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10 Minimalist Small Office Space Design Inspiration

Many companies now widely apply the minimalist small office space design trend. The minimalist design makes the room look neater and cleaner, thus impacting workers' comfort and productivity.

Minimalists generally use modern and contemporary furniture for room design. The room becomes more pleasing to the eye.

There are several reasons why the trend of minimalist small office space designs is on the rise. What do you think a minimalist office design looks like? Check out the article below for various small office interior design trends.

Why does a minimalist small office space design make you productive?

You may wonder what makes a minimalist workspace work and how it influences employee productivity. The two are interconnected. Here are several reasons a minimalist small office space design can increase work productivity.

-  Reduce visual distractions by removing redundant or unnecessary decorative elements

-  Creates a calmer environment

-  Encourage efficient use of office space

-  Encourages creativity, thereby providing space to think clearly and generate fresh ideas  

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Minimalist small office space design inspiration

Desain kantor kecil minimalis

Make working moments more comfortable with a minimalist small office space design!

Here are ten minimalist workspace design inspirations that can make employees more productive.

1. Simple and functional

Simplicity is the main characteristic of minimalist design. Therefore, most minimalist-style furniture has simple and simple models. Even so, minimalist furniture is known to be functional, making the work process more efficient.

To create a minimalist small office space design, choose furniture with many features, such as a desk with hidden drawers, storage shelves to keep the room organized and organized, and furniture that emphasizes ergonomic principles.

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2. Minimalist black and white monochrome

Desain ruang kantor kecil minimalis monokrom

A monochrome design that combines black and white colors never goes wrong. Especially for those of you who like the impression of a minimalist, spacious, clean, and modern room, we recommend combining white and black.

Applying a minimalist small office space design with monochrome colors is simple. Because you can create many room design combinations so that it doesn't seem monotonous, use furniture in earth tones such as chocolate light or wood to give a natural impression.

3. Natural touch with wood and ornamental plants

Desain kantor minimalis dengan kayu dan tanaman

If you want to add aesthetics, you can add wooden material elements and ornamental plants. Use live plants rather than fake plants because live indoor functions as a natural air filter, adding freshness to the room.

To use wood materials, you can play with furniture such as oak wood tables, vinyl floors, or room walls that use wood panels. The wood color will give a warm and calming impression.

4. Elegant and modern grey

Want to give a dramatic impression to the workspace? Then, the design of a small minimalist office space can be considered. The dominant gray color with a touch of wood elements that are contrasting but still harmonious will make the office look more modern and elegant.

Gray will not make the room dark, so it will not darken the office atmosphere. You can decorate the room with art paintings or photos to provide color.

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5. All white room

Desain kantor ruangan serba putih

If you prefer a simple impression, use all white with a matching-colored interior. This minimalist, all-white small office space design will give the room the illusion of space and a more calm and calming impression.

Add green plant decorations at strategic points and soft sofas to welcome guests and make the room more 'alive.'

6. There is an artistic touch

A minimalist small office space design can still have its touch of character, you know. It doesn't have to be all white or monochrome; you can also be creative by combining wooden elements with artsy decorations.

Ensure the minimalist office layout remains neat, structured, and properly planned. You can also use walls as a display at a time of storage. 

7. Open space concept

konsep open space

The next minimalist small office space design inspiration is adopting an open space-worthy coworking style. This concept will make the room feel more spacious. You can play with raw textures synonymous with industrial design styles, such as exposed brick walls, wooden accent ceilings, black doodle walls, and light-colored wooden floors.

Ensure optimal room lighting so your mind stays fresh and more productive in a minimalist office space.

8. Playful minimalist room

The design of a small minimalist office space can also be transformed into a cheerful one. The playful minimalist room will provide comfort and enthusiasm so employees feel at home in the office.

That roomful color will also make the office atmosphere feel free and comfortable. Even so, it is quite difficult to apply this concept. Instead of being aesthetic, the room looks busy with contrasting colors.

To make a playful impression without being impressed too much, you can add artistic wall decorations with light-colored walls in several corners of the room. The use of grass carpets and colorful sofas can also be a consideration.

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9. Take advantage of large windows

desain kantor minimalis dengan pintu lebar

Work around the office space with large windows if it looks cramped and small. Place the work desk facing the window to create a spacious impression. Apart from that, your eyes will be too pampered with objects outside the office that are exciting.

Large windows in a small minimalist office space will provide brighter natural lighting. This way, the room will look bigger. 

10. Inspirational office space, anywhere you can

The minimalist concept is present in simple structures and layouts. It can also take advantage of minimalist office layouts—for example, a room in the corner of an empty room under the stairs.

Choosing the right furniture will make the room feel comfortable even if you have to work in any room.

That's the inspiration for a minimalist small office space design that can be used as a reference. All the inspirations above look comfortable and spacious so that they can increase employee work productivity.

However, ensure you use the right interior design services, such as PEXIO, to realize the desired minimalist concept. PEXIO provides office furniture, such as ergonomic work tables and chairs, and interior services. Click here for info!

Come on, create a comfortable workspace to stay productive!


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