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5 Minimalist Computer Desks That Are Good and Durable

Need a minimalist computer desk for your home? We have recommendations for you!

Activity guidelines require you to work on a computer or laptop, which certainly makes you unable to escape the presence of a computer desk at home. The work can be completed faster because it is supported by comfortable furniture.

Workers and students also need computer desks to support their learning process. Therefore, having a modern minimalist computer desk for your home feels complete.

So, below, we have several computer desk models that are space-saving, so they are suitable for placing in various corners of the room.

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How to choose a minimalist computer desk

Tips memilih meja komputer minimalis

You can pay attention to several points when buying a minimalist computer desk. Anything?

1. If using a computer, choose a desk with a CPU rack

Those who work with computers choose a minimalist computer desk with a CPU rack. This shelf for the CPU is essential to keep the CPU from shifting quickly.

2. If you want to place a printer/scanner, choose an L-shaped work table

An L-shaped table can accommodate more items, such as a printer or scanner. So, the primary side of the table is used to place the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, while the other can house the printer, scanner, speakers, or stationery.

3. If you work using a laptop, choose a compact table

Choose a compact minimalist computer desk if you only use a laptop for work. Its small size and compact design allow it to suit rooms with limited space. Usually, this type of table is equipped with shelves and storage drawers.

4. For more work flexibility, consider an adjustable desk

Working while sitting all day will make your waist and back feel sore. Therefore, occasionally, you have to stand up and move. So, to overcome this problem, now there is a minimalist adjustable computer desk.

You can adjust the height of the table according to your needs. So, when sitting is sore, you can change the height of the table to use it in a standing position. A table like this may be pricey but comparable to the quality.

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Minimalist computer desk options

A minimalist computer desk can be an option for those who need a small but still functional work or study desk. You can place it in various rooms, such as the bedroom, work room, under the stairs, or even in the family room.

Usually, minimalist computer desks have a simple design with a choice of neutral colors: white, black, grey, and chocolate wood. There may be a few features, but at least they can support productivity.

The following is a selection of minimalist computer desks you can buy immediately.

1. Modern casual minimalist computer desk

Wesley meja komputer minimalis

It cannot be denied that a minimalist computer desk design can determine the mood when working. The better the model, the higher our interest in using the table.

For this reason, a computer desk with a modern minimalist design is highly recommended. Especially for those who work in the creative world, a computer desk with a casual style can be a consideration.

This computer desk has a simple design but still features a modern style. Made from MDF material coated with HPL with a wood pattern, it looks aesthetic. Suitable for those who like the Japanese-Scandinavian concept.

The table leg is made of full aluminum, making it look sturdy. The dimensions measure 120 x 60 cm and are equipped with a height-adjustment feature, which can adjust the height of the table according to needs.

Regarding price, this modern casual minimalist computer desk is priced at IDR 3,500,000. Find the product here. 

2. Professional-style minimalist computer desk

Prefer a more professional-looking computer desk? Just choose a modern minimalist computer desk like this one. This table will make you work comfortably in black, gray, and white.

The height-adjustment feature on this table is very beneficial for spine health. You can work while sitting or standing while maintaining an ideal body posture.

The model is simple and slim, with a width of 60 cm. This table accommodates many objects or devices because its length is 1.6 m. Even though it's not equipped with many features, this table can still meet your needs.

Interested in buying it? The price of this minimalist computer desk is IDR 4,702,500. Get the product here.

3. Cool and aesthetic minimalist computer desk

For those of you who have to use a lot of gadgets while working, we recommend this ergonomic desk. Consisting of two tables with top and bottom steps, you can use these two tables to support your work.

The top table can be used to store a computer screen, while the table at the bottom can store a keyboard, mouse, and other gadgets. This minimalist table is suitable for the illustrator or programmer profession.

You can work more freely with pretty wide dimensions, namely 118 x 30 cm (top) and 118 x 40 cm (bottom). Wrapped in a choice of minimalist black and oakwood colors, you can adjust the color to suit your personality.

Using this table for work or study guarantees you will be more focused! This minimalist computer desk is priced at IDR 5,635,875. Buy the product now.

4. Suitable for casual work

With a contemporary classic style, this minimalist computer desk is ready to accompany productive times. Interestingly, this table is only equipped with one supporting leg, which means it can be used in any condition, for example, sitting on a sofa or bed.

The size is also tiny, namely only 70 x 40 cm, with a maximum load capacity of 20 kg. This table is also ergonomic because its height can be adjusted with a minimum height of 65 cm and a maximum height of 103 cm.

There are two minimalist color options to choose from, namely black and white. For the price, you can get this table for IDR 1,710,000. Of course, the price is affordable for the standard table ergonomic. 

Buy this minimalist computer desk here. 

5. Multifunctional minimalist computer desk

Need a computer desk with lots of features? Then this table is for you!

A multifunctional minimalist computer desk designed with many features, such as a spacious storage drawer, three charging ports (2 micro-B, 1 type-C), and a control panel that can adjust the height of the table according to needs.

You can work standing or sitting without worrying about back or lower back pain. Because with an adjustable table height, you can sit straighter.

Apart from that, this table is made from superior materials that are durable and long-lasting. Available in two minimalist color choices, namely black and white. Regarding price, this minimalist computer desk is priced at IDR 6,134,625.

Get this product now here

That's an explanation of a modern minimalist computer desk. Which of the computer desk models mentioned above do you like best?

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