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10 Tips for Unique Girls' Room Decorations

Decorating a girl's room can be something other than all pink. Apart from that, there don't always have to be dolls or games that girls usually like. Girls' room decoration can be done according to your little one's wishes and personality. If your daughter has a tomboyish personality, the color beige or monochrome could be the right choice.

Tips Dekorasi Kamar Anak Perempuan

In this article, you will learn tips that will be very helpful when decorating a girl's room. Just take a look at the tips below.

Tips for Decorating Girls' Rooms

Decorating a child's room, it's easy. However, obstacles come when you need to know his character and desires. Of course, it will be difficult when your daughters are still small and cannot yet express their personal opinions. If the situation is like this, you can follow the following decorating tips:

1. Use neutral colors
Warna Netral Untuk Kamar Anak Perempuan

Using neutral colors for a child's room does not violate the rules because there are no rules or standards for decorating. You can choose the color beige or monochrome, where colors like these can provide children with a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

Using neutral colors can calm and relax your child when they enter the room. Apart from that, neutral colors are also very beautiful and aesthetic. Don't forget to give one of the walls a plain white as a combination of the other colors you choose. Apart from being the vocal point, This plain white wall color can be used as a "canvas" for your child to express their creativity.

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2. Installing non-permanent decorations
Dekorasi Non-permanen Kamar Anak Perempuan

The atmosphere and decoration of girls' rooms will always change as they grow up. There are times when they like playing with dolls but when they no longer want to play with dolls. There comes a time when they start to like aesthetic room decorations like adult rooms. Therefore, as a suitable alternative, you can use room decorations that are not permanent, aka easy to remove and install.

An example of this decoration is installing Lightstumblr on the walls with paper tape, photo frames, carpets, bed sheets, and more. Use decorations that can be arranged flexibly according to your wishes. Using decorations like this will make it easier for you to decorate your child's room in the future. Also, when your daughters get older, they can easily organize and decorate their rooms.

3. Using a Hanging Chair

Menggunakan Kursi Gantung

Even if your daughter's room doesn't have a large corner, you can add space in the corner of an unused room with a hanging chair to give your little girl a place to read and imagine. To make the hanging chair look more attractive and give off a feminine impression, you can paint it pink.

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4. Create a relaxing space for your children's friends to play

Ciptakan Ruang Bersantai untuk Teman Anak Bermain

Do you have a daughter who enjoys hanging out by playing? So, you need to consider ​​creating a relaxing space in your bedroom. You can combine this relaxing area by adding a small sofa, sofa bed, beanbags, lamps and bookshelves to make it a reading corner.

5. Painting of children's favorite characters

Lukisan Karakter Kesukaan Anak

The next way to decorate a girl's bedroom is to make a painting of the child's favorite character or character. You can pay attention to what cartoon films your child often watches. If your child likes characters like Snow White, then paint Snow White.

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6. Tumblr Lights

Lampu Tumblr

Tumblr lamps, you must already know this room decoration. This aesthetic room decoration is still a favorite today. You can easily find thousands of Tumblr lamp options on e-commerce, from Christmas tree lights, cable lights, and letter-shaped lights to lights with certain shapes.

You can install this Tumblr lamp in your daughter's room, such as along the ceiling or following the shape of your child's bed. Apart from making the room aesthetic, the warm tone from Tumblr lights can also help your child sleep soundly.

7. Ornamental Plants

Tanaman Hias

This aesthetic room decoration element is also currently popular. You can decorate your daughter's bedroom with small ornamental plants such as cacti or succulents. This plant's ornaments will make the bedroom look greener in a tropical style. You can also decorate the ornamental plant pot using Hydro Gel Water as a planting medium to make it look more colorful.

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8. Photo Polaroid

Foto Polaroid

If you have Polaroid photos of your child, you can use them as room decorations to make them more aesthetic! Capture every moment of your child, whether with family or friends. This portrait can be a decoration for the room and a reminder for your child about this special moment. It could be a good booster.

9. Provide space for children to be creative

Ruang untuk Anak Berkreasi

Sometimes, we need to go further when decorating by adding many things. However, remind yourself to leave enough space in the room for your child to play and be creative. Making your daughter's room full of things will make the atmosphere very stuffy and uncomfortable. Remember to provide sufficient decoration and keep your daughter's room simple.

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10. Using Furniture Multifunction

Dekorasi Kamar Anak Perempuan Menggunakan Furniture Multifungsi

The last but not least important tip for decorating a girl's room is to use multifunctional furniture. Use multifunction furniture is the answer to the previous point. If furniture can be used for various activities, your daughter will have more space to move.

You can use a table CASTLE from PEXIO, which can be adjusted in height according to needs. The CASTLE table can be raised straight away when not in use so that the child's room can be larger. Apart from that, you can use the space under the mattress as additional storage, so you don't need to put a storage cupboard in the room. These chairs and tables also use a combination of colors that create an impression to suit your favorite daughter.

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The tips for decorating a girl's room above are very practical to put into practice, aren't they? You can make it unique according to your taste and desires. The costs are also cheaper when you only need to replace a few small items that can be rearranged to give a different impression.

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