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The Design of a Family Room Combined with a Dining Room

Are you looking for a family room design that combines with the dining room? 

Limited space often causes headaches, especially for large items and furniture. But you don't need to worry about a small room at home. There are always ways and means when you don't give up. Many houses have cool designs even though the living room and dining room are combined.

Many people choose the design of a family room that is integrated with the dining room because it shows its uniqueness compared to a separate room design. Then, let's immediately look at the designs below.

 Ide Desain Ruang Keluarga Menyatu dengan Ruang Makan

Family room design combined with dining room

The family room, integrated with the dining room, has an open concept or open space. Open space concepts have become popular because they widen a narrow room.

You can use any design for your design. Minimalist or luxurious design can be applied. Here are some examples of family room designs that are integrated with the dining room, namely:

1. Combination of Rustic and Modern Design

Kombinasi Desain Pedesaan dan Modern

Rustic and modern design can be an excellent combination. For example, you can use a rustic design or rustic for the family room and a modern design for the dining room.

A rustic design in the family room will give all family members a warm and comfortable atmosphere. On the other hand, a dining room with a modern design will look spotless and elegant. These two designs certainly have different, unique qualities but can blend very well.

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2. Monochrome Design

Desain Monokrom Untuk Ruang Keluarga dan Ruang Makan

Using a monochrome design in any room is always right. Neutral black and white colors will make the atmosphere in these two areas elegant and aesthetic. The use of a neutral design is also very pleasing to the eye. Even though it is straightforward because there are only two color combinations, your living room and dining room will look very comfortable.

3. Luxurious and simple Scandinavian design

Desain Mewah dan Simpel Ala Skandinavia

Who doesn't know Scandinavian design? Scandinavian design, which uses a lot of gray, suits you in the family and dining rooms. Apart from the color gray, Scandinavian design is known for its use of furniture, giving the entire room a luxurious touch.

You can combine gray and white in all aspects of the room. For example, choosing a gray sofa with white pillows. You can also put a carpet with a hexagon motif and a gray palette.

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4. Very Different Contrast Design

Desain Kontras pada Ruang Keluarga dan Makan

Want a bolder and more unique design? You can try this contrasting design. The design intended for the dining room and family room areas is contrasted.

You can choose a brighter design concept for the family room, such as pastel yellow and orange. On the other hand, you can use the color beige for the dining room.

5. Natural Design with Various Beautiful Plants

Desain Alam dengan Berbagai Tanaman Cantik

There are also natural designs that highlight the beauty of plants. However, that doesn't mean the entire room has to be filled with large plants. You can apply a design like this to a wall with an attractive leaf image and a combination of white as the base color for the wall paint.

Remember to put two to three plants in a particular corner to make the room fresher. Natural design can also be demonstrated by using large windows so enough sunlight can enter the room.

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Those are the designs for the family room combined with the dining room. Which design do you like the most? Remember to vote for furniture and decorations that suit your chosen design. If the dining and family rooms are too narrow, you can use multifunctional furniture customized to your desires and space needs.

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