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4 Functions of an Office Desk and How to Choose The Right One

Every company needs an office desk to support the productivity of each employee while working. There are many functions of an office desk, one of which is being able to store documents and store office stationery physically. However, there are many types of office desks with different functions. Before choosing an office desk, first identify its various functions below.

What is the Function of an Office Desk?

Apa Fungsi Meja Kantor

In general, office desks function to store various office equipment, such as computers, office stationery, and so on. But that's not all; another function of the office desk is to serve as an office interior. Interior in the office can influence your comfort while working. Check out the various tasks of office desks below.

1. Where to Place the Computer

The office desk functions as a place to place the computer for comfortable work. Operating a computer on a desk has been proven to increase employee work productivity. So, use a table that is large enough to place the computer and its various components.

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2. Place to Store Documents

Even though this is the era of digitalization, computers only sometimes replace office documents. There will be necessary notes and hard copies for physical archives. These various physical archives can be stored on the table for multiple needs.

3. Place to Place Office Stationery

Office desks provide drawers as storage for several office supplies and stationery. There are various sizes of drawers to suit the size of the office desk itself. You can adjust the size of this table and drawers according to your needs.

4. As a workspace interior

Office interiors have a significant role in increasing work comfort and productivity. Even a good interior can reduce work stress levels well. To complete the workplace interior, you can add various ergonomic features such as desks and office chairs from PEXIO. PEXIO is a provider company that provides furniture with interior design services.

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Types of Office Desks

Jenis-Jenis Meja Kantor

There are various types of office desks with different functions. So that you don't make the wrong choice, get to know the types and functions of office desks and their features below.

1. Reception Desk

Meja Resepsionis

When entering office buildings, hospitals and hotels, you will definitely find this reception desk. This table functions to receive and provide information when guests arrive. The reception desk is designed with the front desk being taller than the back. Usually, this table is located at the front lobby office near the main entrance.

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2. Laptop and Writing Desk

Meja Laptop dan Tulis

Desks designed for laptops and writing are usually equipped with drawers. Also, there is a small hole for organizing cables and connecting the USB. This desk is very suitable for employees who often deal with lots of files and documents.

3. Computer Desk

Meja Komputer

There is a table specifically designed to place a set of computers, starting from the monitor, keyboard, CPU, and printer. This desk has a flat surface that serves to put the monitor so that it aligns with the angle of the user's eyes. Then, you can put the keyboard on the pull-out shelf under the table.

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4. Meeting Table

Meja Rapat

Meeting tables are designed to be longer so they can accommodate many people at one table. There is also a table meeting intended round to make it easier for everyone to communicate with each other. The capacity of meeting tables varies; some are only enough for 4 - to 6 people, while others can fit around 10 people.

5. Staff desk with divider

Meja Staff dengan Sekat

The staff desk is specially designed for offices with a partition in the middle. This partition functions to divide the desk area so that two employees can use it. The features of this table are almost the same as those of a laptop table, namely that it has a flat surface and is equipped with cable management holes and a USB port.

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How to Choose the Right Office Desk?

Bagaimana Cara Memilih Meja Kantor yang Tepat

You can adjust the suitable office desk to fit your office needs. It starts from its appearance size to its features. However, there are essential features to consider when choosing an office desk. What are they? Check out the description below.

1. Strength and Endurance

You have to choose an office desk made of solid material because it will be used to store various office necessities with quite heavy loads, like a set of computers and their components, various writing tools, and physical documents. Apart from that, choose office desk materials that can last for quite a long time.

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2. Appearance

Choose an office desk that can make the interior of your workspace look nice and comfortable. Choosing an office desk with a good appearance can improve the company's image in front of clients. This appearance will undoubtedly benefit your company, especially when clients feel comfortable with the interior of your company.

3. Multifunctional

To support various jobs, you should choose a multifunctional office desk. Several office desks can be modified in shape by moving some of their features. One of the advantages of a multifunctional office desk is that it can be used by anyone and in any condition.

4. Proper Size

The size of the office desk can be adjusted to suit your needs or the size of the office itself. If this office desk is only used to store your laptop while working, you can choose a manageable table size. However, if the table is used for meetings, then select a table size that can accommodate many people.

Those are the various functions of office desks and how to choose them correctly. Choose an office desk that can increase employee comfort and productivity, such as an ergonomic desk or ergonomic Desk Warren from PEXIO.

PEXIO is a provider of furniture ergonomics that provides various types of tables and chairs for office needs. Contact the PEXIO team now for ergonomic desk solutions in your company.


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