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Discover the Top 5 Modern Minimalist Work Desks for Maximum Productivity

Compared to large tables, more people now use modern minimalist work desks. The model is simple but contemporary; toosize space saving is why minimalist work desks are so popular with the public, especially millennial workers.

Work desks have begun to be used massively since the COVID-19 pandemic when employees had to work from home or WFH. The trend of working from home has made people flock to buy work desks to support their productivity.

Now, many modern minimalist work desks are on the market. For those of you still looking for a suitable work desk, here we provide recommendations for modern minimalist work desks that are good and high quality.

The advantages of a modern minimalist work desk

Manfaat meja kerja minimalis modern

Simple shapes and neutral colors characterize minimalist design, and it does not contain decorative elements. Minimalist decoration emphasizes the beauty of a simple concept and quality materials.

The minimalist concept is very popular, including modern minimalist work desks. Most minimalist work desks are designed with features that have been adapted to human needs so that they can have an impact on employee work comfort.

Apart from that, modern minimalist work desks also have advantages that other work desks don't have, including:

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1. Neat and clean appearance

The simplicity highlighted in a modern minimalist work desk makes it look clean and neat. Plus, this table is minimally decorative, and the color is not flashy, so it is pleasing to the eye.

It can greatly impact productivity because it reduces visual disturbances and makes you more focused on work.

2. Simple model

Modern minimalist work desks are more concerned with functionality than excessive aesthetics. This table is designed with principles of ergonomics, which can increase comfort when working. It's not surprising that the average minimalist work model is much simpler.

3. Easy to combine with other furniture

The good thing about having a modern minimalist work desk at home is that it's easy to use. Mix and match with other furniture. Yap's simple model makes it easier to adapt to various decoration styles. That way, you can combine a minimalist work desk with other elements in the workspace.

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4. Gives the impression of a spacious room

Due to the dimensions of a modern minimalist work desk that is compact and slim, this table won't take up space. That way, you have more room to move around the table. Moreover, working will be more comfortable if your workspace is filled with limited furniture.

5. Easy to clean

Modern minimalist work desks are generally made of wood covered with MDF or HPL. This material is known to be easy to clean, so you don't need to bother cleaning it when the table is dirty or has stains in the middle of a meeting or chased-deadline.

The maintenance itself is also relatively easy. You just need to clean the table with a dry cloth periodically.

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Recommendations for a modern minimalist work desk

So, are you increasingly interested in buying modern minimalist work? Come on, look at the recommendations for modern minimalist work desks below!

1. Nelson Adjustable Desk

This desk is a modern minimalist work desk that is suitable to be placed in any room. This work desk has a flexible design that adjusts to the height of existing furniture in the house, such as sofas, dining chairs, and beds.

This table at home is advantageous because you don't have to worry about looking for a suitable pair of work chairs. The height of the table can be adjusted in such a way because this table is equipped with a height adjustment lever.

The dimensions of the table surface are only 70 x 40, with a maximum load of 20 kg. This minimalist work desk is suitable for only those working with a laptop. As for the price, Nelson's work desk is priced at IDR 1,710,000. Click here to buy!

2. Wesley 120 x 60 Ergonomic Desk

Next, there is the Wesley, a modern minimalist work desk that also has ergonomic features. Just like the Nelson table, the height of this work table can also be adjusted according to needs. A panel control allows you to adjust the height of the table with just one touch of a finger.

Apart from that, this table also comes in oakwood color, a trend among Japandi style lovers. The presence of this table in the house will certainly make the room look more aesthetic.

The price for a minimalist Wesley work desk is IDR 3,500,000. Get your discount here!

3. Amby 120 X 60 Ergonomic Desk

This modern minimalist work desk offers complete comfort for workers and is packed with features for height adjustment. The Amby work desk has a one-handed controller that can adjust the desk's height according to the user's height.

Be a safety lock or a safety lock to lock the position of the table so that it remains sturdy. Apart from that, this table also has a feature that can remember the height position, so you don't need to reset it when you want to use it.

The table top material is made from MDF coated with melamine, while the table leg material is made from full aluminum. The desk has three color choices: black, white, and mahogany; the Amby work desk is priced at IDR 4,702,500. Click here and get special price!

4. Warren Ergonomic Desk

This modern minimalist work desk is more suitable for those who use a desktop computer. The reason is that two-tiered tables can place a computer screen (on the top) and a keyboard and mouse (on the bottom).

This desk specially designed table will provide an ideal viewing distance from the computer. You can work more comfortably. Apart from that, the height of this table can also be positioned to work while standing or sitting.

Available in two minimalist color choices, namely black and oakwood. As for the price, Warren's work desk is priced at IDR 5,635,875. Click here to get more discount!

5. Kelly Ergonomic Desk

This table is the answer if you are looking for a modern minimalist work desk with complete features. Kelly's work desk is equipped with a table height adjustment feature and a storage drawer that is large enough to store documents or other important files.

In addition, there are three charging ports, namely two micro-B and one type-C. The complete features in this table support productivity and efficiency when working. Kelly's ergonomic desk is masculine black; this minimalist work desk is priced at IDR 6,134,625. The price is commensurate with the quality offered. Buy Kelly Ergonomic Chair here!

These are recommendations for modern minimalist work desks ready to help you be more productive. If you are looking for a pair of chairs for each table above, you can visit PEXIO. There are many models of ergonomic work chairs that will complement your work needs.


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