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10 Recommendations for the Best Meeting Room Chairs

Quality meeting room chairs are needed to support meetings, which generally last for hours. The unavoidable feeling of fatigue during meetings is the reason why meeting participants must sit in comfortable chairs.

At the very least, meeting chairs must be ergonomic to maintain the user's body posture. The best chairs can prevent complaints such as back pain and lumbago.

If you are looking for the best, highest quality, and most affordable meeting room chairs, we have several recommendations for you to consider.

The importance of using the best meeting room chairs

Apart from supporting work activities, meeting room chairs also have a significant role and influence productivity and the quality of a person's work.

A meeting room chair is essential because meetings take up much time, so comfortable furniture is needed to support these activities. Apart from that, quality meeting room chairs will also prevent back pain, buttock pain and other complaints commonly experienced by employees.

Studies also say worker productivity will increase by 17.5%  if they use ergonomic work chairs.

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How to choose meeting room chairs

So that you don't make the wrong choice, you should first know several tips for choosing the following meeting room chair brand. This method will help you determine the type and type of quality chair at an affordable price.

  • Know and check the stock of the desired chair
  • Adjust the height of the chair back to the size of the room
  • Choose a chair based on the type needed
  • Choose a chair that uses comfortable upholstery
  • Choose a chair that can provide support when the body is leaning forward
  • Choose a chair that has a height adjustment feature
  • Check the other supporting features the chair has
  • Choose a chair that is priced according to your budget 

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Recommended meeting room chairs

The following are recommendations for meeting room chairs that can be considered.

1. Hervey Ergonomic Chair


Choose a meeting room chair with a simple and discreet model like this chair. Available in three attractive colour choices, black, grey, and white, this chair has an adjustable back support feature that adjusts the spine and armrests that can be folded upwards.

The seat material is very soft and comfortable. Apart from that, the backrest also doesn't make you hot because the mesh material is the primary material that can improve air circulation in the body.

The price of this chair is IDR 2,100,000. Get your discount here!

2. Linden Ergonomic Chair

Next, there is a chair with a backrest and leaf motif. It has precise armrests that can be adjusted in height and adjustable back support to keep your back comfortable.

This meeting room chair comes in two colour choices, namely black and white grey. Regarding price, you can get it for IDR 2,415,000.

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3. Sydney Ergonomic Chair

This meeting room chair has a three-way adjustable headrest: up and down, back and forth, and swing. Apart from that, the back support feature on this chair can also be adjusted in one direction: ups and downs.

It comes in two colour choices, namely black and grey. This chair has armrests that match the height of the table. Apart from that, a sliding seat feature can also be used if you need additional seating space.

The price of this chair is IDR 3,420,000.

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4. Milson Ergonomic Chair

By prioritising comfort and aesthetics, this meeting room chair will make the meeting room more contemporary. The chair, priced at IDR 3,500,000, has various ergonomic features that will ensure the comfort of its users.

If you want to buy it, this chair is available in three colour choices: black, grey and beige. Get Milson Ergonomic Chair with extra discount here!

5. Rhodes Ergonomic Chair

The following recommended meeting room chair is this chair. The price is still affordable, namely IDR 3,850,000. With this price, you will be entirely comfortable while attending a meeting.

This chair is made from premium material, which can improve air circulation when sitting. Apart from that, the back support feature on this chair will also keep your body posture upright so you can focus on listening to the meeting material.

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6. Mike Ergonomic Chair

Other meeting room chairs are equipped with complete ergonomic features. The features, starting from the headrest, armrest, chair height, and position and height, can be adjusted according to needs.

The seat cushion is also very soft, preventing you from getting buttock pain. Regarding the price, this chair is priced at IDR 4,200,000. Click here to buy! Get your extra discount now!

7. Taylor Ergonomic Chair

This meeting room chair is equipped with a comfortable headrest, a backrest that can support the spine, and armrests that have been adjusted to the ideal table height.

There is also a sliding seat feature to provide additional seating space. Apart from that, there is a safety lock that will keep the chair sturdy when it is in the reclining position. If you are interested in buying it, the price of this chair is IDR 4,725,000.

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8. Regent Ergonomic Chair

Do you prefer meeting room chairs that have a luxurious appearance? Then this chair is the right choice for you. The appearance of this chair is very sturdy and elegant because the chair legs are made of full aluminium.

Meanwhile, the ergonomic features of this chair will also keep the body posture of meeting participants ideal. Apart from that, the material used in the seat cushion is also claimed to be anti-scratch, thus ensuring the chair's durability.

The price of this chair is IDR 4,750,000. Click here to buy!

9. Stanley Ergonomic Chair

Stanly Ergonomic Chair

Premium meeting room chairs are available in two attractive colour choices: black and grey. The back of the chair is made of completely mesh material, making it very comfortable and not making you feel hot.

This chair's adjustable back support feature is also very beneficial for back health, especially the lumbar area. This benefit is because the backrest has been designed to follow the shape of the user's back, thereby preventing complaints such as lower back pain or back pain.

Are you interested in this chair? You can get it for IDR 8,400,000. Of course, the price of this chair is commensurate with the quality offered.

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10. Maxim Ergonomic Chair

Maxim Ergonomic Chair

Is the meeting agenda at the office hectic? Try to consider this meeting room chair. Apart from its elegant model, the quality of this chair is also top-notch. The headrest, back and arms can be adjusted as needed.

Apart from that, there is a choice of chairs with or without footrests, increasing the user's comfort. This meeting chair is priced at IDR 9,150,000. Click here to buy!

These are recommendations for meeting room chairs that can be taken into consideration. Choosing a meeting chair with adjustable height and backrest is best. Which meeting chair do you prefer?


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