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Best Computer Desk Price List

How much does a good, quality computer desk cost? A suitable computer desk is an investment because a table made from quality materials will provide total comfort to the user, mainly if you use an ergonomic table.

The average type of ergonomic table is designed with a touch panel feature that can adjust the height of the table according to needs. So you can determine the work or study position you want.

Below, we provide a price list for computer desks and your recommendations.

Tips for choosing a computer desk

Before we find out the price of a computer desk, you should first pay attention to some tips for choosing a computer desk and how to place it below.

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1. Plan the location of the computer desk

Do you know where to place your computer desk? If not, first, determine the layout plan. This layout planning is beneficial in choosing a table that suits the size of the available space.

For example, for a computer desk placed in a corner of a narrow room, a computer desk product with a smaller size is required. However, when you want to put it down in a room that is large enough, you can choose a table size that is longer and wider.

2. Choose an ergonomic model

As previously stated, ergonomic desks can be a consideration when determining the price of a computer desk. Ergonomic tables are made of materials and designs tailored to the human body's needs.

This design will make users feel comfortable even if used for a long time. When choosing a computer desk, of course, the height of the table determines comfort.

Therefore, with an ergonomic computer desk, you can adapt the height of the table to your height.

3. Choose the items that will be placed on the computer desk

A computer desk with a large surface is undoubtedly the best choice. However, you still have to sort the items that will be placed on the computer table and also consider the weight of the items.

Items that are classified as heavy should not be placed on the table. For example, a printer or scanner, you can put it on a shelf or under a table to make it safer. Apart from that, a good desk arrangement will also make you comfortable when working.

4. Quality materials

When determining the price of a computer desk, make sure you consider the material of the table. Choose a durable material that can last a long time, is not easily scratched, and is water resistant.

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Computer desk price list and recommendations 

Next, we will discuss the price list for computer desks and recommendations for you. Some of the computer desks below were carefully selected considering product quality.

1. Nelson Adjustable Desk 

We recommend this table for those of you who are used to using laptops rather than computers. The size is minimalist with a flexible model. Interestingly, you don't need a work chair that comes with it because you can use this table either while sitting on the sofa or the bed.

This computer desk is also easy to move, making it easier to work in a different room daily. The height of the table can be adjusted, with the lowest height being 70 cm and the maximum height being 103 cm.

The dimensions of the table surface are small, measuring 70 x 40 cm with a maximum load capacity of 20 kg. This site is undoubtedly ideal enough to support your productivity.

The price of this computer desk is IDR 1,710,000. Click here to buy!

2. Wesley Ergonomic Desk 

Do you like furniture with wooden motifs? Then you can consider this table. This table, measuring 120 x 60 cm, can accommodate many items that must be placed on a computer desk.

The table surface material is made of MDF coated with HPL, while the table legs are fully aluminum. The sturdy design creates a warm impression when placed in a Scandinavian-style room.

This computer desk does not have many storage features, but it has a touchscreen control panel that adjusts the table's height—Are you interested in this table?

The price for a Wesley computer desk is IDR 3,500,000. Click to get discount!

3. Amby Ergonomic Desk

The recommended computer desk is the Amby Ergonomic Desk, which has a table height adjustment feature that can be operated easily. It is 120 x 60 cm, ideal for a computer desk.

The design is simple and suitable to be placed in the corner of the room. The table surface is large enough to hold many items, including a computer screen, keyboard, and mouse pad.

The table top is made of MDF coated with melamine, while the table leg is fully aluminum. This computer desk has three minimalist color choices: black, white, and mahogany.

The price of the Amby computer desk is IDR 4,702,500. Buy Amby Ergonomic Desk here!

4. Warren Ergonomic Desk 

This table is one of the best computer desks we recommend. It consists of two tables, up and down, of a reasonably large size. The top of the table can be used to place a computer screen, while the bottom can store a keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad.

The higher table top lets you look at the computer screen more comfortably. Apart from that, this table is also equipped with ergonomic features such as table height adjustment so you can adapt the height of the table according to your height.

Available in two attractive color choices, namely all black and oakwood. Regarding price, the price of Warren's computer desk is IDR 5,635,875. Click to buy!

5. Kelly Ergonomic Desk 

Create a comfortable work or study environment with a table that can be customized for height. Kelly Ergonomic Desk offers a control panel feature that can adjust the height of the table according to your needs.

This table also has a large storage drawer for various documents or other essential items. If you need to charge it, you don't need to pull the socket terminal because this table has three charging ports (2 micro-B and one type-C).

Of course, it is a very effective table for working and studying. You will also be comfortable with the completeness of these features. Are you interested in buying them?

The price of this computer desk is IDR 6,134,625. Get your best price here!

That is the price list of computer desks that can be used as an accurate reference. The table you use should suit your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Let's immediately check the products at PEXIO

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