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10 Recommendations for the Ideal Study Desk Chair

To focus on studying, you need a comfortable study desk chair. Adults and children want a conducive and calm learning atmosphere so their minds don't get distracted.

For this reason, study chairs have a crucial role in effectiveness and productivity when studying. So, if you are looking for a study chair, we recommend choosing an ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic chairs have advantages that other study chairs do not have. This type of chair is designed to support the user's spine and keep it stable while using it, thus preventing waist/back pain.

The following are ergonomic study desk chair recommendations to make you more focused when studying.

Recommendations for the ideal study desk chair

I already have a study table at home but have not found the right pair of chairs. Don't worry; you will find it in this article!

Sometimes, people prefer study tables and chairs sold separately for one reason or another. Some only like the table but not the chairs or vice versa.

Some feel the price of a set of study tables is too high, so they buy them separately. So, for those who have yet to find a study desk chair that suits your needs, we have recommendations for you.

The study chair below is equipped with ergonomic features so that its height can be adjusted to the height of your current study table. Apart from that, the size is minimalist, so it doesn't take up space.

The following are recommendations for ergonomic study desk chairs that can be used as a reference.

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1. Hervey Ergonomic Chair

Hervey Ergonomic Chair

This study desk chair is suitable for use by adults and children. The design is simple, timeless, and wrapped in minimalist colors like black and grey.

The size is also small, suitable for a maximum height of 170 cm. This chair is equipped with a height adjustment lever that can be adjusted to suit the height of the table. Just pull the lever to get the desired seat height.

Some armrests can be adjusted in position, up and down. Regarding price, the Hervey study desk chair is priced at IDR 1,722,000. Click here to buy!

2. Marlo Ergonomic Chair 

Marlo Ergonomic Chair

Next, there is an ergonomic study desk chair equipped with a soft back that can support the lumbar area optimally. With the system recline tilt, you can comfortably sit in a 45-degree position. There is a lock to keep the chair safe and sturdy.

The height of the chair can be adjusted according to needs. Apart from that, this chair also has a headrest and armrests that can be changed in position. The legs of the chair are made of full aluminum, which makes it look elegant, while the chair's seat is made of soft nylon fiber.

The Marlo study desk chair is priced at IDR 2,250,000. Click now and get special price!

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3. Linden Ergonomic Chair

Linden Ergonomic Chair

An aesthetic study desk chair with a leaf motif on the back. This chair offers complete comfort to its users. Equipped with armrests that can be adjusted in position and a lever to adjust the chair's height according to needs.

Studying for hours with this chair certainly won't cause back pain. Because the leaf motif on the back of the chair is specifically designed to protect the lumbar area, your body posture will remain ideal even if you have to sit for a long time.

The Linden study desk chair is available in black and grey, priced at IDR 2,294,250. Click to buy!

4. Milson Ergonomic Chair

Milson Ergonomic Chair

Get a modern ergonomic study desk chair through this product. Specially designed with the best materials to help maintain an upright posture during the learning process.

The backrest material of the chair is made of Korean mesh, which is soft and claims to improve air circulation when sitting. Apart from that, there is a headrest feature that can be adjusted up and down, as well as an armrest whose position can be adjusted in four directions: up and down, back and forth, tilt right left, and slide right left.

A sliding seat feature can also be used for additional seating space. The Milson study desk chair comes in a stylish full grey color. Interested in buying it?

The price of this study chair is IDR 2,870,000. Get your Milson here!

5. Rhodes Ergonomic Chair

Rhodes Ergonomic Chair

The next study desk chair is Rhodes. This chair is suitable for sensitive skin because the material of this chair is made from Korean mesh, which has a super soft texture and can make airflow around the back smooth.

The model is edgy and modern, so it fits any room. The ergonomic features of this chair include adjustable head support, which can be adjusted in two directions, adjustable back support to support the spine, and precise armrests.

There is also a WorkMode feature, which makes the seat straighter so you can focus more on studying. This chair comes in two options: a chair with a footrest for IDR 3,321,000 and a seat without a footrest for IDR 3,121,000. Click here for more info!

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6. Mike Ergonomic Chair

Mike Ergonomic Chair

This chair is made to high-quality standards and is the perfect partner for your study table at home. This chair has a backrest that can be adjusted to seven heights and armrests whose position can be changed in up to three directions.

This study desk chair is also equipped with compatible mechanics, making the user more comfortable. You can lock the chair to keep it stable if you want to lean back in a 45-degree position.

The material for the seat and back of the chair is made of full mesh, while the legs of the chair are made of the best aluminum. To get it this chair is priced at IDR 3,444,000. Click here to buy!

7. Regent Ergonomic Chair

Regent Ergonomic Chair

A flexible study desk chair for those of you who like to study. The chair frame is inspired by the Eiffel Tower, making it look aesthetic and sturdy. The Regent study chair is equipped with a lumbar support that can automatically adjust the position of the back so that it can tilt freely to the left and right.

Made from soft mesh material, it promotes good air circulation. There is a footrest to increase user comfort.

The Regent study chair comes in black and grey color options. Priced at IDR 3,874,500, get this ergonomic chair here

8. Taylor Ergonomic Chair

Taylor Ergonomic Chair

You can get a Taylor ergonomic chair for IDR 3,874,500 with a more elegant appearance. This study desk chair has a back support feature that functions precisely to maintain ideal body posture.

Apart from that, there is a flexible 3D armrest. There is also an adjustable head support that can be adjusted in two directions. If you need a larger sitting room, you can get it with a sliding seat feature. Click here for more discount!

9. Oxford Ergonomic Chair

Oxford Ergonomic Chair

The ergonomic study desk chair has an adjustable lumbar system that positions the lumbar area to follow the user's body shape. With this feature, you don't need to change the settings again to get a precise sitting position.

Of course, this is a study partner that makes you free from back/lower pain. Interested in buying it? The price of an Oxford study chair is priced at IDR 5,207,000. Click now and get your special price!

10. Stanley Ergonomic Chair

Stanley Ergonomic Chair

The last recommendation for a study desk chair is Stanley. This chair will increase your study productivity because it has complete ergonomic features.

You will get the comfort you dream of when you have to sit for hours through this product. The backrest automatically follows the body's shape and can be adjusted in height.

In addition, there are precise armrests and a two-way adjustable headrest. Regarding price, this study desk chair is priced at IDR 6,888,000. Click here to buy!

These are recommendations for ergonomic study desk chairs that can be used as a reference. From the list above, which chair is your choice? Find other ergonomic products only at PEXIO


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