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7 Best Minimalist Chair Models for Comfortable Work

Want to change your work chair because your back, shoulder, and neck pain is getting worse? Do you need a minimalist chair model for work so all pain disappears? You are in the right article! Replacing an old work chair that is very uncomfortable is the best decision you can make at this time.

Back pain If left too long, your shoulders and neck will affect your body's health. You can indeed go to reflexology and massage to relieve pain. But you will only be wasting money if you still have that uncomfortable chair. Interestingly, many chairs are designed to provide comfort during activities. These chairs are usually called ergonomic chairs. To make it easier for you, here are several recommendations for minimalist chair models that are safe and comfortable. Read more below.

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Minimalist Chair Model for Work from PEXIO

Model Kursi Minimalis untuk Kerja dari PEXIO

PEXIO is a company that prioritizes increasing value for customers, especially in terms of comfort in using furniture. Customer comfort when using our products is the most important thing. Therefore, PEXIO is here to bring various kinds of furniture ergonomics that can be selected and adjusted to your needs. Here are some of the best minimalist chair models you can buy.

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1. STANLEY Ergonomic Chair

Model Kursi Minimalis Stanley

Ergonomic work chair STANLEY has complete and safe features for your body. STANLEY chairs have head and armrests that can be adjusted according to your needs. This armrest can be adjusted according to the height of the table you have. Very comfortable, suitable?

There is no need to worry about the back support of the chair STANLEY because this chair will ensure your back is comfortable while working for long periods. The STANLEY chair seat has forward and backward adjustments to sit comfortably. Last but not least, there is a place for your feet to rest so you can relax when you lean back during your break.

How is it fascinating not to use STANLEY to work daily so your health is better maintained? Don't think any longer.

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2. TAYLOR Ergonomic Chair

This chair is also explicitly designed to provide comfort while you work. When working, you can use this type of chair for a minimalist and ergonomic chair model. You can adjust the entire headrest, arms, and back according to your needs.

The materials from which TAYLOR chairs are made are the best materials you can get. This chair has an additional resting place for the legs (footrest), which can increase your comfort while working.

Are you interested in having one TAYLOR to work at home or in the office? Don't compromise your health anymore, and get straight to it.

Check out TAYLOR here to get special offers from PEXIO!

3. OXFORD Ergonomic Chair

Chair OXFORD is equipped with everything that will make you comfortable working for a long time. Say goodbye to all back, neck, and shoulder pain because you can adjust the backrest according to your body posture.

The armrest can be adjusted in four dimensions: up and down, forward and backward, to the side, and even obliquely. The headrest is also two-dimensional; you can adjust it according to your needs.

A Tilt & Locking Recline System feature will make you more comfortable even if you have to sit to work for hours. Your back will be delighted because the OXFORD chair design has a back support feature that perfectly keeps your body posture ideal.

So, don't hesitate any longer. Love your body when you have to sit for hours working using the best OXFORD chairs from PEXIO.

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4. MILSON Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic work chair MILSON has a back support feature that perfectly maintains your ideal body posture and a flexible 4D armrest. If you have a smaller workspace, this chair suits you because its minimalist design only takes up a little space.

This MILSON work chair is very suitable for those who get tired quickly if they sit for a long time and often take breaks to lean back and lie down while working. You can easily adjust the height according to your needs, and it has a Swing & Locking Recline Position feature that makes you feel even more comfortable.

Feel free to have MILSON accompany you in your daily work.

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5. HERVEY Ergonomic Chair

The following minimalist chair model you can use for work is HERVEY. This chair is one of the best ergonomic chairs on PEXIO. Present with an armrest that is precise and easy to adjust to the height of the table, and the backrest and back support can be adjusted according to body posture, making it comfortable to use for work.

Get this ergonomic and minimalist HERVEY chair, which is very comfortable for working, at a special price.

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6. RHODES Ergonomic Chair

PEXIO is full of surprises. Many minimalist work chairs are for you to choose from, both for working online in the office or at home. One of them is the RHODES chair. This chair has many features that ensure you will feel comfortable even if you have to sit working for hours.

A back support feature perfectly maintains your ideal body posture and flexible 3D armrest, 2D headrest, and 1D padded foam lumbar support. Of course, the chair height can also be adjusted to your needs so it is more comfortable. It is very suitable for those of you who have sensitive skin and often sit upright to work.

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7. MAXIM Ergonomic Chair

Maxim Ergonomic Chair

If you are looking for an office chair with a premium minimalist and ergonomic design, then the MAXIM chair from PEXIO could be the right choice. MAXIM is an excellent ergonomic chair made from full mesh and an aluminum frame with sturdy support. Lumbar support is dense and soft. It is guaranteed to make you feel comfortable even if you have to sit for hours to work.

Like other minimalist and ergonomic chairs from PEXIO, MAXIM also has a height feature that can be adjusted to suit your needs, a 3D armrest and 3D headrest that can also be adjusted, a padded foam lumbar support, a tilt & locking recline system, class 4 gas lift, and a reclining backrest. It can be changed.

So, don't hesitate to get premium comfort from the MAXIM chair so you can work more comfortably, healthily, and productively.

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How? Is there one of the seven models of minimalist and ergonomic chairs for work that catches your attention? All ergonomic chairs from PEXIO you can order directly via marketplace your favorite.

However, if you want discounts and special offers, just check out PEXIO chair products here!

For your information, all PEXIO products have a two-year guarantee to ensure your comfort while using them. The seven recommendations for PEXIO work chairs above are just a few safe and comfortable chairs for your body posture. Want to see more PEXIO products? Visit the Pexio right now! Ergonomic Chair PEXIO


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