs. Ensure the table size is adjusted to the room in which it will be used.


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