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5 Ideal Work Desk Sizes

Determining the right work desk size is one way to get a comfortable and productive work area. Because, the dimensions of the work desk have an important role in efficiency and effectiveness when working.

If you choose the right size for your work desk, your productivity flow may be improved. So, what are the dimensions of the ideal work desk? So that you don't make the wrong choice, let's find out the size of the best work desk below!

The vital role of workbench size

Office desks are pieces of furniture that can support the user's performance. This furniture is divided into several categories according to its function. For example, secretary desks, reception desks, employee desks, meeting tables and director desks.

Choosing a work desk needs to be considered carefully. In particular, the size of the work desk must be adjusted to the size of the workspace that will be occupied.

Currently, many workbench furniture manufacturers are focusing more on modern designs that make them seem minimalist. However, focus on more than just the model. You must also pay attention to the quality.

The best quality workbench will be more durable and influence employee performance and productivity.

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The five most ideal work desk sizes

Choosing the size of the work table should be done in a group because the right choice will cause the work table not to function optimally. The dimensions of the table will influence the level of usage, adjustment to needs and other factors therein.

Below, we provide information regarding the ideal work desk size.

1. Work table size 70 x 40 cm

The size of the work table is 70 x 40 cm, which is slightly smaller. However, the capacity is quite large. You can still put several items on the table with lots of free space.

A work desk of this size is usually suitable for office workers only works with just one laptop. Its small size is also very suitable for small room types. That way, the workspace will look smooth and open.

For those of you who are interested in a small table, you can get it here. The price is quite friendly for an ergonomic work desk.

2. Work table size 120 x 60 cm

This size is the ideal work desk size. You can get a tabletop surface that is sufficient to place a number of items, such as a laptop or a document storage file, and there is still more space to store other items.

It's a little small, but the size of 120 x 60 cm could be an alternative option that you need to consider. For the illustrator or programmer profession, this table size is considered appropriate to support productivity.

Get a table measuring 120 x 60 cm with complete ergonomic features here. The colour of this wood-patterned table will make your workspace feel warm.

3. Work table size 140 x 59 cm


The size of the work desk needs to be adjusted to suit your needs, wrong the only one this one size. With dimensions of 140 x 59 cm, the size of this table is perfect for supporting your work.

When choosing a table of this size, also consider other features such as the availability of drawers which will help you to store several items so that the table will look tidier.

4. Work table size 160 x 80 cm

If you need a larger work table size, then you can choose the size 160 x 80 cm. A wider table surface can accommodate more items, such as a laptop, folders for documents, decorations such as table frames, table clocks, and so on.

Even so, its large size means you have to be smart in arranging items on the table so that the table doesn't look messy. It's best to use an organiser box to store documents and other important items.

Usually, a work table of this size is not only used as a work desk just, but also for gamers. For gamers, the size of this table is certainly ideal because it can accommodate two widescreen monitors and one computer.

For those who need a work desk measuring 160 x 80 cm with complete ergonomic features, you can get it here. The design is simple and very suitable for those of you who like minimalist concepts.

5. Work table size 200 x 60 cm

With the size of the work table reaching 2 meters, this table can accommodate many items on just one surface. Everything from laptops telephones, to printers or fax machines can also be placed here.

This table is suitable for use by the finance team or office operations team who usually need a lot of items when working. Apart from that, a large table size is also usually ideal for a director's room, which is spacious and magnificent.

Using a long table can provide better aesthetics for the interior of the work area. Apart from that, the room's appearance will also look neater if you use a combined large work desk model.

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How to determine the right workbench size

After knowing the ideal work desk size, here are some tips for determining the right size desk for working.

1. Measure the height of your elbow

You can measure the height of the table with your elbow. To do this, stand with both hands beside your body, then measure the distance between the floor and your elbows. This measure will be the initial benchmark for the height of the work table.

For those of you who have long elbows, look for a higher table. To get the right size, you should use a meter. The average height of a work table is around 70 – 75 cm.

2. Measure the area for the monitor and keyboard

If you need a keyboard and monitor for work, make sure the size of your work desk is adequate. Ensure your hands feel comfortable typing and the viewing distance is right.

In addition, the top of the monitor should also be at or lower than the eyeball. This measure aims to prevent you from looking up and causing soreness in your neck.

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3. Adjust the width of the table to suit the activity

Next, measure the length of your hand with the width of the table. If you need a work desk for eight hours, then you need a wider work desk size.

For professions such as architects, designers, or those dealing with a lot of documents, you should choose a table with a minimum size of 1.5 m wide.

That is an explanation of the ideal work desk size. Make sure you complete your work requirements here, yeah. The most complete solution for looking for ergonomic work equipment.

Hopefully, this article helps and you can find a work desk that suits your needs!


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