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Simple and Elegant: The Best Aesthetic Room Ideas for Boys

Currently, there are many aesthetic men's room decoration ideas that you can apply at home. You will feel at home in the room for a long time by emphasizing artistic and aesthetic values.

To make your room aesthetic doesn't always have to be excessively decorated. A simple and minimalist impression is now becoming a trend among young people. The less furniture there is in a room, the neater and more comfortable the room is.

As a guide, here we provide aesthetic men's room decoration ideas you can apply to your home.

Aesthetic boy's room decoration ideas

Before decorating an aesthetic boy's room, you should determine the room's overall theme. Do you prefer modern urban design, minimalist, vintage, classic, or industrial?

If you have found a concept that suits your personalization, it will be easier for you to decorate the room. Here are some aesthetic men's room decoration ideas as a reference.

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1. Dark-colored rooms for a dramatic impression

Dark-colored rooms for a dramatic impression (Pixabay)

For those of you who like dark colors, don't worry about trying this design. Even so, still pay attention to the lighting, OK? You can try combining monochrome colors such as black, white and gray or navy and gray.

Start by determining the wall color or wallpaper pattern you like, then build a dramatic impression with accessories and soft furnishings as complementary color shades. If you want to get a minimalist look, you can use a black hanging lamp and a floating bedside table.

2. Use custom furniture

The next aesthetic men's room decoration idea is to use custom furniture as a stylish storage solution. Many people think men need less storage space than women in the bedroom, even though men tend to have a hobby of collecting certain items, such as shoes.

So, consider a custom cupboard for those who need a special cupboard for your shoes. Custom cabinets will maximize the available space. You can make a walk-in closet with compartments to help keep shoes and other items organized.

Make a cupboard that is high enough to store more things in it.

3. Use a large carpet to add warmth

Accessories and textiles will add a comfortable impression to a boy's room. Place a rug on your bedroom floor for extra warmth and a subtle pop of color. This guy's aesthetic bedroom decoration with wooden floors will be even more perfect.

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4. Put up art

Desain kamar cowok dengan karya seni

Aesthetic men's room decoration cannot be separated from installing works of art, such as paintings, framed movie posters, bold geometric wall art, and black and white photos. The function of this work of art is not only limited to beautifying the room but can also reflect yourself and your interests.

Artwork is the perfect men's room decoration aesthetic and a great way to show your personality. Try to add one piece of art that you like the most.

5. Add neutral colors with shades of gray

Gray bedroom ideas make a great base for a men's bedroom. Mix and match neutral colors with gray usage furniture, such as a bed, sheets, or wardrobe. These colors are one way of aesthetic men's room decoration ideas that you can consider.

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6. Use a metallic color finish for a luxurious touch

Do you like something that looks elegant and luxurious? If yes, you should use this aesthetic men's room decoration idea. Give your room a luxurious touch with matte black, brass or copper finishes.

You can also present industrial-themed bookshelves and vintage-style lighting to make it look even more artsy. Apart from that, you can also add wooden elements to create contrast interesting.

7. Bring in the natural feel

Nuansa alam untuk desain kamar cowok

Another aesthetic bedroom decoration idea for men is to put live plants in the room. You can use types of plants such as monstera, gardenia, peace lily, sansevieria, etc.

However, if you need to be patient enough to care for live plants, you can use fake plants instead. Bedroom ideas with elements this world will create a calm and comfortable room atmosphere.

8. Choose a mattress that is not too big

Choose a smaller mattress for those of you who still live in a boarding house. This site aims to give a wider impression of the limited area of ​​your room. To keep it attractive, use aesthetic bed sheet colors such as monochrome or dark plain colors.

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9. Dim lights to create a warm impression

This aesthetic men's room decoration idea suits light and sound-sensitive people. Just install a table lamp or dim hanging lamp, and you will get an exclusive room atmosphere that is comfortable and warm.

This vibe will be felt even more strongly by choosing wall paint colors that tend to be dark. Remember to use industrial style lights to make the decoration more harmonious.

10. Use wooden floors

Nuansa kayu untuk desain kamar cowok

As previously stated, using wooden floors in a room, especially a bedroom, will give a different feel. Yes, a bedroom with wooden floors will feel warmer during the day because sunlight is stored temporarily, while at night, it will feel cooler.

With this nuance, the room's occupants will feel at home for a long time. Apart from that, wooden floors can also be combined with light or dark-colored walls. If you combine it with light colors, you will get the impression of a simple and rustic room, whereas if you combine it with dark colors, you will get a more elegant impression.

You can apply those aesthetic men's room decoration ideas at home. These room designs will inspire you to redecorate your room.

However, if you have a style that you think is more aesthetic, trying it does no harm. Or you can consult with the Pexio interior design services team to create aesthetic men's room decoration ideas that suit your personalization.

The Pexio team can also help you with custom furniture for storing your shoe collection or other items.

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