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10 Simple, Aesthetic, and Comfortable Office Workspace Design Ideas

e Try a simple office workspace design to give a warmer impression. Yes, workspace design doesn't always have to be luxurious, colourful, and artsy because something made simply can give a homey feel.

The most important thing when designing a workspace is to prioritise comfort. Because you will spend much time there, the workspace must be made as comfortable as possible, even with simple decorations.

Here, we inspire simple office workspace designs. Even though it's simple, it still makes you feel at home!

Why is office workspace design important?

Why is office workspace design important?

Office workspace design is very important to pay attention to. Workspace design is important because employees will spend five days a week in the office space, so this room plays an important role in creating an efficient, productive, and comfortable work environment.

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Besides, many other reasons make choosing an office work design very important. Here are some of them.

1. Increased productivity

Office workspace design will influence employee productivity. Moreover, factors such as lighting, the layout of work tables and chairs, and the use of the right wall colour are believed to increase employee focus and concentration.

2. Encourages creativity

A well-designed office workspace will encourage employee creativity. The placement of meeting areas, open spaces that stimulate social interaction, and interesting design elements can inspire new ideas and innovation. 

3. Become a company identity

A simple office workspace design can also become an identity for the company. This identity will be useful when clients or guests come to the office. Using design elements consistent with brand identity can strengthen the company's image and establish positive relationships with partners and clients.

4. Decreased stress and improved work-life balance

Did you know that office workspace design? Observing work-life balance or balance between work and personal life can help reduce stress. For example, providing a relaxation room, comfortable dining room, or fitness facilities in the office can allow employees to relieve stress and restore energy.

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Simple office workspace design inspiration

For those of you looking for inspiration for a simple office workspace design for either company or personal use, here are the room designs you can choose.

1. Minimalist black and white colour combination

If you like simple and not flashy things, then office workspace design ideas can be selected. Not only does it give a minimalist impression, but the combination of black and white in a workspace will also make the room look spacious, clean and modern.

Also, designing a room with a monochrome theme is not complicated because all you need is black or white furniture. So that it doesn't seem monotonous, you can also place earth-tone coloured furniture such as chocolate light or wood material to create a natural impression.

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2. Natural touch with wood and plants

Comfortable Office Workspace Design Ideas

Don't you like monochrome colours like black and white? Then, you can switch to this simple office workspace design. For those who don't like a lot of decoration but still want an aesthetic touch in your workspace, you can use furniture made from wood and neutral colours such as white and cream.

You can also add ornamental plants in pots to give a fresh touch to the room. To beautify the room, add a carpet under the work desk.

3. Facing the window

You can place the work desk facing the window to give a modern impression to a simple office workspace design. A work desk close to the window will make you spend less money on decoration.

On the other hand, you only need to buy a simple table made of wood or iron combined with matching coloured chairs. To avoid overheating, use curtains or blinds, yes!

4. Industrial style

Desain kantor industrial.

Industrial style is one of the simple office workspace designs that many people are interested in because it can emphasise a simple and modern impression and a simple concept. To apply an industrial style to your workspace, you need materials and furniture made of iron and wood.

Usually, to create an industrial impression, additional unique decorations such as table lamps or chairs with minimalist shapes are also needed. Are you interested in trying this concept?

5. Using wooden panel walls

If you don't want to use a lot of decorations and furniture but want to make your workspace the centre of attention, try this simple office workspace design.

Using wooden panels on one side of the office will give a strong modern impression. You can combine plain colours such as white to create contrast in space. This method is done so that the room does not look plain.

6. Utilize bookcases and cabinets

Comfortable Office Workspace Design Ideas

Has a bookcase and bis cabinet? Just use it as your work area. This simple office workspace design idea will create a comfortable, homey feel. Apart from that, the existing bookshelves and cabinets can also be used as a mini library.

7. Gray colour to give an elegant effect

Even though the office workspace design is simple, it can still look modern. The dominance of grey in the workspace and touches of contrasting wooden elements will make the office look more modern and elegant.

The dominant grey colour will not make the office atmosphere dark because the touch of wooden elements on the furniture and floor will give a natural touch, especially if you add decorations such as plants in the room's corners.

8. All-white workspace

All white workspace

Want your workspace to look spacious and clean? This simple office workspace design idea never disappoints. Using the dominant colour white in the room will give a clean and spacious impression. You only need to add ornamental plant decorations and nature-themed paintings to give a natural feel.

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9. Pastel colours with wall shelves

A touch of pastel colours in a room dominated by wooden elements will create a Japanese-Strong Scandinavian style. Pastel colours such as green or light yellow will create a warm and calm room atmosphere.

This simple office workspace design idea also features wall shelves for storing accessories. As a result, the room will not look boring.

10. Adds lots of natural elements

Simple office workspace designs can also be creative by adding many natural elements. Having many ornamental plants placed in the corners of the workroom will make the atmosphere more lively and fresh. Apart from ornamental plants, you can add water elements such as an indoor pond or aquarium minimalist.

Those are 10 simple office workspace design inspirations you can apply to various rooms. If you want to design a workspace with the help of interior designer services, you can rely on Pexio.

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