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10 Essential Feng Shui Tips for a Nourishing Home

There's no harm in applying home feng shui so that your fortune runs smoothly. In Chinese belief, the feng shui of a house is believed to positively impact the smooth running of one's fortune and avoid negative things that will happen to the host.

Home feng shui is usually used to choose a place, determine the right time to build a house, and arrange the furniture in the residence. Feng shui will create an organised space that brings prosperity to its occupants.

So, what are the feng shui practices for your home to ensure good fortune? Check out the review below.

Home feng shui for smooth sustenance

Feng shui brings balance in harmony with nature and the environment. Creating balance will bring luck to the residential atmosphere.

The following is the feng shui of the house so that good fortune runs, that you can try to learn before filling in a new residence.

1. The entrance area of ​​the house must be neat

Pintu masuk dalam feng shui

The door of the house has a very important role in bringing good fortune and prosperity. The reason is that according to the practice of feng shui for a house so that good fortune runs smoothly, doors represent how energy enters the house and life.

Therefore, to create good feng shui, you can start from the house door. Tidy up the door area and make sure this area is always clean from scattered rubbish. Apart from that, it is also recommended that the door position have good lighting.

That way, positive energy will be created in the house when the door is opened.

2. Clean windows

Apart from doors, windows in the house must also always be clean. Windows are like eyes to adults in the house and voices to children. For this reason, do it according to home feng shui practices so that good fortune runs smoothly.

Clean windows regularly because clean and clear windows will allow more sunlight to enter the house. Natural sunlight will also provide positive energy to the residents so that residents can feel more enthusiastic about facing the day.

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3. A door that works well

Pintu harus berfungsi baik

It's not just a matter of position that must be considered, the existence of the main door in a house is very crucial in feng shui philosophy. Doors represent sound and communication and are portals for life opportunities.

Therefore, pay attention to all the doors in the house. Make sure all doors can open at least 90 degrees. Doors that have problems or cannot be opened completely will prevent the house's occupants from achieving prosperity.

Opportunities that should appear in life will only appear partially, even though they can be obtained fully if the door functions well. Ensure no doors are difficult to open or have damaged hinges because all these details can influence home feng shui.

4. Position of home furniture

The feng shui of the house so that good fortune runs smoothly also focuses on the position of the home furnishings. The layout of things in the house is believed to represent oneself in life. For example, the bed represents oneself, the table represents career, and the stove represents wealth.

For this reason, position household furniture in a place that is not facing the door. Likewise placing a work desk by feng shui. One of the best work desk positions, according to feng shui, is the commanding position.

This position allows you to see the entrance while sitting at your desk. This position provides a good overview of ideas and opportunities. In addition, it is best to avoid positioning your work desk facing a wall because this can represent a block and make it more difficult for your career to develop.

If you want to face a wall, ensure a mirror is in front of you. Another less-than-ideal area for placing a work desk, according to feng shui, is in front of a window because it will disturb your focus.

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5. Create an open space

Ciptakan ruang terbuka

The next feng shui practice for your home to ensure good fortune is to create open space. The open space in question here it's not a room outdoors; instead, it presents a room that is not crowded due to being full of things.

So, you need to tidy up things and put them in an organised place. With a wide and open space, good new opportunities will come.

6. Clean house room

A house should be cleaned and maintained to be comfortable to live in. Based on the feng shui concept of a house, a clean house must be illuminated with bright sunlight so that good fortune runs smoothly.

If all the rooms in the house are always clean, then those rooms are filled with blessings. A clean house will create positive energy for its residents.

To complete the cleanliness and maintenance of your house, you can also spray air fresheners or essential oils to make your house fresher and more comfortable.

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7. Putting plants in the house

Tanaman di dalam rumah

In feng shui, plants are embodied as life energy. Because plants are connected to nature, placing them in the house will bring good energy into the house.

The key to the feng shui of a house so that good fortune runs smoothly is to place green and living plants in the corners of the house. Choose plants that are easy to care for to stay fresh in the roomindoor. Besides that, consider the lighting and condition of the house before buying live plants.

8. Kitchen Placement

According to feng shui, the kitchen is the centre of prosperity and well-being. However, avoid building a kitchen facing the toilet. Negative energy from the toilet will attract positive energy in the kitchen.

Apart from that, it is also not recommended to place the kitchen area in the middle of the room because it can disturb the activities of the occupants of the house. For example, when cooking, the smoke from the food can disturb the whole house. Therefore, avoid placing the kitchen in the middle of the house by home feng shui practices so that good fortune runs smoothly.

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9. Create balance and colour

Ciptakan keseimbangan warna

Some of you may prefer a minimalist house style with plain white walls. However, try playing with colour to implement home feng shui practices so that good fortune runs smoothly.

Because in feng shui, color can make a house lower, higher, wider and narrower. For this reason, householders must decorate the house with careful colour choices to create the right balance in residence.

Try applying calm colours inspired by nature because these colours will provide calm in your home. Meanwhile, bright colours will increase positive energy.

Meanwhile, a slightly darker colour can be applied to the lower areas close to the floor to provide a solid foundation. In addition, light colours applied to walls and ceilings can provide a balanced and open effect.

On the other hand, if the colour is too contrasting between the walls and the floor, it can create a feeling of imbalance that affects life.

10. Build a fountain

Adding a fountain is also part of your home's feng shui to ensure good fortune. The fountain represents the water element, which symbolises wealth. Placing it near the house's entrance encourages abundance to flow from outside into the house.

However, this fountain must be cleaned regularly to ensure it stays dry. Because a fountain that is not properly maintained will prevent positive energy from entering the house. 

That is an explanation of the feng shui of the house so that good fortune runs smoothly. You can apply a number of the things above when you first fill your home to bring good fortune and prosperity. 

The information above is useful!


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