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10 Modern Minimalist Office Interior Design Ideas

Creating a modern minimalist office interior can be one way to make employees enthusiastic about working. The reason is that this concept is becoming a trend, and many companies, particularly start-ups, implement it.

The minimalist design provides a comfortable and warm atmosphere because it prioritizes simplicity. This concept can also be applied in various rooms, including small ones.

The following is the inspiration for modern minimalist office interior designs that can be used as a reference.

Modern minimalist office interior design ideas

Design kantor minimalis modern.

The modern minimalist office interior style is very popular with the public, especially the millennial generation. Colors such as white, ivory, beige, gray and black combined with wooden elements are often used to create minimalist office designs.

Many people choose a minimalist style because it is not excessive but is still functional, so the office looks neat. Apart from that, the choice of furniture tends to be simpler because it emphasizes the element of comfort.

For those of you looking for inspiration for modern minimalist office interior design, here are several concepts that can be applied.

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1. Beautiful green modern minimalist

Beautiful green modern minimalist

A modern minimalist interior design featuring green nuances suits offices in densely populated and highly polluted areas. You can use a vertical garden on one of the walls to bring in green elements.

Apart from that, some special green plants should be added to the room inside several corners. Plants in the middle of the room will refresh tired eyes from staring at a computer screen all day.

2. Playful and colorful

Playful and colorful

Modern minimalist office interiors don't always have to use neutral colors like white and black. You can also use colorful colors to raise employee enthusiasm.

Usually, offices that apply this concept demand creativity, such as agencies. The playground office approach with a choice of bold colors will give a pleasant impression, so it is hoped that it can stimulate various brilliant ideas.

To support the concept of playful and colorful, you can provide some entertainment, such as a billiard table or game station complete with a big colored bean bag.

3. Office design with large windows

Modern minimalist office interior designs can also be created with large windows. This window will give the illusion of a larger room for a small office space and provide natural lighting.

No need to worry that employees will be distracted because they are busy looking at the scenery around the office. On the other hand, an office with the best view can improve employee mood and productivity.

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4. Room without partitions

Room without partitions

The average workspace that applies modern minimalist office interior design is built without partitions or is often called a shared office. A room without partitions is a concept where everyone works together.

In this concept, circulation is certainly fine. Likewise, communication will be better because there is no need to leave the room to meet with other departments.

All employees will be able to see their movements so that when they see other people busy working, this will indirectly increase enthusiasm and productivity among employees.

5. Dynamic monochrome colors

Dynamic monochrome colors

Modern minimalist office interior design does not only focus on choosing furniture but also on color. Many minimalist concepts only use a few colors, such as black and white, known as monochrome.

Using two colors, black and white, will make the room more spacious. Meanwhile, black will be an attractive contrast. This color choice not only applies to the walls but can also be applied from the floor to the tables and chairs.

6. Industrial

Kantor bergaya industrial.

The next modern minimalist office interior design idea is industrial. Bringing an industrial concept to the workspace will give it a distinctive vintage feel. Walls that are not plastered, parts of the ceiling that are left open without a ceiling, and black hanging lamps are the characteristics of this interior style.

Bringing an industrial style to a workspace is a brilliant idea to raise employee morale because the workspace will look more like a cafe than an office area.

A cozy atmosphere will create a mood so that employees can work optimally. Make sure you choose furniture dominated by wood, iron, stainless and glass motifs to strengthen the industrial concept.

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7. Wood dominates

Desain kantor dengan dominasi kayu

Even though it carries simplicity, a modern minimalist office interior doesn't mean it doesn't look attractive. It's just that the appearance looks more clean and comfortable. To beautify the room and look cooler, you can use all-wood furniture to create a warm and warm impression of homey.

Avoid using excessive decoration to emphasize the functionality of the furniture you choose. You can try a traditional-style country house or a resort villa on a mountain with modern accents.

8. Futuristic minimalism

A futuristic style can also be considered in the office interior. This concept emphasizes the choice of furniture dominated by silver or stainless steel.

You can adopt white on the room's walls by placing lamps under tables or cupboards to strengthen the futuristic impression. Modern minimalist office interior ideas are suitable for offices operating in the IT or technology sector.

Enhance the futuristic concept with a choice of decorations and furniture that match the theme. This style is also known for implementing wide open spaces so employees can move freely.

9. Modern artistic

Desain kantor artistik modern

Trying an artistic, retro style in your workspace also sounds interesting. To make it happen, you only need to combine wooden elements with bold colors and place them in one area.

This room will later become the center of the entire room. Usually, modern minimalist office interior designs like this use bold wallpaper and paintings inspired by cartoons.

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10. Letter U

If the office space is too large and has few employees, try applying the Letter U concept or U shape. Desks are placed on the surrounding walls so that employees have space to focus on their work.

The empty area in the middle of the room can be used as a meeting room. That way, employee movements can be monitored in one room without decorating the room with many items.

These are modern minimalist office interior design ideas that you can consider. Pay attention to the shape of the room and the elements that best suit your office. If you need interior design services to transform a boring workspace into a more interesting one, you can rely on Pexio.

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