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Feng Shui for Work Desks: Optimizing Career Success

Work desk feng shui so that your career takes off is worth implementing. By understanding the concept of feng shui itself, you have the potential to change the energy within you to be more positive.

Of course, this is a good thing for your future career. Feng shui, or the ancient Chinese science of topography, is more often applied in determining room layout, but this concept can also be applied in arranging office tables and chairs.

So, what is the feng shui concept for a work desk so that your career takes off? Check out the review below.

Feng shui emits “Qi” energy

Feng shui emits “Qi” energy

Before discussing the concept of feng shui for your work desk so that your career takes off, you should first understand the issue of the radiance of "Qi" energy in the practice of feng shui. “Qi” is more commonly spelled as “chi” or “ch’I” or “ki” in Japanese Romaji spelling is a basic concept of Chinese culture.

“Qi” is part of living creatures because it is considered a “life force” or “spiritual force.” This word is also often translated as “energy flow” or literally means “air” or “breath.”

According to Chinese tradition, "Qi" is also interpreted as smoke from a rice cooker that rises after the rice is cooked.

Like blood, the energy “Qi” is believed to flow in the body of every living creature. If blood carries oxygen and nutrients into the body, then "Qi" carries thoughts, ideas, emotions, and dreams in life.

Therefore, what you think will have an impact on your body's health. The "Qi" energy itself works in two directions. Your thoughts will influence the "Qi" energy that is emitted, and that energy will also determine the way you think.

It's not surprising that feng shui involves the environment in its practice. The surrounding environment is a very good influence on a person's thoughts and feelings, thus determining the emission of "Qi" energy that comes out.

The environmental factors referred to as the main influence of "Qi" energy include residence, work location, and environmental management. For this reason, it is important to understand the feng shui of your work desk so that your career can take off by observing the layout of office tables and chairs.

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Work desk feng shui so that your career takes off

After learning what energy "Qi" is, we will provide the concept of work desk feng shui so that your career can take off.

1. Workbench placement

penempatan meja kerja

The placement of a work desk can emit "Qi" energy. For this reason, you have to make sure the work desk is in the right place. Ideally, the work desk should be in a position where you can see in all directions and opposite corners and entrances.

However, if conditions do not allow you to change the position of the table, you can place a small mirror on the table. Place the mirror next to your computer so you can see around you.

This mirror will also help you see the activities of your work friends in the office. The reason is not seeing the activities of other employees in the office can also cause unpleasant feelings.

So, by implementing this, you can get the "Qi" emission from your office friends. That way, the concept of feng shui for your work desk so that your career takes off can be implemented correctly.

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2. Clean the work table

The next concept of feng shui for your work desk so that your career can take off is to clean your work desk. It cannot be denied that employees often have work desks that are not too big so that paper and writing equipment appear to pile up.

Even though piles of paper and messy items on the table can reduce the emission of "Qi" and increase "Sha Qi" (radiation of energy) negative). Therefore, arrange your work desk to look neat, and choose which items you still need and which you don't.

A messy work desk will only make it difficult for you to find something, thereby reducing work efficiency. So, tidy up the table so that the emission of "Qi" increases. 

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3. Balance colors and decorations

Painting your work desk with soft colors that suit your taste can be the next way to apply the feng shui concept of your work desk so that your career takes off. Choose colors that you really like, not because they are trending.

After that, decorate your table using items in that color. Usually, colors that are believed to be calming and impressive include sea blue, leaf green, or light purple. This color is also believed to improve your mental health at work.

To select items, you can place small pots containing plants, such as cacti, and photos of people you love in beautiful frames. Items with colors that you like can provide positive energy, which will have a positive impact on increasing your productivity and creativity.

If necessary, you can also place mini waterfall decorations, which are believed to increase concentration when working.

4. Pay attention to your sitting position

posisi duduk yang baik

The concept of feng shui for your work desk so that your career takes off also teaches you to observe a sitting position. Just like the table, position the seat so you can see the entrance. Never turn your back on the door because this can invite other people to take advantage of you.

Apart from that, this position is also a good opportunity to eliminate incoming opportunities and blessings for your career. One of the best seating positions is with your back facing the wall. However, if this sitting position cannot be changed, place a mirror on the table so you can see the person sitting behind you. 

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5. Arrange items on the table

As previously stated, you are prohibited from storing many items on the table. Apart from making the table messy, too many items can also reduce the emission of "Qi" energy.

In the practice of feng shui work desk so that your career takes off, you are only advised to put up to nine items on the desk permanently. Avoid items that can emit “Sha Qi” energy, such as fake plants and cat-shaped decorations.

Apart from that, make sure you always tidy up your things after finishing work. If the work still needs to be finished but you want to go home, make the table neat.

Because this will actually create stagnant energy the next day, store your things in a cupboard or shelf next to the table that is still within your reach.

These are some tips for arranging office tables and chairs according to the feng shui concept of work desks so that your career takes off. Radiating positive energy at work can help you to achieve the career of your dreams.

Therefore, make sure you avoid things that can trigger the arrival of "Sha Qi" energy by doing a series of things above.

I hope this information is helpful!


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