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10 Ways to Maximize Your Office Comfort

When working in a company, a comfortable work space is everyone's dream. An office space that is neat and organized according to work needs can create a good and productive environment. In this regard, there are good ways to organize office space to create comfortable working and socializing. Find out more information in the following explanation.

How to Arrange a Comfortable Office Space?
Bagaimana Cara Menata Ruang Kantor yang Nyaman

One effective way to improve the quality of work results is a comfortable workplace. Thus, it is necessary to organize the office space by implementing the following 10 methods:

1. Maximize the Use of Every Angle

Memaksimalkan Penggunaan Setiap Sudut

Limited building area is not always an obstacle to creating a comfortable office space. You can use every empty corner of the room to become a new location to place a table that can be used for work or relaxing during break times. You don't have to make major changes.

Taking advantage of the ease of arranging tables and chairs you can create a new location in the corner of the room. You can even use board partitions to provide partition, thus creating a new place that utilizes an empty corner of the room.

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2. Use of a long table

cara menata ruang kantor dengan menggunakan Meja Panjang

An effective step to make the room have sufficient distance for mobility access and facilitate discussion between employees is the use of long tables. Long tables usually have a large area, so employees can place lots of work tools on them.

You can arrange the work desk vertically on two sides, while still paying attention to the area of each division of the work desk that is sufficient so that it remains comfortable to use.

Using long tables also helps facilitate the supervision process because employees are in the same place.

3. Provide a relaxing space in the corner of the office

Berikan Ruang Bersantai Pada Sudut Kantor

When working, feelings of fatigue and boredom will certainly arise due to the workload received. Feeling tired and bored can reduce productivity and the smooth functioning of the brain, thus having an impact on the work output produced.

Therefore, the availability of a relaxing space is important to help restore energy and work motivation. It doesn't need to be big, you just need to make a simple booth equipped with comfortable furniture such as sofas, drinks, and so on.

Apart from being a place to relax, this room can be used as a place to communicate casually which also helps relieve stress.

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4. Choose a bright light color

Pilih Warna Lampu yang Terang

The choice of light color must be taken seriously. Bright lights can provide a more lively and vibrant atmosphere. Avoid using dim light colors in the office layout because it will stimulate the brain to get tired and sleepy quickly.

5. Appropriate color combinations

Kombinasi Warna yang Sesuai

Maybe the matter of using color in an office layout sounds trivial, but it turns out that the combination of colors in a room can influence the atmosphere of the office. To increase morale, you can use bright colors in appropriate combinations, for example a combination of white and brown.

Apart from increasing enthusiasm, bright colors also give a spacious impression to the room.

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6. Use of Glass

Penggunaan Kaca

The use of glass in office layouts has many benefits. Glass can be used to divide a room so that the room is more accessible to the eye and makes monitoring easier. Apart from that, using lots of glass on the walls of the room will help reduce fatigue because you can give your eyes a break from the computer screen for a moment to enjoy the view.

7. Placement of Goods
Penempatan Barang

Neatness is one of the keys to a comfortable work space. Therefore, make it a habit to always put things back when you are finished using them. An unorganized work desk can increase stress while working, so it is important to always maintain neatness. In addition, it is recommended to place items in the right position.

For example, the computer should be placed at eye level to prevent pain from looking down for too long.

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8. Distribution of work desks according to divisions
Pembagian Meja Kerja Sesuai Divisi

If possible, you can divide the work space into each division. This makes it easier for employees to coordinate the work they receive because all division members are in the same place. In addition, if a division requires a lot of communication, discussions can be carried out directly without the need for much mobility.

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9. Be wise in using furnitureBijak Dalam Penggunaan Furniture

To avoid a room that is full and feels cramped, only use furniture according to your needs. It is recommended to use furniture such as chairs and work desks that are comfortable and can support employee work productivity.

Using furniture that suits your needs also helps give the office room a neat and spacious impression. So that there is no visual interference in the room and the room has sufficient distance to walk.

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10. Use Ergonomic Concepts
Gunakan Konsep Ergonomis

Providing good facilities will not be detrimental to the company, in fact it provides many benefits. An office with an ergonomic concept means using ergonomic tables and chairs in the work space that can provide comfort even when sitting and working for quite a long time.

Ergonomic furniture products can optimize work productivity and protect the body from feeling sore due to sitting for too long. You can use Jervis ergonomic chairs and Amby tables from PEXIO to complete your office furniture.

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This is a way to organize an office space to make it more comfortable to use. Proper office space arrangement can create a comfortable work environment. Also use ergonomic furniture on your office desk and chair to avoid feeling tired when sitting for a long time.

Make sure you get ergonomic furniture at PEXIO that has high quality for work efficiency. Apart from that, PEXIO also provides a 2 year guarantee period on all ergonomic products. What are you waiting for? Contact PEXIO now for a variety of comfortable ergonomic furniture. 

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