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The ideal size of the study desk according to body height

The ideal study table size influences a person's comfort and productivity while studying. Choosing the right table size will also positively affect shaping body posture.

Therefore, choosing a study table adjusted to the user's height is important to help maintain spinal health and minimise the risk of injury. Below, we provide recommendations for the ideal study table size to make studying more productive.

The ideal table size for study

Ukuran meja yang ideal untuk belajar.

You must choose the right size study table to sit comfortably and maintain your posture. Standard-size study tables generally have a height of 70 – 76 cm or parallel with the user's elbow when sitting.

Meanwhile, the standard length of a study table is 120 – 180 cm, with an ideal width of 80 – 90 cm.

For more details, see the following explanation: 

-  Body height 150 – 160 cm: table height 54 – 64,5 cm

-  Body height 161 - 170 cm: table height 59,5 - 70 cm

-  Body height 171 – 180 cm: table height 64 – 68.5 cm

-  Body height 181 - 190 cm: table height 69 - 81 cm

Apart from relying on height, you can also adjust the study table size to the person using it.

+ The ideal study table size for elementary school children is 100 cm (width) and 60 cm (height). 

Looking for a study table for elementary school children here

+ The ideal study table size for junior high school students is 120 cm (width) and 65 – 75 cm (height). 

Look for a study table for middle school children here

+ The ideal study table size for high school students and adults is 160 cm (width) and 75 – 80 cm (height).

Look for study tables for high school children and adults here.

After knowing the width and height needed, ensure a distance of several centimetres between the legs (thighs) and the bottom of the study table.

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Tips for choosing a study table according to your needs

Ukuran meja belajar anak (Pixabay)

A study table is very important for those who spend a lot of time writing and studying. The design and size of study tables for adults and children differ.

Study tables usually have more attractive designs and colours to make children enjoy studying. Meanwhile, study tables for adults have a more neutral appearance and colour, with materials usually made of wood.

Several guidelines can be used as a reference when choosing a study table. Anything? Here are tips for choosing a study table that fits your needs.

1. Get to know what is needed in a study table

Before thinking about the size of the study table you want to buy, you should first understand what you want in a study table. Elementary school children and students need study desks, but their needs may differ.

Some people may observe the appearance more, and for others, the study table size is more important. For some people, the functionality of the table may be more important. For this reason, it is important to find out which one you need most. That way, finding a study table will be easier.

2. Consider the room where you study

Getting to know every corner of the room is an important thing to do before buying new furniture. Before determining the size of the study table, you should pay attention to the area of ​​the empty corner that will house the study table.

By knowing the size of the room, you can adjust it to the dimensions of the study table you want to buy. For small rooms, it is recommended to choose a folding study table or one that is more compact and light in weight so it is easy to move.

3. Pay attention to the main needs of study table users

Different users have different needs. The usage pattern will also be different. A too artistic table will not be very important for elementary school children. A study table that is too large is also not suitable for a 10-year-old child.

However, what is certain is that you should choose an ergonomic study table that can support the learning process and maintain the ideal body posture. You can look for various ergonomic table models here.

4. Get to know the features on the study table

The study table certainly has several additional elements to support its users. Usually, several features are presented, such as a special document holder, a place to put pencils, pens or other small objects, and a storage drawer.

Apart from that, identify the surface layer of the table and whether it is stain-free. The stain-free surface layer is suitable for those who like to study while drinking coffee, so you don't worry about drink stains dirtying the table surface.

5. Look for a table that comes with chairs

For those of you who don't want to bother looking for a suitable study chair, choose a study table that is sold complete with a chair. Usually, the chairs that come with the table have the same colour so that they will match the interior of the room at home or in your room.

6. Get to know the styles and designs of study tables

There are many study table models sold on the market, and they are of different sizes. You can choose it according to your needs. Make sure the appearance matches your personalisation so that you become enthusiastic every time you use it.

To make it easier, you can also adjust the study table model based on the room size in your house.

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Several study table designs on the market

Pilihan meja belajar

a. Minimalist study table

The size of a minimalist study table is manageable, and it is suitable for small rooms. The design is not flashy; it's just that the usability factor is emphasised more. The main features of this table include drawers and bookshelves.

The colours are also neutral, such as white, grey, black, and chocolate. However, the colour choices for children's study tables are more diverse.

b. Folding study table

Folding study tables are most suitable for kindergarten children. The small size of the study table makes it easy to carry anywhere. Because it is intended for children, folding study tables have attractive colours and pictures.

c. Wooden study table

Wooden study tables are known to be durable and long-lasting. However, this is largely determined by the type of wood used. Because some volumes are thick, some are thin. If you want a wooden table, choose solid wood material that comes and is processed directly from the tree.

Meanwhile, for a more economical price, you can choose veneer material. It is lighter in weight than solid wood.

That explains the ideal study table size and tips for choosing a study table that suits your needs. Make sure you meet your learning needs at Pexio. The most complete solution for looking for ergonomic furniture.

Hopefully, this article will help, and you will find a study table that suits your needs!


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